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In Display of 'Actual Sociopathy,' Trump Reportedly Asked CIA Why Drone Didn't Also Kill Target's Family


And when we do, Pence is next in line.


Well maybe a little chaos will bring about much-needed change. If it doesn’t save us, maybe it will save the rest of the world from us. We did this after all. We paid these taxes after all. We supported these wars, and the blood is on our hands. Maybe if we all take responsibility for it, then we can save everyone.


No real liberals want dead families. Of course we could have elected bomb, bomb, bomb Iran McCain instead. It’s not like there is a real choice. No 3rd party is going to win ever. Liberals are a minority and no candidate they put forth is going to win. So until the two parties implode and two new parties emerge, which could take many years yet, you have evil and less than evil. And one of them is going to win. That is american politics, we have never tolerated third parties.


I always thought they were the smartest ones. Hot too. (Sorry, I was 20).

Here’s a link with information.

Stay in touch if I can help at all.


Jen, I understand what you are saying, but I refuse to say “we” are responsible for this. I am not. For decades, I’ve fought against this rotten establishment in any way I can, raised my kids to fight the good fight, and recruited and urged people I know to join in…all aspects of what can be called the good fight. I’m not part of the “we” you refer to. THEY voted in the murderers. THEY are complacent, ignorant, gullible, manipulable, and responsible. THEY are murderers and vicious imperialists or tools of the same…not WE.

If I’ve erred anywhere, it’s in spreading myself too thin because every cause and issue light my fires. I’ve hated what the USA has stood for all my life; the few pockets of humaneness, intelligence, courage, initiative, social conscience, and vision are just that: too few.

I don’t understand what you mean by your last sentence, that if we all take responsibility… then maybe we can save everyone. Help?


There’s an expression in Spanish that warns or describes going from Guatemala to Guatepeor…mala in Spanish means bad, & peor means worse…

Pence terrifies me every bit as much as Dump does, only in some different ways. Someone here posted that Pence isn’t stupid; I disagree. He’s every bit as dangerous to the Constitution and what’s left of democracy here as Dump is. He’s just not as unpredictable as Dump is.

In fact, everyone in the whole line of succession terrifies me.


There probably is, just breathe. Many Alaskans are hardy souls. https://www.wimp.com/alone-in-the-wilderness-for-30-years-man-films-himself-living-alone-in-alaska/
This is one of the most famous is Dick Proennekke. No film crew. Just him and the elements. He’s an inspiration, for sure.


Don’t worry- I can be grammar police too , but sometimes I do not realize errors until later- have at least tree eye issues.


Very true! What America has been allowed to become is all our faults.


Yes, we have failed them.

We continue to vote in significant numbers for a corrupt Duopoly.

Many of us are blind to the realities of what they’ve done, what they are doing now, and what they will continue to do as long as we enable them.


Skip, the children will bring about a 3rd party.

Please stop saying, “No.”

If you vote lesser of two Evils, you’re still left with Evil.

Transform your beliefs.


Thx for being gracious🙃


The public option failed because Corporate State Democrats, led by Obama made fucking sure it didn’t pass.

Obama promised Big Pharma and the Big Insurers that outcome. The ultimate handling of the public option that was never an option to begin with, is frankly, beside the point.

Ooops, sorry bkswrites, I’m off topic. Flag if you must.


Are you mistaking CD for Daily Kos per chance?

Aside from the occasional post wistful of Obama, most posts on this site I’ve seen relative to Obama’s use of drones have been critical.

Agreed, Obama is a sociopath.


I have been hearing that about a 3rd party winning for all my life and it has never happened. The only change happens within a party. Our system is designed to shut out any 3rd party attempts. Every 3rd party attempt in the past has failed or destroyed the party it came from.

I study history and it isn’t going to happen. You can continue pissing into the wind, but you are just wasting your effort. The Green party has been around for decades and has never gotten more than 5% and that is with both of the parties nominees hated. The only thing the green party does is to be the spoiler in swing states and that gave us Trump.

The children will run into reality when it comes time to vote. Their best chance is to get candidates nominated and elected in one of the parties. And they will lose their fire over time and most likely settle for way less than what they want.

Your way is losing every time. The democrats can change if enough effort is put into it, just like the republicans have been changed. That is the only chance and way to accomplish your goals.

And quite frankly there will never be enough of us to stop the wars or to end the oligarchy. Certainly not in my lifetime. In the 60s’ I thought we had a chance, but it blew away. For too many people money is the most important part of life. And americans are too much in love with cheap goods, always have been. And they won’t give up their empire that gives them the cheap stuff.

So continue making sure that the most evil keeps getting elected. The monied interests will make sure that a Bernie is never elected. This country has always been run by the rich and for the rich. And every time the people try to change that, they win some battles, but in the end, it goes back to the same old ways. The people forget the battles it took and they relax, stop fighting. And slowly the rich take over completely again.

Only a real full blown revolution can change the system and those new systems tend to become as bad as the one they replaced. The american revolution replaced the rich British with rich Americans.


The progressive myth of the Obama sellout never dies, when the actual legislative history shows the tightrope he and Reid were walking in 2010:

President to Help Dem Lawmakers Strategize on Saving Obamacare


Take that and shove it. That sellout had great consequence to the lives of myself and countless others. I’m sitting here right now trying to swallow liquids and food, and have been struggling with health problems that started after I lost my insurance from my former employer after turning 50.

Then health coverage was dangled in front of my face for almost two years after the ACA passed while everything went south. Then all hell breaks loose in my life, that results ultimately in a move back to my home State of Missouri whose Governor refused the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA.

I have no insurance, no way of paying for a doctor visit, and my family’s support can only go so far. If I lived in a sane country like Sweden, my life would never have turned out so fucking dismal.

So now, I’m literally contemplating the worst possible things in regard to my life.

I witnessed the sellout by Corporate State Democrats during the process.

I’m not fucking stupid, okay?

I almost didn’t post because I knew you would come along and “correct the record”.


Skip, unfortunately, your post is good, on target. History ain’t my long suit, but I see the truth in your observations. I don’t see any saving action to be taken. Their fire power and economic manipulations are greater than our love of country, decency, and each other. The kids from the gun control movement gave me a tinge of hope, but overall, I fear this empire has to fall completely…probably from outside, not inside…and some kind of phoenix has to rise before any positive change can occur, if then. :disappointed_relieved::cry:


That option was considered by Reid. The catch was committee chair, Kent Conrad, had already negotiated the budget strictures he was willing to work within. A non-financed shell that red state Democrats opposed was not worth the trouble in the limited time they had the votes.

To put it into perspective–and this is a super important point–the bill as written expanded Medicaid in all 50 states. It also significantly invested in rural community health clinics. Along with the subsidies, Democrats were (and did) massively expanding publicly financed healthcare in the country. It wasn’t wrong as a matter of legislative strategy to think the fight over a neutered public option was not worth it. After all, if not for a Supreme Court decision (Medicaid) and the Republican takeover of the House (health clinics), there would be many more people in publicly financed healthcare.


Psych, I’m really sorry to hear what’s happened to you. Your story is legion now in a shameful, selfish, mean-spirited and darkening country. I hope you find some resource(s) to ameliorate whatever is happening to you.

I can’t say I really understand where all the “mean” originated, but its extent is nothing short of shocking…this in a country that claims to love a god who supposedly supports brotherly love.

I hope you can hang in there and continue being a squeaky wheel that eventually gets some grease.