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In Early Holiday 'Gift to Polluters,' Trump Guts Protections for 60 Percent of Nation's Streams, Wetlands, and Waterways


In Early Holiday 'Gift to Polluters,' Trump Guts Protections for 60 Percent of Nation's Streams, Wetlands, and Waterways

Julia Conley, staff writer

Sixty percent of U.S. waterways will be at risk for pollution from corporate giants, critics say, following the Trump administration's announcement Tuesday that it will roll back an Obama-era water rule meant to protect Americans' drinking water and all the waterways that flow into it.


As one who dedicated his life to the protection of the environment–especially water resources–and education of those who would do the same, I am heartbroken by this development. I live in a progressive pocket of a regressive state. My dog and I beat feet on conservation lands damn near daily. They protect our drinking water and our quality of life. I fought my battles primarily as an expert witness in numerous state and federal cases. The polluters are relentless and have agents in the government facilitating their environmental crimes. I retired early largely because I couldn’t stand the stress anymore. I really have no goodwill toward those who treat the planet with contempt. None. If only I could have thought to deputize the numerous gators and snakes amongst which I worked. I would release them on the Potomac Swamp in a heartbeat.


Dear STUPID Trump:
WATER is a national security issue-----because water is LIFE. Without clean water food is compromised, health is compromise, and yeah your military would be compromised as ALL LIFE needs water. Medicines will be compromised, and when the PEOPLE cannot depend on clean water and clean food, and clean medicines, and an army without clean water can’t train to move very far--------- industry would be compromised, and so would wine and beer and any other thing you !can imbibe. Besides that, industry will fail as even more people will be afraid to drink Coca Cola, or eat soup or have an iV if in the hospital and all of this would happen without access to clean water!!! AND if you think your golf courses will survive—forget about it!
ONLY a traitor would implode his own country on purpose-----or maybe that oil guy was right----YOU are a moron!


This long continuum of events leads to extinction of humanity and possibly every life form that’s not sequestered a few kilometers below the surface.

This is a ridiculous policy choice; therefor something must be done that no individual or representative can see.

Use the bionet. Turn off clothes dryers and put up clotheslines. Pin the sheets high. Begin discussing a new form of direct democratic decision making that is able to communicate a vision none can see alone.


All the progress made after the first Earth Day is now going in reverse. It is still hard to comprehend the damage being done by the election of Trump, a Putin-backed candidate. Not only is democracy in the US being destroyed and the world order destabilized but the land and water in the US is being poisoned and the hopes for addressing climate change are fading. Trump appears to have no morals, no ethics, and no concern about American values. Rolling back these important regulations is just another chapter in the decline of the US brought on by the right wingers who took out their hate of minorities at the polls.


HI FascistFokker, yes you are right as I have bee reading up on what the pretenders for the people have pulled off. Centrist is another name for bought and paid DIMpublican. This would include Bush 1 Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, and now the moron.


Barry from Cainya, Schumer, Pelosi, Hill and the Pedesta Bros are responsible for this. Mr. Wall Street TPP and Benghazi Clinton Foundation lost the House, Senate, Presidency and the Supremes in one galactic collapse of sanity. Democrats lost to a racist, illiterate, parasitic piss-ant, a mutated petri dish experiment who created wealth at the expense of less fortunate. All of this misery was plattered by TPP Barry, whom was the first eight year president to keep us continuously at war. No one expects intellect or morality from Republican vultures. They eat the dead, who cares if it’s poisoned. I hope Barry got to keep his flowered shirt. All we get is the bitterness of corporate betrayal, a Dem drool bucket overflowing with dead promises garnished with screams for donations. It is going to be much worse before it gets better. Bank on it America!!


The entire blame for Trump lies with the Dem Establishment and their minions like you, who foisted HRC upon an electorate that just didn’t want her because of her corrupt and hawkish ways, not to mention that she cheated in the primary. Bernie would have won; nobody decent would have lost to Trump. Period!


Well if I were a corporate polluter I wouldn’t rush to anything. Likely by the time this is enacted Trump will be hanging by his heels from a meat hook with all the skin flayed off his back.


Amen. and look here and see that many, a multitude in fact, EPA givaways to greed only capitalist corporations—Hair Fuhrer is simply overturning recent Obama era regs, in the same way he was the first person (I cannot use the other P word) to take a a national treasure designation and reverse it, opening up Bears Ears to big oil instead of being the Native American treasure it deserved to be. https://bearsearscoalition.org/proposal-overview/

Actually, one could argue, were it not from him directly being the benefactor from his corporate buddies–that he was doing all of this for purely racists reasons.

In the same way–he would show off his hotels/casinos to his personal tours, but have his lackey go ahead of him and send “all of the non-whites to the back----out of site”.


I personally thank you for your service to the environment. We progressives are in a war with environmental terrorism and we desperately need people like you!


This administration will have no values placed before profits, not environmental, humane or social.


All of the decent primary candidates from the republican party lost to Trump. So did all of the other party’s that ran. Green, Libertarian,etc. Being a hater doesn’t get us very far.


Trump is undoubtedly an idiot, but far, far worse than that he is a criminal and an environmental vandal. This ought to be enough to have him impeached, or huanged, or - – well anyway removed form office immediately!


Two more years. I wonder how many new superfund sites we will get for this idiocy.


Actually the current moron is a much different kind of critter. He actually told us what he was intent on doing and I believed him and voted for a woman for which I had little hope of getting a fair shake for the working classes. The fools who were charmed by his agreable, for them, promises to shrink government regulations and remove protections for so many of us have yet to become aware of what this china shop bull is doing.
I just can’t imagine what his thinking process must be like.


HI namora, sigh----- he is a moron truly, but as many in his administration seem to be morons too----------maybe there is a moron virus infecting the White house and Congress and even the Court–the morons seem to be breeding like the POD People.
I gave up on the dumb and the mean and voted for the Lady in Green. : )


There is no such thing as a “decent Republican”; that’s is oxymoronic, and of course the Greens and libertarians lost…They are neither allowed to participate in the debates nor does the corporate media cover them. They’re not even allowed on the ballot in some states. Shills like LRX and you, who advocate for the Dem Establishment and deny culpability in the election of Trump, need to be held accountable for this disastrous administration!


Wrong Headline: Trump Cuts, Trump Cuts…Correct Headline:: Small group of Fed up people cuts Trumps’ head off and puts it on a tall Spike in The Lobby of his Tower.


It’s called out of control corruption that we do nothing about. Shoot the prick and make a long story short. Sick of reading this crap!