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In Face of White Supremacist Violence, Families Express Grief and Forgiveness


In Face of White Supremacist Violence, Families Express Grief and Forgiveness

Common Dreams staff

The families of nine black people slaughtered in this week's white supremacist massacre in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday addressed the confessed killer in court—delivering emotional messages of grief, anger, love, and forgiveness.

Relatives' statements came amid nationwide mourning, demands for justice, and calls to tackle the root causes of the killings: the legacy of white supremacy and racism in America.


White terrorism is protected by the entire US corporate media, enabled by the elected democrats and republicans, and financially secured by the National Rifle Association.

If we like that, we can keep watching the corporate media, or only keep voting for democrats and republicans.

Indeed, why is the article not entitled, “In Face of White Supremacist Terrorism, Families Express Grief and Forgiveness?”


The cynical exploitation of racial, religious, and class differentiation in the US is the number one threat to national security. So much political and economic capital is derived from the cauldrons of hate. These families rose above that hate in a time of unimaginable pain and confusion. MLK would be encouraged that they got his message.


Maybe too much inbreeding.

Think it’s a stereotype? I can think of at least three couples from one little town (they went to the same Christian school) who married their first cousins.
Some of it is fear of mixing bloodlines. Afraid some “octoroons” might get in.


As we acknowledge those who are grieving, let us also remember what today is:


The murderous Roof is a terrorist. He planned his killing spree. He is not insane, he is consumed by hate and acted on it with a hand gun that could blast a large hole in a wall (.45). Were he to confine his hate to the meetings I am sure he attended at any number of the 16 “known” (the operative word) hate groups cited by Southern Poverty Law Center, that is one thing. His escalation ended in the massacre of nine innocent victims. Overall, I do not support the death penalty, but in the case of Roof I make an exception and hope the execution is sooner than later.

The rainbow of colors in the photo accompanying the article is heartwarming and is how ALL communities should look and act. The forgiveness by the family of the fallen loved ones is admirable and is something that I would have a hard time doing so soon after the tragedy. Forgiveness opens the door to true and deep healing.


We need to take a clear look at these incidents. Without fail EVERY one of them involve a shooter who has abused or been on anti-depressants and/or anti-psychotics and/or other prescription and/or non-prescription drugs. In this case he was a known opiate drug addict on at least one other powerful drug (to treat the addiction). The side effects of many of these drugs can very well cause personality changes to violence. A couple of parents of shooters have described this transformation of their formerly “healthy well-adjusted” child. Corticol anti-depressants and anti-psychotics flood the body with abnormal levels of seratonin, which produces chemicals the body cannot metabolize well - the ‘update’ chemical compounds; causing damage to organs and especially the brain. What industrialized country abuses these drugs the most? The same one with the most gun violence (the U.S. as in “us”)… MIchael Moore has mentioned drugs as a possible contributing cause to the mystery of why we have so much gun violence in this country. Big Pharma may not be happy with this coming to light. It certainly is tip-toed around by those involved in analyzing the incidents. How much suffering will we as a society endure before facing the consequences of irresponsible allopathic drug use (most drug use can be avoided by a balanced diet,life style and psychological support; certainly many drugs make conditions worse)…


Oh My Land- as the son of an octoroon and an irish woman, and indeed looking at that slow eyed retarded looking mass murderer, I am starting to wonder which of these fake abstractions called “race” do I belong to?


Is this just a “Lone Wolf”? Or is this Law Enforcement enacting retribution against the State Senator who put body cams on them? Keep in mind, isn’t this is the same dirty cop squad that killed Walter Scott as he was running far away?

Al Jazzeera says:

Pinckney, together with the Rev. Al Sharpton, led a prayer vigil for Walter Scott, an unarmed black man shot by white police officer Michael Slager in Charleston in April. In response to Scott’s killing, Pinckney pushed the state legislature to require police officers to wear body cameras. “Body cameras help to record what happens,” a local NBC news affiliate reported Pinckney as saying in May. “It may not be the golden ticket, the golden egg, the end-all-fix-all, but it helps to paint a picture of what happens during a police stop.”

Cop Body Cam Senator Shot

On the Walter Scott shooting, I slowed the first video on CD down, frame-by-frame and clearly saw at the end of the video a black police officer, way later, pull out a chrome gun and shoot it into the corpse at close range, presumably to get a gun powder burn on the corpse, to match the murdering cop’s story. After reporting that to you all, those frames (from another MSM source) disappeared!

And Wingnut Sen. Lindsey Graham says his daughter knew the shooter! What are the odds of that?

Be interesting to know if the FBI was running another “Operation” in the area on the same day! Hillary just happened to be in the same town, so the place was crawling with Feds before Matt Dylann started shooting up the place…


Check this out:



Jesus greatest commandment is to love thy God and love each other…The rest of the commandments fall into place If you follow the two. Unfortunately the Christian right has been hijacked by the GOP and Fox news. They preach hate. Hatred of anyone different. Real Christ followers Forgive! Part of forgiveness is having some sort of love for your fellow human being. Martin Luther King spoke on the 3 types of love. The lord prayer is about forgiveness and forgiving. My heart goes out to this grieving community . They have shown me that God is real.


Black Lives Matter. Systic Ping.


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That is why some people on the right, the left, the media and politicians are not exactly happy with those families and the community rising above hate. Protests and riots get more media coverage and ratings than unity and forgiveness. The blame game and verbal fights are still going on outside of Charleston.