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In Districts Where Trump Dominated, These Dems Just Delivered Stunning Blow to GOP


In Districts Where Trump Dominated, These Dems Just Delivered Stunning Blow to GOP

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In a pair of special elections on Tuesday, Democratic candidates flipped statehouse seats in Oklahoma and New Hampshire, winning by double digits in districts that voted for President Donald Trump in November, and adding to a growing list of party victories that could offer insight into coming elections.


Are these winning election results for Democrats because of what wonderful things Democrats have done since the H.Clinton debacle? Aside from a handful of Democratic Senators backing health care for all, something taken for granted in civilized nations, Democrats are still… Democrats, whining about “THE RUSSIANS.”

Or are the Democratic victories due to disgust with what thinking people already knew, T-Rump is revolting.


This is good news. It’s crucially important for somebody to begin to turn the tide against the encroaching Republican tide at the State level.


The Koch cabal must be in an uproar as a result of this news. They have constructed one very tight funding ship for local and state elections nationwide that has been very effective at “turning tides” in the wrong direction in favor of corporations and the moneyed powerbrokers. Their foundation is a bulwark non-pareil that is masterful at bringing in contributions from their targeted groups (wealthy, corporations, non-profits, etc.) and a veritable steam-rolling bulldozer when it comes to elections, ramming though ALEC-authored legislation, and propping up pre-selected, carefully chosen candidates to push their agenda and the like at ALL levels: local, state, regional, and national.


These days I’ll take this as good news. Things are bleak but maybe at state level at least the tide is turning. It would be nice to see this trend in the rust belt. That is where things have really turned bad.


Please stop citing to Daily Kos. DK is a hateful source of Third Way/ Blue Dog Centrism that purged anyone who supported Bernie.