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In Era of Aging Reactors, Nuclear Industry's Push for Deregulation Sparks Warning of 'Collision Course' With Disaster


In Era of Aging Reactors, Nuclear Industry's Push for Deregulation Sparks Warning of 'Collision Course' With Disaster

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Independent watchdogs are raising alarm about the nuclear power industry's ongoing efforts to convince federal regulators to scale back safety inspections and limit what "lower-level" issues are reported to the public.



Not the best information in the story. The Japanese earthquake before the tsunami caused the Fukushima meltdowns. The tsunami hit a few minutes later, and it was deadly elsewhere, but that wasn’t the cause.



The NRC has never served the public interest or kept these nuke plants safe. Nuclear energy has ALWAYS been a massive transfer of wealth from the people/government to corporate interests in these plants. They need to be shuttered to STOP that sucking sound at the government teat.

Counter Punch 2/15/19 - John LaForge - Nuclear energy is over:
[ https://www.counterpunch.org/2019/02/15/nuclear-power-cant-survive-much-less-slow-climate-disruption/]



On March 24, 2017, parent company Toshiba announced that Westinghouse Electric Company would file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy because of US$9 billion of losses from nuclear reactor construction projects. … Westinghouse filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 29, 2017. (google)

Guess how this is going to go.

Another Corporate ________. You fill in the blank.

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Playing with fire

And flood



Hi unlikelysource: oh yes, you are so correct. I would make an equation for that:

Playing with fire+ playing with flood= DEATH of water, soil and air for the planet : (



All regulators, to a first approximation, are now captured.

I am hoping to read a new book as a result, updating my information base, as it is pointless to depend on the regulators of nuclear power in either the USA or Canada.

“Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster”
by Adam Higginbotham



Thank you for bringing this important topic to light! We must stop using nuclear power now, by replacing the energy that these plants now produce with wind and solar plants, and then by shutting these plants down and then securing the nuclear waste somewhere that it will not be impacted by the impending 24 foot sea level rise that will occur if only the Greenland ice sheet melts, or eventually from the 200 feet of sea level rise that will occur. This will all happen because of human caused global warming and climate change that will eventually melt all of the world’s ice if we do not stop putting greenhouse gasses like methane and CO2 into the atmosphere, and we must stop doing this now, before it is just too late. We have only twelve years tops to do this, and we are not likely to succeed because we don’t have enough time. We should have taken much stronger actions forty years ago! We are not moving nearly fast enough to prevent an impending climate catastrophe that will be far worse than anything that has ever been seen in all of human history.

These are all aging nuclear plants that are all well beyond their decommissioning dates anyway, making them all extremely vulnerable. All nuclear plants are located close to sea level along oceans and rivers as they all need copious amounts of cool water with which to cool their nuclear rods so as to prevent meltdowns. Should even the Greenland ice sheet melt and then slide off into the North Atlantic, this would cause a tidal wave and will increase global sea levels to rise as much as 24 feet within minutes to hours. This rise in global sea levels worldwide will put the entire state of Florida under about 24 feet of water and will then drown everyone and everything in the state, including all of Florida’s nuclear power plants and military bases. This sea level rise will also back up every river that feeds into the oceans, and back up all of their tributaries where many inland nuclear power plants are located, so when the Mississippi River rises by 24 feet, the Missouri River, Ohio River, and every other river connected to the Mississippi River will also rise by 24 feet, and this is where many low lying inland nuclear plants are located. This flooding, as had happened with the Fukushima accident, will flood these plants and then cause the electricity to fail, shutting off all of the water pumps that pump water over the nuclear rods to cool them. This could cause the rods to overheat and then cause meltdowns, and this would happen all at the same time that the surrounding residential and commercial areas will also be under 24 feet of water, making it impossible in most cases anyway for anyone to be able to intervene so as to prevent these immanent meltdowns. We have about 114 aging nuclear plants in America and also many nuclear research sites and nuclear waste storage sites that could also be impacted. This could likely contaminate vast areas of America with tremendous amounts of radioactive contaminated water, and poison underground aquifers and drinking water sources which could lead to the radioactive and toxic poisoning of millions of our citizens. This water will also contain just about every single toxic industrial chemical known to man, coming from every affected flooded chemical and industrial site, as well as combining it all with copious amounts of every kind of agricultural waste and manures, and many other toxic materials. This contaminated water will all be lethal and extremely poisonous even to touch! Our nation’s rivers and oceans would then become radioactive and full of toxic chemicals, manures, dead fish and animals, and every disease and death causing substance imaginable, and there would be no way to detect it or to ever clean it up and no place for the water to ever go!

