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In European First, Proposed Constitutional Amendment in Sweden Would Enshrine Rights of Nature

Thought you might like to see Mari’s presentation on the Rights of Nature in Sweden in May at the Earth Rights Conference. Hopefully this YouTube video link will work

Yup - vid works - manythanks !

(Hoping those brainwaves are all in line Rebel)

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Note: The Guardian seems to be going Front Page with the climate crisis yesterday & today (Oct 9 & 10).

That is what Greta wants 0 front page - every day ?

If corporations can have rights…then so can Nature.

Actually corporations are just a scrap of paper with a license to do business with no liability. As the saying goes “I’ll believe that corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

Whereas, Nature and ecosystems are living bodies that are interconnected to all life. Nature supports all life on this mud ball. The same can’t be said for Corporations. Can we live without corporations? The answer is obvious. Can humans or any living thing live without the services of Mother Nature? Not for long. We humans are about to find out what happens when we destroy Nature, for we will kill ourselves and our progeny in the process.

I think we ought to take AWAY corporate “rights”, which are a legal fiction, and RECOGNIZE, in law, the Rights of Nature which are obvious.

Not yet, but getting closer…

I have no idea what Greta wants. But I do think it is good that people are waking up and finding their power in numbers in the places where they live all over the world to hopefully protect Mother Earth.

Thank you, Rebel Farmer. One thing I love♡ most about our new home state of PA is Article 1 of our PA Constitution. I’m heartend by so many people from neighboring states filling the PA Supreme Court to observe and witness its procedure and ruling in this case. This has direct relevance to our communities in York and Franklin counties as we fight to stop Transource from installing oversized and unnecessary power lines across our
trout streams, schoolyards, park lands, family farms and residences. Fortunately, as I understand it, and as is happening so often now in late-stage capitalism in America – the Empire without Umpire, the greedy corporation overreached in its slathering grab to secure its proposed grid of routes for its fossil-fuel produced electricity that it not only engaged the legal prowess of such advocacy groups as Public Citizen: it is now being sued by the six power companies whose missions and goals it purported to represent. I just love it when amphibians get the better of reptilian swamp creatures!

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