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In DNC Remarks, Dying Medicare for All Activist Ady Barkan Delivers Powerful Indictment of 'Fundamentally Broken' US Healthcare System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/dnc-remarks-dying-medicare-all-activist-ady-barkan-delivers-powerful-indictment


Hate to break the news to you Mr Barkan, but in this particular issue, there is no difference between the candidates. Both are capitalists to their bones.
In four years record numbers of people will be bankrupt, dead, or both because of the pandemic. And in four years the for profit American Healthcare system will be unchanged.


As long as our healthcare is for profit, we will have healthcare for the rich and none for the rest of us.
As long as rich people dictate to the rest of us, we will have massive economic inequality.
And as long as the people remain compliant, we will not have justice.


“We must elect Biden… we must act together and put on his desk a bill that guarantees us all the healthcare we deserve."…Why, so he can throw it in the trash?


The for-profit healthcare industrial complex has profited hugely from the pandemic.
Lots of expensive treatments and procedures post-poned.
Several billion thrown at pharma to find a vaccine.
Many afraid to visit hospitals because they’re perceived as Sars-CoV-2 hotspots.


I was disgusted by this segment. They were using sick persons as props to sell heath insurance. Biden does not offer a solution. He babbles about how much everyone loves their employer provided healthcare. FYI you old dope, nearly 40 million people are unemployed and lost insurance during a pandemic!

We need to hurry and get everyone back on for profit insurance so they can bilk us all for the Covid shot.

Having just tuned in it was difficult to watch much more of the debacle that is the dem convention.


Ady’s nobody’s fool. In the past, he has supported M4A and endorsed Bernie, but given his failing condition he chooses to support improvements to the sabotaged ACA, which has saved many people’s lives including someone in my family. Ady is not speaking out of naiveté, he is choosing an option better than the total annulation of affordable healthcare which republicans want. What is he supposed to say, “Biden you suck!”, “M4A forever!” and let tens of thousands die while congress debate the issue in perpetuity?

Forgive us all Ady.

The clear majority of Americans keep the two “Warmongering” political parties in power that find “Bullets and Bombs” are more important than Healthcare for you.

Please forgive our stupidity.


Calling the current system “affordable healthcare” is a contradiction in terms.


“He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself."

“He loved Big Brother.”

Sad. Truly disheartening.


“Both are capitalists to their bones.” Exactly. And therein lies the crux of the matter. For all the in-fighting that goes on between the two parties, THAT is what unites them. Regardless of their differences on social issues or the finer points of economics, both parties worship at the altar of crony capitalism and are fighting like hell to keep it intact. We do not have a party of the people. We have a far-right party and a moderate-right party, The reds are the party of the One Percent, and the blues are the party of the afffluent white-collar class and the limousine-liberal celebrities. Neither party gives a rat’s ass about the average working person and the marginalized. In this system of “meritocracy” they see anyone who has not risen to the heights of professionalism or obscene wealth as losers.

“Compassionate and intelligent”? Joe “I have no empathy” Biden? Joe “you know…the thing” Biden? My heart goes out to Mr. Barkan but if he’s looking for either compassion or intelligence from the great plagiarist he needs to look elsewhere.

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Ady Barkan, a fearless and relentless voice for “Medicare for All” did not mention the term “Medicare for All” one time in his video. “Medicare for All” signs in the video were carefully edited out. All we have left is Trump is really bad so vote for Biden because he won’t make it worse.

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What is he supposed to say, “Biden you suck!”, “M4A forever!

ahem…in a word…Yes!

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That IS what they have been doing for decades. Even with the ACA’s moderate improvements, tens of thousands still die every year because of this rotten healthcare system. Half a million a year driven into bankruptcy. People are locked into their jobs, and this is the most inefficient healthcare system in the developed world. And it has all gotten much worse since COVID 19 hit. What the fuck can people do but scream at the empty, immoral people with power like Biden? He is such a rotten human being that he uses his dead son to prop up a system that kills people like his son every day for profit. I can’t put into words how little I think of him and all Democrats like him.

Biden’s healthcare plan, if it was adopted in full, would still leave millions uncovered and would still result in about 15,000 a year dying because they lack care. Healthcare is still tied to a job and still a commodity to be bought on markets. And he is already watering down his horribly right wing and watered down crappy bill. Ady’s story breaks my heart, seeing him with his kids, knowing what he is fighting, and I respect him greatly. Between Trump and Biden, yeah, Trump is worse, but let’s not make it any more than that. The bar in that regard cannot be lower, so what does it mean that he is less bad than Trump? Can I pay my bills or get healthcare with that fact? Cause I don’t think my landlord takes Biden is less bad than Trump dollars.


A vote for Joe is a vote for one way locked in privatization and less and less affordable healthcare.

because its subsidized, but noe exempted, the Affordable care Act is not allowed to be sustainable under WTO rules if it is publlcy funded. Instead it triggers outsourcing US jobs and soon, probably patients, to poor countries with poor health care, but the profits of doing this, always the most important thing, will be huge.

they accomplished this by the most dishonest of tricks.

How then can other industrialized nations run national healthcare operations that the public pays for with taxes if it is not allowed? Your fear of treaties isn’t working unless we assume those rules are only for us.

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Read this:
Read it well…


We are not a normal country that protects its people, we are a country that trades away the rights of its people like poker chips, we are a country whose people have to get the worst deals so people see we mean business… We would never have an affordable healthcare system because them other countries would want them too. We created the rules that block countries from having affordable healthcare we’re the country that lies to its own people and gets away with it, even the beloved Bernie Sanders lies like rug about this.

