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In Final Hours, COP 25 Denounced as 'Utter Failure' as Deal is Stripped of Ambition and US Refuses to Accept Liability for Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/14/final-hours-cop-25-denounced-utter-failure-deal-stripped-ambition-and-us-refuses

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Just another example of how, in the modern, bought-and-paid-for world, the few with money screw the many with correct vision, where the former have no vision beyond a bottom line.


It’s not surprising though I mean they haven’t shown any willingness to change their behaviours or to take any responsibility.
True change can only come from being not doing.
Who are we in relationship to our environment ?

The only hope will be in waking up the species .Our indigenous brothers and sisters have remembered this .They have been trying to get us to understand this wisdom for a long long long time .We in turn have tried to assimilate their culture .This is leads to our demise .Now we must learn to balance nature and technology.


koyaanisqatsi As the Nero’s of the world continue to fiddle about


Nothing substantive will be done to reduce emissions until the chaos is out of control.
That’s a good thirty years out.
In the lead up will be tragic events that people will largely dismiss as isolated.
The extinction of some iconic species, and countless less prominent species.
And a sort of scramble to play catch up on infrastructure.

But then the shit will hit the fan hard.
10 million dead. Starved in droughts. Drowned in floods. Burned in wildfires. Shot down in water wars.
And that’s just the wrap up of 2052.


The existing administration must be stripped of the human roadblocks to addressing Climate Change before any meaningful conversation can occur.

Only an administration with progressive thinking members have a chance of moving forward on this issue.


OK - let’s look for the silver lining.

I see at least three ~

  • Greta and her band of youth activists are alive and well - establishing a new force to be counted on in the years ahead.

  • This is not a failure of the United Nations - this is a failure of individual nation states and especially their out of touch ruling governance structures.

  • Michael T. Klare’s brand new book indicates strongly the The Pentagon is not out of touch - is in fact fully aware and is already taking measures to prepare for the ever increasing ‘long emergency’ which will define us for the foreseeable future.

To be blunt - we all have a job - choose sides - the survival camp or the denial group.

PS: i.e., Full Employment in what could be described as the worthiest cause on Earth.

PS #2: I’m in - have been since I left civilization in '98 to become part and parcel of the natural world - to undo the damage civilization invariably inflicts on all of us. I remember how good it felt - one was on The Path - without a shadow of doubt. But, Like that famous seagull, one returns to see if one can help the young.


This is the central issue of the climate change debate. Until someone tells me how exactly the rest of us are going to constrain China and India, it’s all virtue signaling.

The rise of China and India, with their associated energy demands, has overwhelmed the emissions reductions chalked up by the richer nations.

The world would have held carbon emissions steady since 2007 of it wasn’t for the huge increase from China and India.

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Is it me or are the commenters changing on this site - Pentagon will save us from climate change! … it’s China and India’s fault? Misinformation breeders.


“The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those who have never viewed the world.”

― Alexander von Humboldt


Have you heard of a term “per capita”? What is the contribution of China/India to CO2 emission, compared to the US/Canada/WEurope/AUSNZ on a per capita basis? Why should an Indian family forgo one family car so an average US family could drive around 3 large SUV’s? Sheesh!



Sorry see nothing positive here

  1. Greta has said she has accomplished “nothing”… through her strikes, and I imagine that judgement would hold for COR 25.
  2. United Nations can’t be separated from the Nation States from which it was created, and from whom it is funded. UN on climate change = failure.
  3. Looking to the Pentagon as a solution?? That’s lunacy!!! The insurance companies are also aware of the impacts of climate change… it’s called risk management and a buying opportunity. For United States and the Pentagon, climate change similarly provides an opportunity to accrue more power (for example, it affects China worse than US, it destabilizes countries which means its leaders need to crawl to US for more money and weapons, etc). As the book cover states (quoted below) the Pentagon is looking for climate change “strategies” … I would suggest… to carve up the world.
    “The military now regards climate change as one of the top threats to American national security—and is busy developing strategies to cope with it.”

“What’s happening today at COP 25 is a clear and present threat to civilization itself,” Holthaus added.

No-it is a clear and present threat to LIFE as we know it.

These “COP” summits are nothing more than co-optive of our future to enrich the few. Would it not be much better if the activists stayed at home and started organizing for a total, global, rolling non cooperation? A much easier ecological foot print while hurting these corporate pirates where it hurts them?


That’s very true … and one for you

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
― Isaac Asimov

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You and @Spacecadet should try reading first, before answering.

There is absolutely no idea that the Pentagon is going to ‘save us’ from climate change. They are going to intervene because we haven’t addressed climate change, not individually in the vast majority, nor collectively as nation states.

Greta is simply young and dissapointed - and modest. She has accomplished worlds, and lit a fire under us all.

The UN is a world body - the only world body - it has virtually no teeth, which is why it can function as a world body.

Yes, the US is a principal funder - why should the world’s richest and most powerful country not be ???

The Pentagon was involved in the cover-up of the coup which took out JFK. But the Pentagon is actually an umbrella name for the millions who have served in the military - and they were not involved in the coup.

The world is more complex than we would like - pretend it is not and you will lose big time.

None of us is perfect - not even close. Not the citizenry, not the governance structures, not the military, not the scientific community.

In the real world, you work with what you’ve got, and this is what we have.


Personally I don’t know anyone who drives three large SUV’s, but I am sure there are some.

China with the worlds largest population and for decades one of the fastest growing economies is far and away the world’s top CO2 emitter. Close to 10,000 million metric tons in 2017.

India’s CO2 grew by an estimated 4.6% in 2017.
India’s per capita emissions a about 1.8 metric tons, the world’s average is about 4.2 tons.

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Re-labelling: COP OUT 25


Okay I haven’t read that book… although the above quoted strikes me as naive in a Machiavellian world of nation states. But since we’re on the battle of the books here’s my book… Canadian, dated but the game-play scenario hasn’t changed much imo https://owlcation.com/humanities/Climate-Wars-A-Review

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Roger Hallam and Extinction Rebellion are clearly right. National leaderships will never budge until they are shut down. (Too much to lose by acting to prevent their own, and our, demise…!)