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In Face of Rising Climate Movement, Tar Sands on Life Support: Report


In Face of Rising Climate Movement, Tar Sands on Life Support: Report

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

With dozens of carbon-intensive tar sands projects delayed or on hold, a new report released Friday confidently declares: "The case for the tar sands is crumbling."

A new analysis by Oil Change International identifies 39 projects—representing more than 1.61 million barrels per day (bpd) of potential tar sands oil production capacity—that companies are currently unable or unwilling to invest in.


Tar Sands on Life Support?

  • Pull the plug!


“Delayed” and “on hold” should be replaced by INFINITELY CANCELLED! The rampant destruction wrought by tar sands excavation to date will NEVER be reversed…the wrong has been committed and no one will be brought to justice for their part in the devastation. Harper and his pals should be made to live out the rest of their lives in the middle of any number of tar sands operations in Western Canada with the worst operations taking place in the province of Alberta… Here is a documentary video of the destruction that appears on TED created by Garth Lentz “The True Cost of Oil:” http://www.ted.com/talks/garth_lenz_images_of_beauty_and_devastation

Watch it and weep for all life destroyed by the lust for lucre!


Fight! On every front, in every community, FIGHT! For the love of life, for the love of Earth, FIGHT!

Blessings to all the Earth Warriors tying Gulliver down!


Something else is going on with tar sands.

Perhaps five years ago the Saudis were hoarding oil against the day when it might be worth $200 per barrel. The climate movement changed their perspective. Now they see the world’s governments throwing on a carbon tax and moving away from fossil fuel use as fast as possible. Suddenly the House of Saud is looking at their holdings being worth $20 per barrel, possibly less. So now they’re panicing in the other direction. They’re trying to sell off their vast, cheaply pumped oil reserves for cash that they can put in banks and in stocks. The worldwide price of oil has plunged to perhaps $50 per barrel.

Tar sands can’t make a profit unless oil fetches $70 to $80 per barrel, and that price assumes that no massive citizen blockade exists.


The House of Saud is doing America’s dirty work, here. By pumping oil at the rate they have been they weaken the economies of 3 countries which they have serious problems with. ( He who has the nukes rules over kings, queens and dukes. ) Those countries would be Russia, Iran and Venezuela. This also favors the economy of China, Japan, and S. Korea which likes cheap oil, gas, coal and whatever else they can get their hands on. I’m sure glad we don’t have trade deficits with any of these last three countries I named. s/ BTW, lower energy prices really help " fuel " the economy in the U.S., too. It’s like giving the working poor a .50 cent an hour raise without actually raising the minimum wage. I’d really like to believe the House of Saud were simply " benevolent dictators. " However, history shows us they are the handmaidens of tyranny and oligarchy. " Off with their heads " is a catchy bumper sticker, though. I’ll give them that much.


“Oh… and carbon is good, it helps plants grow.”

Water is good too, it helps plants grow, and you can drown in it. “Carbon helps plants grow” is purely apropos of nothing.


Both Venezuela and Iran economies are suffering badly. The former will not last a decade, as currently constructed, without higher energy prices. The U.S. would love to end the Bolivaran movement in S. America. Oil Cos. would love to get their hands on those resources. Iran is stronger in some cases but needs to end internal pressures for a more open society. They’re more powerful, however, than The House of Saud, by many measures. China grows stronger every day and uses its’ money to enhance the home front without the implied threat found in The Monroe Doctrine. Their so-called meddling really is of the , " tell Mike it was nothing personal, it was just business " variety. Russia stands by itself and has more nukes than you can shake a stick at. The U.S. finds itself like the one legged man in a butt kicking contest: he just can’t maintain the pace and not lose his balance. And, once he’s down, he’s toast. Meanwhile, USains suffer from all the endless fighting. The Environmental Movement, in all its’ varieties, must get a lot stronger before the Bankster/Oily Gangsters have sleepless nights. Here’s hoping.


One way to actually fight, rather than merely spouting rhetoric, is to replace your hot water heater with a solar collector. Cost is about $4500.00 but there is a $1500.00 tax credit so out of pocket is $3000.00. That will take about 5000 kWh off your annual electricity bill. Then put solar panels with independent inverters on your roof, as many as you can afford. Next, get an all electric car to handle your daily commute and charge it from those panels. My Nissan LEAF was $31,500 but I got a $7500.00 tax credit. Finally, go vegan or vegetarian. That helps the environment more than the above-listed steps so you’ll do it if you are a true progressive. And don’t forget to substitute LED lights for all of your lighting needs. A 5 watt bulb is all most rooms need.


What a perfectly apropos of nothing question! You are on a roll! Hey, why don’t you reply again with another pointless distraction? Why, i bet you could keep this up for dozens of exchanges!


Spoken like a person of means greater than that of the average person. Good for you. Really, I mean it. The elite can afford to be “energy” and “fuel” efficient. Your tax savings reflects my assertion (in one paragraph your output was $36,000 and a tax saving of $9000). LED lights are three to four times as expensive as others regardless of the energy savings. Oh well.