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In Effort to Gut Agency He Runs, Mulvaney Asks Congress to Roll Back CFPB Independence


In Effort to Gut Agency He Runs, Mulvaney Asks Congress to Roll Back CFPB Independence

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Further building on his tireless efforts to "defang" the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) from the inside, White House Budget chief and acting CFPB head Mick Mulvaney asked Congress on Monday to pass several legislative changes that would dramatically diminish the agency's independence and roll back its ability to protect consumers from predatory financial firms.


If Mulvaney is successful, and he probably will be with our best Congress money can buy. There’s no reason to keep this agency, shut it down, send Mick the &ick packing, and we can retry after this congress is replaced. If not the agency, that was born to help consumers will be used to hurt them.


It was never created to help citizens and residents of the U.S. It was created to give them an illusion that the Dims are on their side. Ellen Warren is the godmother of this fake ‘regulatory’ agency and it should be abolished as you suggest, until a Congress is in place that can actually deal with reality.


“This is what happens when you put someone actively hostile to an agency’s mission in charge of that agency.”
—Public Citizen

This is what happens when laws are made by conservative and neoliberal politicians and their oligarchy paymasters.

Electronic Direct Democracy


As we know, Donald’s “Cabinet” appointees have been tasked with greatly diminishing, if not entirely neutering, their respective agencies. Rexxon had great success at the State Dept., and uber-corrupt Mulvaney is lookin’ good on that score, too.
Way to go, Congress; just keep sitting back on your well-upholstered derrieres and consciously selling us our country down the river.


Author sez: "Mulvaney argued that the bureau he leads is ‘too powerful’ …

Yeah. Nobody in D.C wants to head up an agency with too much power.

Translated from the neocon: “Despite my best efforts, the bureau retains a vestige of benefit for a slim segment of consumers.”


The deconstruction comes along ahead of schedule.


Y’know, folks, we may as well just unfurl our white flags and get it over with. This kind of shit just keeps getting worse and smellier all the time with no respite that I can see. As we used to say in baseball about the opposing pitcher: “Stick a fork in him. He’s done!” Well, my fellow americans, WE are also done.

Also, speaking of flags, I go NUTS every time I see a flag flying in a yard that is NOT upside down! And where do most of those flags fly? In the yards of people who look like they are BARELY getting by. Someone explain that to me? Ah…never mind. The propaganda works well on those who welcome it and fear truth.

Anyway, this Fascist hater won’t be posting much anymore. What’s the fucking point…?


It needs more than disembowling, it needs to be gone. This agency is unConstitutional and lacks checks and balances.


What a modern way to implement mob rule.


The frustration, despair, depression, fury, and contempt do just keep increasing FF, but we must try to continue to fight the power. Here on CD we are mostly it seems talking to ourselves; the usual suspects preaching to the choir, with some ugly notes, but maybe some others are out there listening; maybe some have their beliefs challenged and hopefully change - maybe even due to words they read.

Beside the voices here there are a whole lot of people of moral conscience and courage out in the streets from many diverse groups feeling and trying to effect change - sure not enough (they need us) and still mostly it seems within the corrupt vulture capitalist corporate con-game, but…this is not the time to truly despair - the rotten scum will hang themselves and millions more are feeling the same increasing fury and rage at the whole rotten system and its POS agents, mulvaney, DeVos, zinke, that pruitt scum, the others and their despicable figurehead nutter, trump “the mental”.

If only we had a real, independent people’s opposition party with real progressive/radical leaders to rally around…instead of complicit co-conspirators…and that’s infuriating too…there ain’t no justice, just us! Keep the faith Roberto!


He and his theocratic one percenter ilk are pushing for the rapture.


Hear you. Most folks are blase’ with dictator-loving Herr Drumpf in charge.


It lacks checks and balances for whom? For you hater of animals


It’s Senator Elizabeth Warren. from MA


Thank you, Emphyrio. As always, you come across as the brilliant mind that I know is behind your I.D. Your post is inspiring to me and maybe that’s just what I needed to hear today. It just seems that every time I come to CD there is yet ANOTHER article describing how the poop is hitting the scoop YET AGAIN! Very frustrating and saddening as well.

O.K. I will do my best to hang in there and add my nearly 70 years of perspective into the mix. I guess I just miss the 60s and 70s at times like this. I got put in the slammer for protesting along with some highly aware and awake people “in the day”. I guess I’m wondering where that passion is today. I don’t know how old you are but “WE” almost changed the country/world back then. I’m wanting to feel that communion and POWER in numbers again but…where is that passion?

Again…thank you for shaking me “cyberly” and getting my head back into REVOLUTION mode!:wink::+1:


This is what corporate-fascism is all about – doubt this is a surprise to anyone.

Putting the people’s government and democracy out of business in America.


That is a good definition.


The modern way to implement democracy and prevent mob rule by elites.


I know how you feel… right there with you…