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In Drought-Ridden California, Activists Demand Repercussions for Nestle


In Drought-Ridden California, Activists Demand Repercussions for Nestle

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Following a damning investigation by the Desert Sun last month which revealed that Nestlé had been using a long-expired permit to pipe and transport water from a national forest in drought-ridden California, activists are slamming the U.S. Forest Service's promises to make an investigation into the company a priority.

An investigation is an insufficient consequence—and the possibility of permit renewal is downright unacceptable, activists said.


You could assume that supervisors such as Noiron don’t notice what’s on the table given their focus on what they’re receiving under it.
Past time for a world-wide boycott on this company given their record - before the TPP fairy grants them all their wishes.


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“Moreover, the Forest Service had not assessed the impacts of the bottled water industry on streams in environmentally fragile areas, nor has it closely tracked the volume of water being extracted, the Sun found.”

Uhm, what part of California’s US NOAA determined “severe,” and “extreme,” and “exceptional” drought stricken state has streams that are not “in environmentally fragile areas?”

The Forest Service propaganda machine needs some “severe,” and “extreme,” and “exceptional” touches of reality.


“Given the historic nature of the drought, Noiron added that the Forest
Service might impose “interim conditions” on Nestlé while the agency
conducts its environmental review, but did not specify what those
measures might be.” - - Might. Interim.
That’s all right, take your time. Whenever you get around to it.


Everyone in every state and every town should quit drinking water from plastic bottles for health reasons. I would post the Tufts medical research link for every one but that’s a no go …

Endocrine disruptors are in bottled water and plastic reusable water bottles. Avoid plastic water bottles for personal and planetary health.

Boycott Nestle.


Using a permit that expired 27 years ago would constitute fraud, the water taken would be grand theft, and all the Forest Service is talking about is an investigation and renewing Nestle’s permit. That’s the biggest problem you face, when you allow capitalism to run your governments! The amerikan people on more than one occasion have bailed out the banking industry, the auto industry, the airline industry and the military, congressional, industrial complex. especially after massive criminal activity on the part of big business. The US Presidency and the US Department of Justice are now run by Corporate Crime Inc. and have taken their criminal wrongdoing global! And still the amerikan sheeple bleat softly and chew their grass, oblivious to it all!
BTW, that would be 27 counts of fraud and 27 counts of grand theft! But whose counting!


Interim conditions? All conditions restricting the use of fresh water by corporations to make profits on should be permanent. The needs of the people for water (which we absolutely need for survival) should come FIRST in ALL cases. Screw Nestle.


I’m sorry but I worked for the Federal Gov’t and I never took one dime and our politicians regularly take campaign money from individuals and corporations they have done business with in the past and plan to work for/with in the future.
That’s where the real corruption not from us little people doing the real people’s business.
Also this is a direct result of politicians defunding all of our regulatory agencies and them complaining that the regulatory agencies aren’t doing their jobs and then the politicians wanting to close them down.
I won’t mention any political party but we all know who likes to use this trick to convince the public that the gov’t is always the problem.


Bottled water is to be avoided all over the country and in most others for reasons of environmental safety, cost and lack of need. Agriculture and animal production use most of California’s water, yet ridiculous rules on cleaning teeth and having showers replace real sensible decisions and plans.


Regarding Nestlé, it’s always apparent when the fix is in. There’s almost no product they can’t
buy and trash. It’s reverse progress for consumers.


The people at the tops of the agencies are usually totally corrupt, as are the politicians. Some of the staff are hardworking and conscientious, and some are not.


I agree that rivers should reach the ocean for the reasons you recited. However, people are healthier if they don’t eat fish and shrimp. And California’s biggest consumer of water is its agribusiness. Meat eating is the number one problem; it dwarfs the impact of bottled water.


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There you go. Somebody needs to catch that minnow, put it in a fish bowl, have a tiny bite of sushi or relocate it to another location overrun with minnows. Call it a Delta Smelt all you want but a minnow by any other name is still fish bait.

California lawmakets lost their common sense years ago…but they are now in a position of rationing water to save one minnow at a cost of $250,000 a year. Heaven forbid those California idiots would ever drink tap water (besides there not being enough).

So Nestle will raise the cost of the bottled water, CARB has run trucks out of the state so fast the cost to haul it to the stores has increased and your sole surviving minnow will be dead in less than a year. End result will be you will be paying $6 a bottle for water and somehow convince the lawmakers will convince the public they did a good thing.

They must take a class to learn how to not use any common sense or lack of common sense must be a requirement to hold public office.