During the time of the dinosaurs, the Midwest of America was all underwater as a swamp, and to a swamp it will then return, a toxic swamp of death! And this could happen only if just the Greenland Ice sheet melts, and that would only cause 24 feet of sea level rise. If all of the ice ever melts in the Antarctic and everywhere else, the world’s oceans will rise by 200 feet and it will then be much worse!

Most of our human civilization and most of the world’s population all live near water and most of the world’s cities are located at heights that are under 200 feet above sea level. The catastrophe that this flooding from melting ice will cause will forever end the entire modern world and set us all back to primitive cave man status overnight, only this time everything will be deadly toxic, and almost all of the animals and plants remaining alive will be contaminated and toxic, and most will be dead and dying. There will be little to no hope of anyone left alive being able to find any clean water to drink or any food to eat, no medical care, nor any safe place to live anywhere. There will be mobs of terrified people wiling to kill for food, clean water, guns, ammo, or medicine and there will be chaos. We cannot expect FEMA, the military, or anyone in government to ever come to help us either!

America and the other countries of the earth have all been exceedingly foolish and there have been far too many greedy, self centered sociopaths that have used their wealth and power to lie to and misinform the public for so many years so that we have all collectively failed to take much if any meaningful action so as to prevent this impending man made catastrophe that may end the human race and destroy most if not all life on earth forever. This catastrophe can only be prevented, it can never be fixed, and we only have twelve years at most to accomplish this prevention. Trump, Putin, and the republicans and half of all democrats and most all businesses are still foolishly pushing very hard to go exactly in the opposite direction that we need to go. They are foolishly undoing all of the safety rules, and are madly sending us all careening towards a climate catastrophe from which we will all never recover. No amount of wealth, money or power is ever worth doing this because what will be lost is truly priceless and irreparable for any price. We are destroying the entire capacity of the earth to sustain and nurture any life, except perhaps life that temporarily hangs on in some remote places where eventually even there the contamination will then seep in and contaminate and kill all of its life as well as it pollutes and irradiates its air water and food. Rain will become radioactive rain and then spread death and disease everywhere, and there will be no medical care.

So in the end, It will be our collective worship of Mammon, our unbridled materialistic capitalism and our insatiable greed beyond all reason and beyond any degree of common sense and decency that will have destroyed us all in the end. This is only a beginning list of the horrors to come if we do not stop now, and this threat is too terrible for any of us to risk for any reason. So why are we all being so foolish? We humans have it so good right now, and so we all ought to care much more about preserving our environment and keeping it clean so that these terrible things will never happen. We cannot afford to ignore the truth telling scientists like Rachel Carson and Al Gore, who speaks for the thousands of climate and natural scientists that he interviewed before writing his book. We can stop this catastrophe, but we must take very drastic actions NOW before it is too late!

We have ALL been warned. And so we must ALL take heed or else we will ALL face the very dire consequences. So if you don’t care about yourself, then please at least consider your children and those you love. The Bible says in Revelation that God will come down to destroy those men who destroy the earth, which is His Creation, and so do we dare to anger God, the Creator in this wanton and foolish way by our idolatrous devotion to Mammon? Is the risk truly worth it? I say no, and I hope that you also agree, and so now we must then convince all of the others to help us to stop this insane madness now before it is too late!

