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In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family


In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump has shown little concern for civilian casualties overseas during his tenure as commander-in-chief, and according to a report published Thursday by the Washington Post, he actually wishes there were more of them.


Here is an interesting look at how widely the War on Terror has spread outside of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria:

Calculations show that over the coming decades, the cumulative cost of interest related to the current spending on the War on Terror will exceed $8 trillion by 2050 for a war that has been spectacularly unsuccessful.


Note that the article states there has been an increase in “collateral damage”. Which means it also occurred under Bush II and Obama. Three successive war criminal POTUS.


This lunatic that we call our President, needs to be committed to an asylum for the criminally insane before it is too late! TRUMP IS SO INSANE, HE COULD END UP STARTING A NUCLEAR WAR AT ANYTIME!


The narrative spending needs to be changed to: the profits of the War on Terror. Because it has not been " spectacularly, unsuccessful" to the war profiteers, to them it has been spectacularly $$$$$$$$uccessful!


What some people on here already thought about drone warfare is starting to or will come true soon under this president. Civilians had already been dieing becuase of carelessness and false information, now they may start dieing to American Drones becuase they are the targets. Hopefully this attitude stays at the top with Trump and doesnt not move down the chain of command as policy. Admittably thats a thin hope. (kind of regretting that arguement from a few days ago while reading this; however, until now or soon no matter what anybody says this has not been policy)


This man s UNFIT to serve in any capacity, let alone the highest elected office. He constantly displays ignorance and cruelty. GET HIM OUT NOW.


More proof that unless one is willing to be a fascist, war criminal they will not be selected by the deep state and allowed to become POTUS.

And what more corroboration does one need that my statement is true, than JFK, who was selected for POTUS, but turned on his selectors and signed his death warrant when he vowed to destroy the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco which was authorized by Dulles, who no doubt in my mind played a role in having JFK assassinated.


Before we commit him to an asylum for the criminally insane let’s take him to my well equipped dungeon…


The depraved indifference this truly evil creature embraces and furthers is beyond all bounds of decency - the only reason his actions are not illegal and clearly to be prosecuted as destructive, criminal and treasonous - a threat to our people and nation, and others as well - and himself imprisoned - is that our politicians of BOTH parties are complicit to the crimes! Corrupt politicians are co-opted by lobbyists and campaign-contribution bribes and agree to pass law to further empower the corporate fascist right and for-profit war-machine, or protect those abominations! Whether its corporate/banker/wall street corruption for wealth, or to serve and protect the zionist entity and its racism, we are witnessing the sabotage of what little is left of our republic and what it ostensibly stands for!

“Sociopath”? Yes, trump, the orange stain, is very much a sociopath, and much more as well - a malignant evil that affects/influences many others to do much the same! His sociopathic nature will soon lead to more than a trade-war, to actual war to mask his corruption, he is that stupid and arrogant in his madness! And speaking of such - has anyone investigated whether trump cronys have made a bundle short-selling from the consequences of his “trade war”? No doubt some have…!


Yes, I would only add; BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! From my perspective, every day Trump remains in office, is bringing us one more day closer to WW111.


Trump is deploying National Guard units to the Mexican line not so that the Guard can detain asylum seekers and deport them. The Guard will be mowing them down.

I lived in Nogales AZ during the early 70s and mow downs on the Mexican line were frequent then.


Looking for any extra help, Harry???


Again, I’ll repeat: the Antichrist is in the White House.


Let us pray that WWIII, stands for “Washington War 3”, and all of the casualties are politicians in the three branches of government in Washington DC.


Wouldn’t “Washington War 3” require a giant meteor to hit DC ?

Wouldn’t that require divine intervention ?


Thank you for the map! And people wonder how our national debt has increased in leaps and bounds over the past few years. And this is our national debt in 2018:
National Debt and the Economy
Marc Goldwein talked about the national debt and the economy. He gave recommendations for reducing the federal budget deficits and stabilizing national debt, which at the time of this event was $20.6 trillion.

We are over involved in countries world wide with our military and our intel. In short, we have added trillions of dollars to our national debt on wars and undeclared wars mostly on the other side of the planet. Why as a national government are we so fixated and allowed the fixation to run up a humongous national debt?


As a suggestion, please always enclose the phrase “War on Terror” in quotes, and always preface it with the adjective phrase “so-called”.


Very good point, Yunzer! This quit being about “terror” a long time ago!


Liberals should love Trump. Because Obama killed a US citizen & his 16 year-old son with drones, & liberals rewarded Obama with a second term. Trump wants to give liberals even more dead families. Liberals should be dancing in the streets.