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In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family


I’m sure he has a target sign on his back at all times and members of his own crew and plenty of outraged republicans share the sentiment. Best though to give him enough rope to symbolically hang himself to punish his fellow demagogues at the same time. He could be assassinated, but that would inflame and embolden his support base. He should get what he deserves - complete condemnation and excommunication from public venues and media attention, like Nixon after his resignation.


The more the merrier, mate…:wink:


Herr Trump is only speaking for up to 40% of sociopathic citizens living in the US who feel the same way. Nothing will change in the US as long as we keep focusing on one individual instead of a large number who agree with him. I have no answers as to what to do. The insanity unfolding in the US is unfathomable to me. I see no solution as the US descends into complete and utter madness. I’ve said it before and I say it again: Massive boycotts and general strikes are needed against all the corporate oligarch who now control the US. That would be a start as to what might be needed. But then again, there are simply too many citizens who like what is happening with Trump. And also I strongly suggest that those who have the means, get the hell out of the US now.


It is pretty rich for Greenwald to be criticizing Trump when he worked so hard to help him get elected…

And meanwhile, back in Greenwald’s adopted home country, I never want to hear Greenwald complain about Temer and the even further right president and his death squads which will get elected this October - not after he spent so many words attacking Dilma, Lula, and the whole PT.


Ah, but you forget, Wellan,
Nixon was resurrected by the mainstream media and many on both sides of the
bird of prey (demoRats and Republithugs)…
he was rebranded as an “elder statesman”, and sold many books spreading his
disease…and look at the re-modeling of Georgie Porgie, W…
this is the United States of Amnesia, as Gore Vidal, said = after alll…


how did he get Trash elected? because he did not support “Cry for me” Clinton?


Never was about terror…even when Georgie mentioned that “War on Terror”…
I thought how do you fight terror? with terror?..it makes no sense…
but it was supposed to…


As much as I loathe Trash (which is putting it “nicely”…)
he is just following his predecessors, after all, didn’t Obomber boast
how he could kill?
didn’t he have a “kill list” assassinating people with drones?
as my husband said, how do you know whoever you killed is a “terrorist”
do they have TERRORIST on their foreheads?
and don’t they have the right to stand trial? what happened to that???
Trash is just the lastest cancerous sore on a decaying body
infiltrated with cancer everywhere…


It’s enough to make this old atheist take up prayer as a hobby.


Please come back to the real world.

Like it or not (and there is plenty to not like about it), in 2016, the next president was going to be either Trump or Clinton - Period.

The people who call themselves “leftists” who essentially joined and became indistinguishable from, the fascist right in attacking Clinton - many of the attacks being based on fabricated nonsense - helped elect Trump.

And the proof of it is, now it is clear that Greenwald has now helped deliver, to the Brazilian people, the likely election of a right wing extremist president and a return to disappearances and torture for all who oppose him. And no, you can’t blame Hillary, or the US “deep state” for that. The Brazilian hard-right and the Brazilian wealthy will do it all themselves - with Greenwald providing a big helping of useful-stoogery.


Yes blueseahorse that is the logic. Yunzer also argues that, by criticising Lula and Dilma in office, Greenwald shows his support for the Demer coup.
It is nonsense of course but it helps to keep the Clintonites going-by the same logic Bernie Sanders id being denounced for telling Mississippians that MLK would have been disappointed by Obama’s government.


Considering his reaction any time the people don’t guzzle his Koolaid, I fear that, if he gets to the point where he will lose, be impeached, face jail time, he may well decide that if he can’t have the world, nobody will.
*Probably one launch would make that come true.
*A psychopath’s dream (or nightmare).
*This is definitely no longer the nation I grew up in in the thirties and forties.


It would have been great for Sanders to have gotten the nomination, but he didn’t. So stopping Trump, then continuing the fight with the elected president and congress from there, was the only rational choice. But instead, the left-right coalition increased their attacks on the only alternative to Trump.

Or do you think that people climb Mt. Everest in an hour?

Or is it that to you, Mr. white-man soaking in privilege, the election of last year was all just a game to you?

Yes, by joining in the false or wildly overblown accusations of “corruption” directed at Dilma and Lula by the extreme capitalist right, Greenwald became a member of Brazil hard-right for all practical purposes.

and, it is really-really rich for the red-brown-left to pick on Dilma and Lula, while at the same time being big fans of the utterly corrupt gangster Putin and the not only corrupt but humanitarian monster Assad.


When Noxin was banished, I wrote an article, remembering the impeachment of Warren Hastings in England. (He raped and robbed India) A few years later, he was brought back into Parliament as a “Distinguished Expert on Indian Affairs”
*He died honored, if I remember correctly. I said I feared that Noxin would receive the same treatment and was called a kook by many for such a ridiculous opinion.
*And so it came to pass…


My current favorite cartoonist, Wiley of “Non Sequitur” fame, ran a series of strips at the time declaring our national “War on Scapegraceism.” It’s a sad state of affairs when our elected officials aren’t at least as smart as our cartoonists.


Fuck You


I think your perspective may be spot on!


What is being described is armed invasion for colonization - it has never been anything else. The wastrel model of “civilization” is in full anthropophagic mode. Matricide against mother earth has been the branching point since the premises of the enlightenment were proven to have been twisted by the get of Roman emperor Constantine and turned into a travelling snake oil show for “endarkenment” of all legitimacy of true civilizations much, much older and wiser than the colonizing twittery.

The war on terror needs to be interpreted as the War founded on the incitement and funding for people who can be ‘turned’ into terrorists for colonizing for oligarchic ‘gain’ while the entire environment and invaluable legacies of peoples of the planet are corroded either instantly or in torturous hideous aggression.



When your enemy holds grudges and are willing to kill people for a 1000 years it isn’t actually sociopathy, it is a logical conclusion.


The intention is not to win these endless wars but to keep them going as long as possible .
The military industry needs the money and it is gutting our national treasury every year to meet its
budget demands. The question is- how do we finally put a stop to it? Where is the light at the end of this long dark tunnel? The people could call a Constitutional Convention , which would be a very hazardous undertaking , but it is the only legal instrument we have to fight this Goliath.