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In Final Interview, Günter Grass Warned Against 'War Everywhere'


In Final Interview, Günter Grass Warned Against 'War Everywhere'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Nobel-award winning author and social critic Günter Grass, who died this week at the age of 87, said in his final interview that he worried humanity—now 15 years into the 21st century—could be "sleepwalking" into another world war.


He’s right of course. The only way to change things is to throw out the old paradigms, get rid of the Hobbesian approaches to international relations, and purge the leadership of the sociopaths currently in charge. It might actually take another world war and an environmental calamity for humanity to take the strong steps necessary. Too many are going along with the flow, oblivious to the negative unintended consequences.


You mean like we did after the previous two world wars!


It would take a coalition of people around the world to stop our drift into war everywhere because that is exactly where we are headed as the fat cats strip-mine the globe for their personal profit. Where do they get their weapons? “Made in America” passed out in secret trade agreements. Where does the US get their money? “Chinese Credit Card”.


Something in the average human DNA is programmed for the appetite for (self) destruction. All my life I have been travelling widely, lived on 3 continents and have talked to many people from various walks of life. It took me quite a while to come to this conclusion, but I’m convinced it is true. Some of us, for various reasons are pacifists, but most people just aren’t. The agendas vary: hatred, envy, bravado or just plain sociopaths. I think a good analogy would be: “I’m against death penalty, but should my parents/partner/child/friend get killed, I’d tear the killer apart with my bare hands”.


Capitalism as a construct was not challenged after WWI and WWII–in fact it became the “go-to” economic system as the US modeled the apparent success of mass production and division of labor as mechanisms for wealth accumulation. I think we have reached the end of an era and our infatuation with capitalism is dwindling. Slowly, yes. The view of the international arena as a moral vacuum where any nation with enough fire power is entitled to do as they please regardless of the consequences to others, in the vain pursuit of resource sequestration and positioning for dominion must also cease. It’s actually infantile, and reflects the immaturity and stupidity of those who insist upon perpetuating this absurd model.


I hope you’re right, but people have been saying these things since the year dot and there are as many wars now as ever, and the future often looks like a para-capitalist dystopia to me. Especially if TTIP goes through.


As long as Amerika can convince mercenaries to fight their wars and use drones to remotely kill, the profits from war will flow. People don’t wqant to kill and die in war so false flags are engineered, 911,Pearl,Maine, etc. Kill your own,blame the other and war will follow. The immense unseen profits in war guarantee more wars.