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In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family


Followed up with a short meeting with my GUILLOTINE!!!
Off with his head … BOTH of them!


This was the strategy Osama Bin Laden laid out before the first World Trade Center bombing. Fight a war of financing using captured money to fight the most powerful nation on Earth and ruin them. Guess what, because of the Shrub’s hubris it is all but done. China is the rising star to our declining empire. It will soon be time for America to sit in a porch rocker with the USSR, England, France, Spain, Mongolia, Persia, Rome, Greece, Egypt and all the other lesser fallen empires.


Well it certainly would be “divine” if it happened!!!


Maybe we can just divert his “limited” attention span in a romp with an adult film actress.



Trump for asking about it is a sociopath.

Obama for doing it is not one?

Everyone who is going bonkers in offense and horror over Trump asking this but who didn’t ever get upset for Obama for actually doing it, is either a hypocrite who really only cares about their team winning or is a deluded stooge of the propaganda of the elites.

I’d say that Trump is a sociopath and so is Obama.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Obama claimed that every drone attack was personally approved by him. It was common practice to drone the funerals of those who’d been killed by his drone attacks so the family would get droned too. That caused the death of 16 year old, American citizen, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the son of Anwar al-Awlaki.

Yet so many cultural liberals are continually posting how much they miss Obama, as if he wasn’t a sociopath too. Oh well.


But wait! 'Actual Sociopathy?" Aren’t we talking about our “very stable genius”? Ha ha. He’s no crazier than the members of the Cabal that run this operation.


A giant meteor would do the trick Ray.

Not sure any Divine entity cares however, an angry alien contingent might see the advantages to frying DC.

They have to do it before Friday as the Orange Ogre is usually leaving for his weekend golf outing.


…and never a call for a cease-fire in our war of terror. It’s just an orgy of self righteous zeig heiling of our leading perpetrators or a wagging of the middle finger…but never a call for cease-fire by anyone in the United States of Assassination…who now hold their school children at gun point in active shooter trainings to relieve their fear of being massacred. We are beyond demented. Is there hope, or is the concept of a United States of America strictly past tense?


Don’t forget one thing. Trump’s pissing off the Military.

They most likely will not be receptive to terrorizing the general population, which includes their friends and relatives.


I don’t see how Trump is pissing off the military. Most of the ranks in the military from the highest to the lowest relate to the dickhead in Trump. Not all, but I’m venturing to guess that most do.

He has surrounded himself with Generals, and have shoveled at the MIC more money, including expanding the nuclear arsenal beyond Obama’s “modernization” program. He has unleashed the military even further in the ME, with loosening “rules of engagement”.

He wants to glorify the military with his planned parade event.

I think the military loves Trump at this point, and would likely mostly join him if he and his fascist ilk want to just toss the whole notion of inverted totalitarianism and just get on with that whole totalitarianism thang.


Obama never bothered to ask.


True, you can’t fix stupid. But:


I will sponsor you and your family to come to Canada. Will bring back memories of the American draft dodgers I met who came here because Vietnam. Yeah, I’m old…


I remember when the U.S. considered “targeted assassinations,” which would have included drone strikes on ANYONE, to be despicable crimes. This was back when we believed in “innocent until proven guilty.”

But the U.S. is so far gone that our Nobel-prize winning President, Obama, bragged about how good he was at selecting people to be victims of our targeted assassinations. Trump is just a logical extension of the evil that the U.S. has willingly embraced since WWII.


SFAIK, meteors & asteroids follow the laws of physics (i.e. the laws of Mother Nature).  The effect of gravity on objects the size of baseballs, automobiles and larger is pretty well understood by physicists, so deflection of a sufficiently large extraterrestrial object so as to cause it to strike the Center of the Swamp and obliterate same would not require the intervention of some non-existent deity, but maybe Elon Musk & crew could manage it.

OTOH, maybe we should flip the U.S. east for west and thereby make Tweetle-Dumb & Co. an easier target for Kim Jong Un . . .


Sure, Trump holds grudges and is willing to have people in the developing world slaughtered, in perpetuity. But that doesn’t give anybody the right to kill his wives, his mistresses, or his children.


Some of us protested Obama’s drone killing programs, his crowd killing algorithms, his funding DARPA to develop Lethal Autonomous Weapons System, his overthrow of Ghaddafi, his support for the coup in Honduras, etc. etc.

But, we didn’t get much sympathy when cops cracked our heads open at Demos.


The way things are going, the damned thing would probably hit Watts.


kazzamm, I’m old too and would love to be sponsored as well. I’m healthy and interested in industrial hemp and regenerative agriculture. I should have left during the Vietnam era even though I’m a woman. Those who dodged the draft are heroes in my book. Standing up to a criminal government and leaving your entire home in order not to slaughter fellow humans took a lot of courage. I’d rather be called a coward for not wanting to murder innocent people for the state, than be called a hero for slaughtering countless innocents.


Seems like a large amount of Trump supporters share this sociopathy.