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In Effort to 'Cultivate Hopelessness,' Trump 2016 Campaign Used Facebook for Deterrence Operation Targeting Millions of Black Voters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/effort-cultivate-hopelessness-trump-2016-campaign-used-facebook-deterrence-operation


One thing for sure, grifters, con artists, thieves, hucksters and bankruptcy kings like Trump know how to sell, they know how to do covert propaganda, they know how to manipulate.
Their algorithms, including the Cambridge Analytica, are precise and targeted. Trump has had assistance from foreign intelligence agencies, and his buddies like MBS and Vlad the Impaler.
The Trump team are professional liars, and will stop at nothing to suppress the vote, discourage Democratic voters, poison Biden’s reputation, block people from voting.
The worst thing is that the Trump Bearded-Camo-Gunsucking Militias are being organized by Don Jr. to intimidate voters and vote counters!!!


Note that this was Trump and not Russia.

So glad I have never had a Facebook account.


Seems like a waste of time and money.

All trump has to do to foster hopelessness is remind people that their only other option is to vote for Joe Biden.


No Faceboosh for me either, but he has successfully “cultivated hopelessness” in my house. I’ve never felt this hopeless. I bet people in Finland are happier than us. Maybe they would take me in. Canada is out, apparently, which is too bad. They may hate us, but at least I can speak the language.

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Just wait until they have to train their African replacements.

Yeah. Sure. (And just a few days ago Facebook blocked lots of climate activists just accidentally.)

“Since 2016 elections have changed and so has Facebook,” the social media giant [said] in a statement on Monday, adding that it has implemented “rules prohibiting voter suppression” and is “running the largest voter information campaign in American history.”

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Doesn’t the Dem Party on its own make clear that it really doesn’t want
to be seen as the party of AA’s … ?

And certainly does nothing to appeal to AA’s as far as I can see – ?

If anything has changed even the slightest this year, it’s because of the activism of AA’s
and their courage –

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However, a different subset of the constituency might not understand that Joe is not going to do much more than delay the coming Armageddon. But right now, delay looks like the best deal in town.


Cultivating Hopelessness is the pending sequel to Manufacturing Consent. You can read that very state-sponsored message in Derek Chauvin’s face as he smirks into the camera while squashing the life out of George Floyd: Time to feel hopeless now – It’s all over for you people.


Words have power and they can come back to haunt us in addition to hurting us through manipulation by con men hell bent on seizing power and keeping it.

It is way past time to get radicalized.

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One reason I will be voting against this arch racist who sits in the WH–it ain’t just for white folks as in “White House”, actually built by black slaves.


I will be researching for groups showing up to defend voters from intimidation at the polls. Meanwhile, this can be organized locally in areas of predominantly people of color. Get some poll watchers. Time we all shake off that learned helplessness and fight back–we have two ecological crisis facing us that need us all.

Here is someting from the ABA


How to Help Protect Our Elections and Get Out the Vote

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You are absolutely correct. Direct action is necessary.
The time to just sit behind computer screens typing complaints and outrage has passed.
Now we have to take the risk to go out and confront the Trump Mob in person.
It’s scary, because the Trumpers are armed, naturally violent people who have been trained to kill by being raised to hunt and fish. Their gun culture and their grotesquely anti-Christ Christian nationalism encourage them to eliminate the liberal infidels.
Doing direct action to protect voters from Trump’s poll intimidators is crucial. Direct action to stop the destruction of Nature, and to protect women’s reproductive health clinics, are also crucial.
It’s going to be hard, but we have no choice.
Evil only succeeds when good people do nothing.
Thanks for the encouragement:)

Trump aside, hard to have much “hope” in the face of the climate ecological crises, extreme inequality, and racism (and other forms of division) in today’s world.

On one hand, if you feel hopeless, that might lead to paralysis of action OR (importantly) it can be freeing. As Greta Thunberg and others say, ‘we don’t need hope, we need action.’

Action could be in the form of being active in electoral politics - good time with a big election approaching. Or, action could be working in one’s community on issues one believes in and that are important to it’s people and environment - note that this is direct action, not working to get someone elected to government.

If you don’t have “hope,” maybe you are in a good place to act, because you can give up tying your actions to outcome and instead act because you know its the right thing to do.


Giovanna –

Keep on tellin’ it – !!

This is a good example of how all the social media sites are one of the main things destroying this country. I heard an interview the other day on All Things Considered with an MIT (I believe) researcher who found that false information travels further on social media sites than the truth. This creates an enormously exaggerated view of reality by a huge swath of our society, and dishonest hucksters like trump are very keen to take advantage of this to benefit themselves

More an more these days I’m wishing the Internet was never created because of all the evil it has produced in this world. Things were so much simpler and less divisive back before we had it. I doubt someone like trump would have come to power if it wasn’t for the Internet and social media sites to spew his garbage.

Dump the internet and we might as well dump smart phones as well.
I sometimes wonder if it would help if we painted the WH black.
Rainbow would be better yet.

We are trying hard to make friends and win influence in Africa, which has a lot of untapped raw materials…

If anyone was expecting Chris Wallace to be on the level – or even
to try to fight fascism – he’s just crashed thru with telling us that the demonstrations
were … 100 days of rioting … . and violence – and Biden is totally unprepared to respond.

Would Biden have sent National Guard into Portland? Or called the Governor or Mayor?

Who was that question asked for except for Chris Wallace’s own sense of white privilege?

PLUS Chris Wallace is useless in keeping Trump in check –

My husband had a good suggestion … if you’re going to debate Trump … you need to
demand that Trump’s mike will be turned off while Biden is answering a question – and
vice versa.

We’re also wondering if anyone soon will walk out of a debate with Trump – likely Hillary
should have let, saying call me back when this man is ready to behave like a human being.

Same for tonight – useless crap.