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In Explosive Interviews, Giuliani Sidekick Lev Parnas Says Trump 'Lied' and 'Knew Exactly What Was Going On'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/16/explosive-interviews-giuliani-sidekick-lev-parnas-says-trump-lied-and-knew-exactly

“I would be skeptical of anything Parnas says that isn’t substantiated with evidence,” [tweeted] The Atlantic 's Adam Serwer.

And why would that be? Possibly because top level republicans can’t be trusted to speak truthfully? Let’s see rump produce hard, conclusive evidence that he wasn’t lying instead of just saying he isn’t lying.


Parnas has no reason to lie. The crimes he’s being charged with will not be erased by what he is revealing.

We all know who the pathelogical liar is.

15,000 lies…

…and counting.


Death to Traitors !!! Isn’t this what Trump and Barr wanted ? Let them have it. Pompeo, Nunes, Mulvaney, Trump, Barr and anyone else implicated. It seems to me the whole Right Wing GOP is
corrupt to the core. NRA political funding secrets is what they are all afraid of. Pieces of shit all of them.

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I watched Parnas closely during the interview. There are “tells” that indicate lying. He didn’t show them. In fact, along with Cohen and a couple of others, he comes across as the most credible, honest and intelligent of the Trump Mafia.
I sure as hell trust his honesty more than I trust the Fuhrer, Ghouliani, Pompousahoe, Pence, Mulvaney, Barr, etc.
Parnas is the smoking gun. If Trump and Pence had the integrity that Nixon had they’d resign now.


My God, now we have an Igor in the show.

That’s Eye-Gor

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Another right-wing bullshit position.
Like the one often touted: “This is a partisan operation.” Yah it is, because republicans refuse to accept reality, and do the right thing, and be bipartisan.

You would think that 15,000 lies would elicit at least one article of impeachment.

And I have a quite a few metal files to help you sharpen those French tools you mentioned.

Parnas and Nunes have spoken on the phone.

Nunes denied it, then had to walk it back because of, you know, records of the calls.

I watched the interview and listened carefully.
Why would pompeo not protect our ukranian ambassador from harm ?? -
while really ready to go to war with Iran because some kids approached our
Baghdad embassy. They set up tents in the street, lit a low temperature
fire to stay warm.

Be careful giving Lev Parnas and people like him credence.

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The Southern District of Manhattan DAs have confiscated 29 electronic devices from Parnas and Fruman. Parnas has given them the passwords to open up and dig into over 9 gigabytes of data. We already have call records of Parnas talking on the phone – one call pretty long – with Devin Nunes long before any impeachment was in the works. Soon we’ll have a treasure trove of texts, emails, photos, calls, and more.

Rudy is the godfather of one of Parnas’s kids.
Now he says Parnas is known liar.
I’m going to wager that Parnas is more trustworthy than Rudy.
I wager that Rudy will be arrested within two months.


very easy to believe that Nunes is a culprit.
Lev also named Pence as knowing. But offers no first hand or even second hand info.
If Pence dragged in - then Nancy is president.
Bolton wins no matter what.

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It’s Rudy who is getting dragged in.
It’s Rudy who may decide to spill his guts.

Conspiracy is a serious charge.
Not registering as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act is semi-serious.
Perjury is a serious charge.

I don’t think Rudy wants to spend six months in Club Fed. But we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?


Speaking of giving Parnas credit, he has produced a letter written and signed by Rudy.

It is addressed to Ukrainian President Zelensky. In the letter, Rudy states that he represents Donald Trump as a private citizen and not as President of the United States and that he wants to meet with Zelensky.

So how the hell is the Trump team going to reconcile that with Trump supposedly acting as he did to combat corruption in Ukraine? Was he acting as President or private citizen?

Suddenly, the likelihood of witnesses at Trump’s Senate trial is going way up. Susan Collins is now a yes vote.

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we have part 2 of interview on shortly + the humble guy at CNN has an interview also.

I have had contact with serbian war criminals who were vetted by british as sources and now they are here, two towns west. I compare Lev with them.

That is why I am cautious with him.
The idea that he communicated with another guy for one week about shadowing our Ukraine ambassador should ‘raise eyebrows’. (A midwest feature according to NPR)

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Interesting but no under oath.

Dude, sometimes you make sense, but a lot of your comments sound like they come from a braindead Trumper. Parnas made a totally credible statement, and was very believable. The fact that you claim otherwise is very suspect.

We can be certain he was involved over his ears in Ukraine. I do think he is the heavy weight that intimidated the new Ukraine president, the former president and prosecutors there.

He is indicted. His smooth is suspect to me as I wrote above about the serbian war criminals.
He is a creep. I do not for one minute respect him or readily accept his word last evening. Self serving sleaze.
He mentions how he fears the federal justice dept and prison. He is russian. Let us give reporters a chance to track his history.

The Mueller report correctly indicts Trump for major, mortal sins, that clearly deserve impeachment and a guilty vote. Many more first hand witnesses, documents, etc.

Are you somehow saying the texts, emails, phone calls, and the signed letter from Rudy are fakes?

No, I have no knowledge of his correspondence with rudy. Other than what he offered on MSNBC two days ago.
I want to try and communicate that this guy is a criminal. I am certain that he was central (hub) part of the group who actually endangered our ambassadors life in Kiev.

His interview displays a person well rehearsed, with his accusations pointing at others as a smokescreen to deflect from his own active part in a planned assassination.

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