Also creating a system is forbidden when you have made committents never to do it, creating a system is breking the rules unless you have not made the commitments we did.

Joe Biden has never mentioned that and hes smiling when he says he will expand the ACA which was a violation of the understanding on commitments on financial services from its start, the only conceivable way they justified it is via an emergency - the 2008 financial emergency. Had coroniavirus occurred after Biden took office they might have been able to get another five or ten years but now Trump has already demonstrated a minimal approach to coronavirus only for the people who were tested with the disease during the lockdown so now coronavirus is used up as an emergency as far as the WTO is concerned, I bet.


You have to understand, other countries were trying to protect their systems, but we and the UK deliberately put our systems into grave danger.

Also, considering that we have the richest people in the world which makes it impossible for us to get any breaks at all, strangely we did not have a stystem, we have never tred to create a system, our politicians have deliverately misled us to think we care but in reality we are totally against public everything, aggressively so, since our system is allegedly perfect and so profitable why would there nbe any need to reform it.

Obviously, we are just brutal because the rest of the world looks at this, they know about GATS they know these rules they see our politicians lying to us and that our media is lying to us and what message does that send.

I dont know but its not a good one. We insist that our system is the only one - countries that expand public services now when they are all supposed to be privatized get a message one way or another from us that we really dont like it.

Even Bernie Sanders lied to us for at least a decade, candidates have kept us totally in the dark, milking us for votes again and again, this goes back to the 90s… Everything changed a lot in 1995. Pre-existing systems get to stay, countries cant create new public nything if they committed those areas, this especially applies to financial services if they committed financial services.

we dont have one now and peeople dont understand that we cant create one without leaving the GATS fFIRST… We cant even expand Medicare without the GATS killing the part of it that people associate that its good. It will turn it into a entity that enjoys no protection to expand it.

Do you understand that, somehow it seems that everybody here never understands anything I say, its bizarre…

I keep telling people this. Everything changed on a series of dates, its like a noose - these stadstill dates and other special dates…

Watch this, especially at the end…


You know about TiSA - well in it all the GATS dates get used, making them even more importantthat they are now. Obama and Biden were pushing a trade agreement to further lock down services and prevent public healthcare education and water from being recaptured and made public again,

Everything changed dramatically in 1986 when we declared our intent to make services tradable and then again on several other dates…
Especially in 1995, and 1998…

when the WTO was created. Lots of countrues already had universal healthcare systems. the poor countries mostly didnt and pressure from the US made many countries cit back or privatize things like retirement systems. that has always been a disaster for the commoners but great for their wealthy people. Thats what they want to do here.
Same thing with healthcare because Social Security clearly gets in the way of outsourcing millions of jobs.

Do you understand, most other countries either already had complete working universal healthcare systems, only very few being single payer systems, and the others had pre-existing systems, which were then protected, by grandfathering. Like our Medicare and Social Security - however we seem determined to make changes that strip Medicare and Social Security of any remaining protections.

The European countries are trying to protect their healthcare systems from us. We’re trying to use our particularly aggressive “next generation” trade deals to force them to privatize their healthcare systems.

Notice they are trying to protect existing systems. We on the other hand agreed to a bunch of rules among which we agreed to not create any new monopolies also we are supposed to eliminate or reduce in scope any we have that break the rules ACA and any expansion of Medicare would likely both break the rules so we already agreed to eliminate them or reduce them in scope if we do that)

How can we have the changes of the ACA despite the 1998 standstill that locked in regulation at that date as a ceiing? Because of the 2008 financial crisis, which allowed us to use an emergency “protectionist” measures (because they prevent rules that open our markets to foreign competition) exemption for a temporary time but we promised several years ago to end these emergency "protectionist measures "(at the Huangzhou G20 meeting).

By the way GATS also caused the 2008 financial crisis, way back in 1999 when they reformed the Glass_steagall Act away after promising the WTO we would do it the next Congress, 1999.

~http://www.epsu.org/article/new-study-model-clauses-exclusion-public-services-trade-and-investment-agreements for how countries can protect their healthcare and other services from us and our “next generation” (Like TISA, TTIP, TPP) negative list trade agreements…

They want to make sure we’re totally in the bear trap and have no chance of getting out by chewing off a paw or something.

Ya know…

Read this,


despite the CYA language it does make t clear (at least to me) that Medicare is toast if we do what weve been doing continuously since then… (15 years) We really want to make sure that we never have anything like single payer or anything even remotely affordable.

Rich people are very concerned about the Baby Boom and that poor people are living too long. Thats been the case for many decades but now there is a new urgency because they promised to trade a lot of jobs away during the Clinton Administration and now TISA likely also is going to open up more sectors so people will lose jobs and homes and there will be a big shuffle as people who had decent jobs struggle to get by on crap jobs and many likely will be seen as overqualified and never get jobs at all.

They wont be able to afford healthcare of any kind at all, and withh Medicare being “expanded” cough it will become just another crappy brand, the government cannot do anything thats what people want, see this video explanation at 5:55 for the reason why we never get any compromises -


With so many good jobs farmed out to overseas temping firms local affiliates and only open to disempowered guest workers, wages for the jobs Americans will take in attempt to stay afloat will plummet,

See this also…

Do you understand why both fake parties cant offer anything good, there is a very specific, inflexible reason… having to do with heving deliberately traded away the right to regulate.

Otherwise, corporations wouldnt have certainty. We’ve promised them certainty in an inflexible treaty. they cant have both corporate certainty AND democracy so something had to be sacrified and they took a vote and decided it was to be democracy and all of our lives and dreams. Especially our young peoples. They just “expect too much”.

Its for a cause, though.