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In Farewell Address, Rep. Katie Hill Decries 'Double Standard' and 'Misogynistic Culture' That Compelled Her Resignation

“but Ms. Hill broke the rules governing sexual contact with staffers…a boss having an affair with an employee is a no-no, always and everywhere.”
Be this as it may Longflower, it goes on always and everywhere. It takes two to tangle and if there is strong desire and perhaps a degree of lack of it on the home front… Nature wins, consequences be damned. Adherants of some religions might consider stoning one or the other or maybe both involved in such circumstances but this would be murder. A Christian, “sucks it up” and moves on not casting any stones.


In the end, let this be a lesson to all phone camera happy millennials and gen-Zers out there. Stop taking naked pictures of yourself, or filming yourself having sex, especially on an internet capable device. Just like a tattoo, it may have seemed alluring and amusing at the time, but may come back to haunt you some day.
But boy, how many of us could look back now and be thankful that nobody had cell phone cameras when we were young in 70’s and 80’s and doing stupid dangerous shit?
With all this said however, she shouldn’t have resigned. Unless of course there is another shoe to drop, which is what I think may be the issue here.


Interesting. I also believe this maybe just another shot in the DNCs war against millennials.
I fear a repeat of 1968 coming. That year, the DNC, starting in Chicago, did everything they could to brutalize and marginalize the youth vote after the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. They literally chased young voters away from the Democratic Party. And then lost to the beast Nixon.
Pelosi and Perez are doing everything they can in a desperate attempt to keep the DNC in the 1990’s.


Thank you, Damien, for this astute analysis.
My talks with Trump cultists indicate they admire villains because they themselves have dark hearts and admire anyone who brazenly does bad things and brags about it.
They too lust after their own daughters, other people’s wives, and money, and they don’t want to follow any rules or show respect for other people or the social contract.
They’re dangerous people, often armed.
I view them as I’d have viewed Hitler’s supporters, or people who volunteered for the Confederate army.
They should be eliminated, the same way cancer is.

Only Democrats cannibalize over sexual scandal. Whereas, for Republicans, Jeebus forgives.
Pelosi has to go.

If I were her, I’d stick to to rump and kavanough and all them, that I’d resign just as soon as they do.
Red State sounds like a web site to troll.

so you’re of the ‘two wrongs make a right’ mind huh? wow.

bless your heart honey.