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In 'Enraging and Inexcusable' Ruling, Louisiana Supreme Court Upholds Life Sentence for Black Man Who Attempted to Steal Hedge Clippers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/07/enraging-and-inexcusable-ruling-louisiana-supreme-court-upholds-life-sentence-black

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This is an example of vindictiveness.


Certainly seems like that. Or just plain racism.


It’s an example of a hell of a lot more than that. This ruling exposes the deep sickness in the Southern white male. And, the toxic legal blankets of protection he’s wrapped himself in, to protect his advantages.
The citizens of Louisiana should be ashamed by this action, but they won’t be. The citizens of the U. S. should be ashamed by this action, but they won’t be. Only the people who don’t want to associate with either are and, increasingly they’re just trying to leave both of them quickly behind.


The comparisons are stark. Trump’s troubadours went to jail and got back out before these lifers could grow a good beard.
I guess lying and stealing mean something different in whitey world.


Every one of those Louisiana Supreme Court Justices that made this decision should be locked up forever for lacking any humanity.

Their’s, is the crime punishable for life imprisonment.


Where are we? Is this Saudi Arabia, Yemen…?

This is unbleepingbelievable. Occupy the LA Supreme Court.


Ah, yes, sounds like the America I know and love.

Still, I keep wondering why haven’t the times changed yet? I’m tired of the patriarchal death cult being in control. Where’s the promised land? When do we stop living in the old, white men’s land?

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Punishment that is excessive because it is both disproportionate to the crime and in excess what is (unfortunately) necessary for the prevention and deterrence of crime and for bringing justice for victims, is gratuitous punishment, punishment/suffering serving no good purpose whatsoever, yet commonplace in America.


Just when you thought that you heard it all, this pops up.
Vindictive racism.

Does that mean that stealing a garden hoe in addition, it would mean two life sentences.
Three life times if you throw in a stolen rake.