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In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family


Trump’s refreshing honesty is wearing thin. Of course the CIA is genuinely ruthless, while Trump would probably squeal like a stricken rabbit if he actually had to witness a massacre. The CIA pretends to a humanity that Trump either can’t or won’t fake. But it’s his rabid supporters (especially the self-proclaimed Christians) who convince me we are really in our death throes as a society.


Sure. How?

With a Congress full of fools, ignoramuses, neo-Nazis, and psychophants (thanx to whoever coined that), how do you propose to unseat him?

Looks like the best we can do is get under his skin until he unhinges totally…and that’s a pretty dicey proposition because the psychophants aren’t passing any legislation to throttle or neuter him.


Agreed. Part of the problem with his sociopathy is that he’s surrounded by other sociopaths…not just Miller, Pence, Ryan, et al. and THEY have psychopath Mercer (et al.) pulling their strings.

No can of Raid is big enough.


I wonder what Wayne Morse, Einstein, Jeannette Rankin, Rev. Niemöller, and Pete Seeger would advise…


The U.S. government is fixated on wars / “regime change”; because, for the last several decades the U.S. has been the reigning world “Empire” (often called a “hegemon”) with the ultimate goal of eliminating or enslaving all competitor nations and establishing one world government that will be able to control and plunder the earth unopposed. Currently leading the list for conquest are Iran, Syria, Ukraine, N. Korea, and, most importantly, China and Russia. Militarily, Russia poses the severest threat to these plans, which is why Russia is being incessantly demonized.

Increasing the “national debt” is the easiest way to both fund these wars and transfer wealth from the U.S. citizenry to the elites. The majority of the U.S. citizenry, apparently, are too uneducated to realize that there will eventually be a reckoning via the the gradual loss of Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security. other “welfare” benefits, corporate pensions via restructuring, and government spending on infrastructure, education, the sciences, etc. This loss is currently ongoing.

As payment for passing legislation that reduces the above corporate and governmental expenditures, our congressional legislators, who are at the bottom of the elite totem pole, are permitted to inside trade on whatever they believe will increase the worth of their portfolios. Thus, many, if not most of them, will have used their inside knowledge to invest in companies who are about to receive large government orders and/or subsidies; and divest from companies that legislators learn are about to experience a decrease in such moneys.

This is just part of the story. If you are interested in the economic aspects, I’d suggest listening to / viewing Michael Hudson’s “TED TALK” on Economics


Wow! If Greenwald is all that powerful, maybe he can do something to get Dump off the throne now and convince twitlerites to love it.


Those past drone strikes on weddings, birthday parties and funerals weren’t policy?


I believe I heard on the news today that our so-called President said anyone crossing the border from Mexico would be shot. This is the action used in a police state, and it certainly is not in keeping with the philosophy and constitution of the United States.


I agree with you 100 percent. It seems many white Americans are so racist and so irked over having an African-American as President that they favor wiping out anyone different from themselves. So-called President Trump plays to this audience with his hateful and vicious comments.


They were not.


You can kill people but you can’t kill an idea Purposely killing innocent civilians is murder and a crime against humanity. Throughout history, demagogues have attempted, for the most part unsuccessfully, to destroy targeted groups by killing them and their cultures. Terrorism is in the eye of the beholder. That’s why the Fourth of July is not celebrated in England. Perhaps “war” is the ultimate population control method of god(s) From Plato,General Eisenhower, Santayana, et alia, I remember this: “Only the dead have seen the end of war.” The last human being on Earth will look forlornly towards a sun-seared, cloudless sky and ignorantly wonder, “What the hell happened?” In the end, Nature will reclaim what remains of this insignificant orb and man will have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Make America great again by killing the families of terrorists, INDEED! Somebody, please, some clothes for the king.


Every time that you murder an innocent civilian, the hatred grows tenfold. Think of how you would feel if any terrorist group specifically targeted your family and murdered them. Hatred begets only more hatred and violence begets only more violence.


The door is still open for you. It’s never too late. Have a couple of hits to build up your courage and head north.


Sorry to say that you’re right on.


Obama droned Anwar al Wakis 16 yr old son after killing the father. The sons remaining family had arranged for him to get him to safety.
Trumps raid that resulted in the American uniformed death squads killing of al Wakis 11 yr old daughter was succesdful because she was the target.


Frankly, we have been involved in WW3 for years with it constantly growing ever larger. The only question is can it be stopped before it is too late.


A couple nights ago, my wife and I had dinner with an enlisted man of 23 years, his wife and 2 children.

Long story short, Trump as Commander-in-Chief is failing in the eyes of at least, one enlisted man.


I didn’t mean nothing totally but compared to republicans – democrats get a free pass. Lets see how many people will be at protest for april 15th and media will barely report it. - Steven77


I agree Steven. I am confronted with the anti-democratic and oppressive rule of Democrats where I live. In my town, it is the ruling Democrats who are most antagonistic towards organizing efforts of Black, Latino, and undocumented residents. Several of us working on community based organizing have been warned of the dangers (to ourselves and to family members) of crossing Democrats here.

Thanks for posting the link to the anti-War demo. Given the likelihood that the US will wage war against Iran and perhaps Korea, vocal, militant, and well attended antiwar activities are extremely important.


And there’s the US’s foreign policy in a nutshell.


Can you imagine how psycho not having any attention would make him? Perfect!