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Well you do seem to know a lot about nuclear power. However, we still need to do something soon about America’s 114 or so aging nuclear plants that are likely to all be flooded with immanent sea level rise due to the fact that we only have 12 years to avert climate catastrophe and the Greenland ice sheet could slide off and drop into the North Atlantic anytime soon, one July day in the coming near future. We are very woefully unprepared for this and for many other immanent events. This article is speaking to this issue mainly, not whether nuclear plants are good or bad overall. America must do something soon about this impending problem before it is too late and instead of taking any positive actions as you suggest, we are only loosening our safety regulations and failing to take any precautions at all against flooding. This is not helping to do anything good at all! We need solutions to both of these problems before it is too late!

Besides, if we fail to stop climate change, and Trump is sending us backwards on addressing it, then there will be no one left alive or at least insufficient people left alive to care for any of our nuclear reactors or our nuclear waste sites and this will cause a lot of very serious issues that could contaminate water and vast areas of America as Fukushima did. We need solutions to these critical problems ASAP, and we cannot wait years to build new kinds of nuclear plants!

As far as building wind and solar this is not the only activity that causes CO2 emissions. We emit a lot of CO2 doing all kinds of things like building cars that EACH emit over seven tons of CO2 apiece for each year they are driven on average, if not more than this! Our homes and buildings all burn fossil fuels, we burn fossil fuels to generate electricity, and we have thousands of leaky natural gas pipelines all over America that emit methane, which is natural gas and which is five times worse than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Eating one hamburger creates as much CO2 and natural gas from cows as driving 50 cars for one day, and we have far too many cows and far too many cows on feedlots instead of on grass and we Americans eat way too much beef overall. There are lots and lots of problems and lots of things that create CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions that we all must address. Our homes and buildings are all very poorly designed and are very poorly insulated. We do too much commuting and flying airplanes also causes greenhouse gas emissions. We need to stop using coal.

I would like to see more development of hydrogen cars. Iceland has converted ALL of its cars to using hydrogen which only emits water. Hydrogen is the universe’s most abundant element. The Icelanders make hydrogen by using geothermal energy from their volcanoes, so perhaps they could export some hydrogen to America, or perhaps we could also use geothermal to make our own hydrogen or use geothermal to create other forms of energy. We urgently need much more research and development to be done in all of these areas.

I like wind and solar, but of course nothing except perhaps hydropower is completely carbon and greenhouse gas neutral. America has enough wind energy capacity to produce five times the energy that we use right now from ALL forms and it goes up much quicker than do nuke plants. We also have enough solar capacity to generate five times the energy that we use now from ALL sources. We need to create better battery storage capacity and make a smart grid to replace our aging electrical grid. If we had better universal broadband then perhaps more people could even work from home and not have to drive their cars as much. We need to get busy and get creative. I want to build a cob, adobe, straw bale passive solar home in the mountains of New Mexico where I hope I can insulate it so well tha I won’t need more than a few small wood stoves to keep warm. There is lots of deadwood on public lands in New Mexico that is free for the taking because the BLM wants it removed because it is a wildfire hazard and so they are happy to let anyone just pick up and cart off the deadwood. The mesquite wood smells wonderful! Wood is a renewable resource, but it does cause some CO2, but I wouldn’t want to use too much. It helps the environment to grow some of our own food organically and to compost and to recycle, so I plan to do that too. Unfortunately, I am stuck here in a poorly insulated house only 43 feet above sea level living with my 93 year old mom until she passes, but after this I hope to have still got enough life left in me to fulfill my dream and to get off the grid and grow at least some of my own food in New Mexico which is mostly 5,000 or so above sea level. The desert will take the heat better because it is less humid at least for the rest of my life and perhaps longer so I can live there as long as I can get enough clean fresh water.

