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In Effort to 'Strengthen' Democracy, New Jersey Enacts Automatic Voter Registration


In Effort to 'Strengthen' Democracy, New Jersey Enacts Automatic Voter Registration

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Joining a promising pro-democracy wave, a signature from Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday added New Jersey to the ranks of 11 other states and the District of Columbia that have now enacted automatic voter registration.


One spot of good news after Christie’s exit –

This should eliminate – I hope – things like the purges of voters from rolls.

Meanwhile, the right wing continues to assault the vote with vast new attempts
at Gerrymandering, simply making it physically impossible for minorities to vote
by shutting down polling places or failing to provide voting machines or staff to
accommodate voters – and every Election Day we see new schemes.


More to come. A package of gun-sense bills is now waiting just full Senate (D-controlled) and Murphy’s sig. We in the redder northwest are protesting and prodding our legislators (R’s one and all), but glad the outcome is predictably on our side.


bks –

If New Jersey and our new Governor and the Senate are going to listen
to New Jersey residents and Police Departments who want gun-control …
that’s great!

And, of course, getting rid of weapons like the AR15.

It’s also very much on my mind that MOTHER’S (PEACE) DAY and
Father’s Day should be used in connection with “Standing Up Against Gun
Violence” and WARS as a further motivation to bring citizens out into the streets.