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In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family


You might want to keep an eye on misapplication of terminologies. What you describe is ‘neo-liberalism’ but hey… if you want to make yourself irrelevant that is your protected choice and right.


Vote each and every day with your wallet. Engage the market with eyes open and clear intention. One of the greatest coups of the dominant model is the billions spent to twist your mind into ‘believing’ (I intentionally refrain from using the word ‘think’) that this means nothing because it is juxtaposed with things like the MIC.
It may take years for people to rise up, but in the mean time every day counts with our personal choices


My first reaction to seeing Glenwald’s comment was…

“where the fuck were you during the campaign?”

Apparently he, Assange, Pilger, et al were holding their fire against Trump, afraid that it might help Clinton. Actually, Assange has become the anti-hero as he has stated in his own words, that he wanted to see Trump elected.

As you know, I didn’t directly support Clinton as a means to keep Trump out of office (regretting that at this point), but I sure as hell never held back warning against Trump.


What is terrifying is that it is clear that Trump is unleashed at this point (even worse) and it is truly terrifying thinking what this fascist will do.

He will soon have a pro torture CIA director become Secretary of State, and a pro torture new CIA director.

Trump has said he wants more torture, worse torture, and to make it legal.

All of the infrastructure that a fascist needs is already in place.

Oh yes, the Deep State just hates Trump. Remember that nonsense?


Yes, t here’s no point doing these people’s advertising without charging.


In this political climate, where fascism is conservatism, right wing is “centrist,” and "liberal,’ and where people on both right and left are increasingly calling for a civil war, a constitutional convention would mean the end of the United States as we know it.


Oh, I don’t forget, but Nixon and both Bush’s were out of public view which minimized upsetting consternation and umbrage. They all answered to the bidding of corporate interests, so naturally they’re held in high esteem by corporate media. Media presents Warren Buffett as a kindly grandfather though his BNSF RR is the top hauler of fossil fuels that hasten the end of the world. Buffett made a bid to become an even more dominating railroad baron with the plan to put a terminal on tiny West Hayden Island. Somebody pointed out the plan wouldn’t even be good for BNSF operations which suggests he only wanted to inflate his own ego.
Thanks a lot, Gramps, you schmuck.


Exactly. OB, like a good Dem, practiced “don’t ask, don’t tell,” when he ordered assassinations, including those of U.S. citizens. As for ‘collateral damage’, Iraq Body Count (IBC) reports that at least 20,000 Iraqi civilians died in his first term and 65,000 in his second. While Trump is much more vicious in his rhetoric, The Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s team was far more effective at mass slaughter.


That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


I see no scenario where it’s a good thing.


Considering what the U.S. capitalist National Security State does to its own citizens and residents and the majority of the people around the globe - on behalf of the oligarchs, plutocrats and corporations that own it, it’s hard to justify its existence on any level.


Precisely; and that is why, with these people in charge of writing a new constitution, we would never stand a chance.


Why? On past form he’d enjoy it Just have a rolled-up edition of Forbes handy


The problem with your strategy of forgetting the policies of the ‘lesser evil’ is that your chosen candidate moves ever further to the right until s/he is indistinguishable from the opponent.
Thus to back Clinton in 2016 was to back avowedly imperialist policies-which don’t matter much to ‘Mr White Man soaking in privilege’ but constitute death sentences to democrats in Honduras and hundreds of thousands in Libya and Syria, where the game, trivial in domestic US terms, of genocide is pursued by Clinton and Obama, just as it was and is in Gaza.
I’m actually a foreigner myself so I care very little about the hyper theological wrangling that goes on in the States over lifestyles and identity politics. What I care about is the fact that, government after government not only kills millions but while doing so teaches the world that might is right and laws, however explicit, are bagatelles quickly disposed of by lawyers.
If you could vote for, let alone work for or encourage others to support Clinton you have no business camouflaging yourself as an opponent of fascism. That White Helmet is showing.


What can you say…You can’t fix stupid.


Form relates to function. If you look at a hammer, you may be certain that it is not for driving screws. You may also be certain that drones and their related technological gizmos are for killing families.

  • Drones (for now, at least those we know of) are armed with small missiles, not large-payload weapons. This is because they are not designed for actions against armies.
  • For the moment, at least, the drones deployed in these cases are not armed with small arms–not with a .22 long rifle ammunition or with nicotine darts or whatever. This shows that they are not meant to carry out discrete assassination, but to destroy groups of people. Since they could more easily and cheaply be armed with bullets, it is obvious that they are armed with missiles intentionally, and that the intention involves what is dismissed as “collateral damage.”
  • They decrease the sensual exposure to victims and thereby decrease the empathy, enhancing the usual psychopathy that has such a large role in combat.

All this means that these are an ideal weapon for what is called “population control”–spreading terror throughout a population to control its members through force. This is called terrorism, of course, which also relates to “shock and awe.”

So–Trump’s response is psychopathic, as stated, but also standard for the US government that deploys these and dragontooth bombs and depleted uranium ammunition administration after administration and generation after generation. If the government had meant to build, they would have bought different tools. If we mean to stop or significantly slow all this, we need to take all of these jerks out of power.


The term collateral damage is a sickening display of criminal and corrupt behavior.


Killer Clown’s circus of death


These oligarchs could care less about debt- they are anti government- remember? They only care about their own profits.


Ecologically, this is not a battle between good vs evil. Nothing in nature is. The lion kills the lamb, the lamb cannot overpopulate until all the plants are gone and the ecosystem is destroyed. Thus nature’s healthy diversity is preserved.

Conservatives are generally products of animal ignorance. In biological terms, Trump is a product of overpopulation and extreme wealth/power concentration.