America had better get busy and find better ways to become more sustainable and stop wasting things and polluting so much before it is too late. I cringe that we put our human excrement in about five gallons of clean drinking water each time that we flush, because especially in the desert, we should be composting all of our human waste in the earth the way nature intended, and using it as fertilizer instead. There is much work to be done. Yet we cannot afford to allow our nuclear plants to deteriorate or to relax our safety standards at this time. I have my own reasons to oppose using nuclear. One of them is that mankind has lived for thousands of years without all of this complicated technology and nuclear can be very dangerous if it is misused, as in Chernobyl and Fukushima. I wish that we would use less dangerous ways to generate energy instead, or just go without. Lots of people around the world live using much less energy than we Americans do. However, this is just a matter of preference. Anyway, I think that this article was only concerned with our aging nuke plants and the foolishness of our relaxing their safety rules at this time, and it was not trying to make an argument either pro nuke plants or con nuke plants overall.

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24 feet of sea level rise can occur from just the Greenland ice sheet sliding off into the ocean and this chunk of ice hitting the ocean could cause a wave like a small tsunami when it hits all at once, like putting ice cubes in a drink. This ice can easily plop into the North Atlantic all at once and it may not just melt slowly as it has so far. The same thing can happen with large chunks of Antarctic ice dropping off. Furthermore there are many nuke plants in hurricane areas and areas prone to tornadoes. I know of one nuclear plant precariously perched right on the San Andreas fault in Concord California, so don’t tell me that that was ever a good idea! Besides this article was about the dangers of relaxing safety rules for aging nuke plants as not being a good idea, and I agree. Even if there is no tsunami, there can still be flooding that could shut down the electricity to the pumps and this still can cause a meltdown, especially if no one can get to the site when it is under 24 or 200 feet of water. I suppose eventually the water would get to the rods, but if the river water or ocean gets in then this will just then contaminate the entire river or ocean water near there and then spread radioactivity everywhere via the water. I am surprised that you seem not to understand the dangers of this happening.

It was not just the tsunami that caused Fukushima, it was the flooding caused by the tsunami that shut down the electricity to the pumps inside the reactors. These aging nuke plants are not prepared to handle these flooding events and if we relax the safety rules and fail to take any precautions it might be dangerous. This was all that we were saying.

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We need not worry about these nuclear plants.
Homer Simpson is working overtime to make sure that the flooding does not cause any problems.
He has stacked cases of Duff beer all around the plant to prevent the water from reaching the backup generators.

The flooding from Hurricane Harvey knocked out the power AND backup generators to the chemical plants in Texas causing massive fires and pollution. Fortunately, they were chemical plants and not nuclear plants. Hazardous chemicals were moved to higher ground and stored in refrigerated trailers. But when fuel ran out, the refrigerators failed and the trailers all caught fire. The engineers said that these disasters cannot not happen, but they do and they did.



The 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck the coast of Northern California at 5:12 a.m. on Wednesday, April 18 with an estimated moment magnitude of 7.9.



Sorry fellow posters.
I apologize for feeding the troll.



“Critics raise alarm about ongoing efforts to shift to “self-assessments” for safety and limit information shared with the public.”

“Would you like a billion dollar tax break with that?”



Many of these aging nuclear plants are still operating beyond their design lifetimes. It’s cheaper for the utilities to keep them running now than decommissioning them. Why? They don’t have the money they were supposed to reserve for this purpose! It was all invested in Wall Street and they lost it all in the 2007-2008 crash. The utilities themselves are struggling - look at PG&E which is facing multiple lawsuits after the fires of the last few summers caused by their poorly maintained equipment. The Industry has always wanted the Public to look the other way as they hold these rust buckets from the 1970s together with bailing wire and duct tape.

Meanwhile they continue to generate wastes. The wastes from the decommissioned Trojan plant north of Portland and any terrorist can see these on Google Earth and target the 787 he just hijacked simply by right clicking to get the coordinates and entering that into the autopilot. The Industry has been counting on the Government to solve the waste problem and it’s still sorting out what to do with waste created during WW2.



Are you done Throwing Up all over the page? We



Evidently Not



Wow Check your Med Schedule



Welcome aboard Casey_Burns…glad to read your input…warning…bad joke…waste not, want not :-///

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Hey bystander…thanks for your rational and humane approach to the subject at hand…I always am leery of those that post .gov sources.