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In 'Emblematic Parting Blow,' Trump Moves to Take $700 Million Per Year Out of Tipped Workers' Pockets

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/emblematic-parting-blow-trump-moves-take-700-million-year-out-tipped-workers-pockets

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“By requiring tipped workers “to share that gratuity with non tipped staff members.”
That is exactly how it is done in Mexico. I got friendly with a waiter in Mazatlan, Mexico and tipped him well and one day I asked him if my tips helped his family and he replied: " I do not get to keep the tips, I have to turn them into the boss who then decides what to give me”.


What is a topped worker? A worker who styles his hair like President Trump? One who wears an orange MAGA hat while delivering Pizza Schmizza? Would we refer to them as a Carrot Topped worker?
Inquiring mends want to no?


Typical Trump and how he treated anyone unfortunate or desperate enough to work for him. And typical of the the whole US food system. Our culture terms them “menial workers”, barely human. Ask a typical American teen to work on a farm, and they’ll run away as fast as possible. But a young person from a poor country will gladly do hard and dangerous work in order to earn money for their families.
Whether it’s a migrant worker picking tomatoes for pennies an hour to people working in restaurants, we have a class problem fomented by years of indoctrination. Jobs in nice clean offices, sitting at a computer playing with other people’s money is considered high class. Jobs involving mess and dirt, even taking care of children, the elderly, and cleaning houses is demeaning.
When I was quite young, I earned spare change by planting seeds in our large garden, hoeing, weeding, picking the crops, preparing it for winter. Hard, hot work. We also de-tassled corn to prevent wind borne cross-pollination and helped bale hay. But we knew it was necessary. Also mowed lawns for elderly neighbors for free and shoveled their sidewalks for free.
When we change cultural attitudes towards hard work, work that traditionally was “women’s work” and look on economic jobs as just legalized gambling, people will be paid and treated much better.


I’ll bet Trump is one of those a**hole that never tips or leaves the same measly tip whether the bill is $10 or a thousand. I grew up in a household where having enough to eat depended on whether my mother got enough tips or had to scavage food from stuff that customers didn’t eat (a fireable offensive if the boss caught you). Rich people suck; clueless rich people setting policy for the working poor sucks even more.

I wonder if and when people are going to have their Howard Beale moment. “Get up from your chairs. Go to the window. Open it. Stick out your head and yell. And keep yelling. First you’ve got to get mad. When you’re mad enough we’ll figure out what to do. Stick your head out and yell, ’I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.’ ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.’ ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.’”


Some countries don’t allow tipping. China, for instance. Sometimes, however, you can find workers there who are willing to “keep the change” when they have clearly provided excellent service.
Mexico’s sharing tips, the US charging tax on tips, China’s no tips, I sort of see as cultural differences.

I DO know that when personal tipping is taxable, as in the US, it often is not reported as income.

Yeah, fair minimum wage sounds best.

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Sounds like something a crooked hotelier would benefit from. The Trumps, for instance. Clearly self-dealing.


Rarely ate out til my folks split in 3rd grade then lived in restaurants with Dad, now it’s my chosen culture/lifestyle (only owned one new piece of furniture but enjoy being fed tastiness ). Don’t know many personally that haven’t been in the biz, I was briefly (dishwasher/toilet scrubber). My respect is multifold but comes primarily from the respect I have for any of us who provides quality to our collective well being.
I have always tipped well, but when the streets were empty and I was almost always the only customer, I felt I was singlehandedly supporting my favorite places and willfully became a supertipper, to this day.
Yet another aspect of wrongs exposed by our disease we can either fix or succumb.


They really hate working people in Washington, don’t they,

If they got $15/hr tips wouldn’t be as important


Interesting - that is a hard core Republican view of work.

Trump is just trying to do more harm, of course –

HOWEVER, more and more the service industries and the corporations who hire
them are dependent upon tips.

WHY are we putting money into a tip jar in a deli where these workers should be being
PAID by the owners for the work they do. This is ridiculous!

All this does is take the owners of these businesses off the hook for paying them a
descent wage.

Serving dinner is a very personal service – and TIPS there have always been acceptable.

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No kidding, what a bunch of stingy ____s. How to remove a reward system and change it to drudgery. I’m sure they get a lot of motivated staff that way, not.

I would take it one step further and suggest that we need to stop assigning any kind of imaginary morality to the act of working.
What should matter is what we do and who it benefits, not just the fact that we are doing something.
A job in and of itself should not be a thing to be celebrated nor coveted. Infact the vast majority of jobs done today should not be done at all as they are actively destructive.
If we are to survival as a species we need to shed this slave mentality we have been indoctrinated into, where work and especially hard work, primarily for the benefit of our masters, is automatically considered a moral good. Obviously we would also need to re-examine the idea of ownership and just what we are willing to allow anyone to “own”.


this is capitalism at it’s finest–don’t like what’s happening–GET RID OF THE CAPITALISTS

Isn’t that the same thing, only worse. Hey no thanks.