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In Effort to 'Protect America From Tyranny,' Michael Moore Launches TrumpiLeaks


In Effort to 'Protect America From Tyranny,' Michael Moore Launches TrumpiLeaks

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Closely following the latest leak from the National Security Agency indicating that the Russian government may have attempted to compromise key voter registration files in a number of states, the filmmaker Michael Moore on Tuesday announced the launch of TrumpiLeaks, a website that will provide "courageous whistleblowers" with an outlet to ensure that crucial information continues making its way to the public


Reality Leigh Winner: Being white is terrorism!


No one is above the Law. That includes the “Teflon Donnie.”

Thanks to Michael Moore and ‘TrumpiLeaks’, especially Little Donnie.


“The website claims to offer “high-powered encryption technology””

Seriously? The commondreams main website has better encryption.


Fascism oh how sweet it is to divide people by race, religion, national origin, politics, civil rights, and shred the Constituition to bits while wrapping yourself in the flag, Bible and nationalism. The Germans fell for it before WW2. I wonder if the American people are smarter than the Germans were. Let’s see they elected a fascist as president so I guess the answer is no. People who don’t remember history tend to repeat history. More poverty and misery to come. I want to thank the people who forgot history. Looks like we will suffer immensely before these uneducated fools that fell for the lies wake up and help humanity.


It would be hard to call Murkins smarter than 1930s Germans when you consider that post World War 1 economic conditions in Germany were more dismal than in the US at the time and far, far more dismal than US economic conditions during the post 2008 period. German inflation was so bad that upon being paid workers had to run as fast as they could to stores to spend their wages since the mark was declining in value so fast. Hitler did not need to embellish his descriptions of economic conditions the way Trump does to convince voters that things are worse than they actually are.

Most Murkins learned history through fake news or propaganda that distorts history. If a significant number of Murkins had learned real history we would not have seen corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans getting 95 - 98% of the vote in recent POTUS elections when so many far more qualified third party candidates were running.


Thx Ivanka.


Sorry, agent… i think you might have posted on the wrong window.


ray –

No matter the venture, Elite Patriarchy has been creating our reality since day #1 when our
Founders gave them elite status, endowed them with land grants and gave them immense
influence over our “people’s” government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.
They supported and protected the system of Slavery for Elites which guaranteed the Civil
War which divided the nation into two camps of hatred which also benefitted them.
They used the most brutal and extreme violence to enslave the native Americans and still
failed and so they used even more violence. They kidnapped their children, changed their
clothing, forbade them the use of their own language. They beat and tortured these children,
including sexual abuse and murder.

Citizens create economies, but our Banks and Financial Institutions manipulate them for the
benefit of elites.

Depressions and Recessions are created – everything is manipulated.

Without a free press – See: Operation Mockingbird which was being written two years before
the end of WWII and subsequently run out of the CIA by Dulles – there is no way for the public
to know it’s history. There is no way for legitimate journalists and reporters to present a vision
of corrections which needed to be made and the way to a better world.

Also see Operation Paperclip and Operation Gladio which all served the same purpose –
to destroy any attempt at democracy here and around the world.

Elites patriarchy create our reality – they control the past, the present and our futures.

And don’t ever let anyone tell you that right wing propaganda doesn’t work, especially when
our own press is repeating it 24/7.


We need 100 more WikiLeaks – and a few thousand more “Whistleblowers”
to return this government to the “people” – and to protect this effort at democracy.