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In Era of Recreational Marijuana, We Must Do More to Protect Public Health


In Era of Recreational Marijuana, We Must Do More to Protect Public Health

Ruben Cantu, Katrina Deloso

As we move into the second month of legal recreational marijuana in California, it’s time to get off the roller coaster that travels between the excitement of legalization and the fear of federal government intervention. What’s really needed are on-the-ground conversations about how we can learn from past missteps in the regulation, permitting, and marketing of alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana cannot be just ‘business as usual,’ nor should governments treat marijuana sales as simply a new revenue stream.


Yes, lets not allow marijuana advertisement, that’s space a liquor company could use. Wouldn’t want kids to miss that.


What sounds especially practical in this article is the 60% tax revenues used to foster community programs for youths. In my youth there were city recreation centers funded by taxes with many worthwhile programs for kids. In response to the above comment on advertising it looks as if they are cognizant of the effects of propaganda. Remember the results of ubiquitous tobacco advertising including the wonderful movie stars who looked so glamorous? Now all that is needed in the slick magazines etc is alcohol.


There are still people in prison serving 20 years to life for something in some states is a misdemeanor or now legal. This will go along way into decriminalization and restoration of basic human rights that including voting and access to human services.


Public safety isn’t just about the kids, it’s about properly engaging with the cannabis consumer. The bud tenders must be better educated, the terpene and cannabinoid profile testing more thorough for a bud tender to safely provide an intoxicating product to the public.
CBN, the cannabinoid that comes from the degradation of THC is a SEDATIVE. Combine that with the terpene linalool, it too is a sedative (think of lavender pillows) and the consumer will be couch locked within minutes. Sell that to a truck driver or someone who is on opioids and now we have a public safety concern, and why?? all because the bud tenders are not educated about the aromatherapy results of the terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s not rocket science, it’s aromatherapy, a practice that’s been around for millennium.