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In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family


Wouldn’t that be lovely! We just need to get a more acceptable Speaker of the House before Mueller pounces.


Donald Trump is not completely human.


Actually - I believe you are wrong about the detailed point - that the public option was still available at the time the reconciliation act was passed. But you are probably right that it might have been achievable legislatively.

Obamacare legislation was passed in two parts. The first part was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which laid out the structure of things and that did require a 60 vote filibuster proof vote. My understanding is that the second part of the bill that you are referring to as having passed by reconciliation could only deal with financial issues within the structure and could not revive the public option that Nelson and Lincoln and Prior and Liberman had removed earlier.

Personally - I think the public option was already dead in the bill that came out of the House because Pelosi had it being so weak. It had already restricted the government’s ability to negotiate prices and it had already been designated to be unavailable as an option for medium or large employers. Thus that watered-down public option was doomed to failure because, as the CBO scoring report noted, it could only attract a sicker population and would have to charge higher prices.

Ironically, to get a true public option into the final bill, I believe they needed to water it down even further to make it just a last ditch backup to the private insurance in cases where no private insurance was available (i.e. a shell with almost no substance that Nelson, Prior, Lincoln, and Liberman could agree to). Then, when they went to the reconciliation act that wouldn’t get the conservative Democrats to vote for it anyways - they could amend the nature of the public option to make it robust as a fiscal matter that could be handled by reconciliation. Anyways - that’s the only convoluted strategy that I see that could have happened to get the public option. I’m pretty sure it could not just be thrown into the reconciliation act at the time you say it could have.


Vote em OUT


I sure hope so!!

There seems to be at least a slight possibility that Ryan might lose his seat in the House, but if the RePoop­Lickens maintain control we might get stuck with someone even worse, and most of the senior DamnocRats wouldn’t be a whole lot better.


Correct. Which is why I couldn’t vote for Barry the Liar a second time. “Hope and Change” was bullshit. It was just more of the same under a much slicker person. I think Gore Vidal was right when he said that any person who is nominated for the presidency by either of these two political parties has already sold their soul.


“Not completely human” is being kind. This rancid pile of egomaniacal, narcissistic trash is barely human. He has always been like this and he is getting worse with age.


“War is organized theft.” – Jacob Bronowski


Congratulations, ass wipe. You sound just like Ann Coulter.


Amen to that. We are knee deep in that stuff one is not supposed to mention in public,


It makes you wonder if this dangerous idiot has anything but thin air between his ears. No doubt he is making millions himself from the spending on arms so clearly he doesn’t give a fig for anyone but himself. I wonder how he will survive when he has killed everyone else on the planet. Hopefully some terrorist will do the world a favour and take this lunatic out.


(Marie, forgive me…the expression is “couldn’t care less.” You and I agree on many points, but my compulsive grammar urges might make it sound as though I’m putting you down. I’m not. :upside_down_face:)


Have you read Bandy Lee’s (editor) The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump? That POS Dump actually carries several concurrent real diagnoses. But so what? His minions are ignorant, hateful, and/or in denial. Congress members probably know what he is but find him helpful to their agenda. The whole world is laughing at him, including the other monster demagogues. Who’s to take him down…before, as many here have said, it’s too late?


More than one. Of that I’m sure. Soldiers give up many rights that the rest of us retain, but fail to exercise. We have failed them, too.


That’s the best lesson of The Grapes of Wrath.


That’s true. Hillary Clinton is a proud, Henry Kissinger approved war criminal. And so in 2016 I voted Green for the second time in my life. The first time was in 2000, for Nader. I regret neither. Can’t say the same for my first voting experience, which was for Bill Clinton, nor my 2004 Kerry vote, which was sheer desperation . Nor am I proud of all the years I abstained from voting in disgust after that.


I do know. But he did feel required to pay lip-service. And Trump doesn’t. The Roman people delighted in the destruction of other people, as long as Roman killers brought riches home to Rome. If that is what we are becoming, then we need to fall, and the sooner the better. What I’m witnessing now is worse even than Rome’s honest open viciousness. The hypocrisy of these so-called Christian Trump supporters has to be killing their very souls.


That ignores the concept of just war. And no war is just that is waged in order to steal resources. If you are not a follower of pure passivity, such as Leo Tolstoy spoke of, than either you must justify war, or simply admit you have no moral compass at all.


I agree with Lee Camp. Let’s stop pretending that there are adults in the room. General Mad Dog Mattis? Really? They’re all insane murderers. And it is our fault. Or maybe a flaw in our species. We put these people in charge of life and death and everything else, and we tell them they deserve it. If they weren’t crazy when they took the job, they’re surely crazy shortly after!


Leave how? Where? We are in modern-day serfdom. Regular people aren’t going anywhere unless our Lords and masters say we can. Otherwise, do you think I would be living in this end stage capitalism-gutted country if I could get to Norway? A country wiith a living wage, healthcare, and an education system that doesn’t bankrupt the poor? Then again, where do you go to escape Rome, or at least when Rome is ascendant?