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In Final Pitches for Ellison, Progressives Say He's Exactly What Dems Need Now

In Final Pitches for Ellison, Progressives Say He's Exactly What Dems Need Now

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With just hours left before the 447 voting members of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) choose their next chair, leaders of progressive groups are making their final case for "the candidate who has most consistently been in the trenches with the grassroots progressive base that Democrats need in this moment"—Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

Sorry I just don’t see any changes coming to the party of the demodogs. This whole dog and phony show is just more smoke and mirrors. I didn’t see or hear anything about health care for all in an improved Med-Care. Then was there anything about jobs? I truly doubt that the progressives at this meeting are my anti-war progressives fighting ws. Just saying and will admit I’m wrong.


Most of what I’ve seen coming from the candidates, including Ellison (who is being supported by Shumer, by the way), is about reviving the party at state and local levels, which was actually Hillary’s plan and why she spent as much or more time fundraising than actual campaigning. In other words, as always, financing the party. All candidates are paying lip service to progressive ideals with Perez, the front runner, claiming he’ll match its progressive record with anyone. (Where have we heard that one, before?) Some mention of engaging young voters. Not a whisper about foreign policy. Overall, nothing revolutionary or radical. Pretty much standard Demo lip service, a la Clinton, meaning don’t offend the big donors, sound more inclusive, be everything to everyone, blah, blah, blah. Regardless of who wins, more of a make-over than a change of direction. The voting, after all, will be by the same super delegates that gave us Clinton.


The votes cast on 2/25/17 will determine if the Democratic Party still exists on 2/25/22, a mere five years away.

Unless the Party can produce candidates that voters want to vote for post haste, losses will continue to mount as fewer and fewer voters swallow the lesser evil strategy.


As a New Deal Roosevelt Democrat and a white male who has voted Democratic for the past 37 years I can’t think of a better choice to bring whites males back to the party than a black Muslim.


GOP Voter suppression, caging schemes and gerrymandering be damned, right? Did u forget so soon that Clinton won by 3 million votes? Or do u believe those were illegal aliens voting…

The Progressives are powerless. Get used to it. Now u know why there are so many suicide bombers.

Bernie would have won if not for DNC corruption that turns people off the Democrat Party. Ellison has Bernie’s endorsement so people would be voting with Bernie, not for the corrupt DNC.


All those things the democrats were guilty of in the primary. And it also shows how broken our election system is on a whole that a candidate who can “win” the popular vote can’t win in the end because they didn’t manage to take certain states.

If the Dems end up going with Perez, it is a sign that they still are not willing to make that move outside their comfort zone they so desperately need to make. Play it safe (and lose) has been the Dems strategy for far too long.


Clinton didn’t raise one penny for state parties. She certainly funneled some of her own cash, through marginally legal accounting schemes, to get around primary election rules. I give money to the states and 2 hours later they give it back to me and everything is perfectly whitewashed. Isn’t that part of the reason DWS had to step down?

Ellison is a positive step in the right but many more are required. Perez is a step backwards, something the democrats can ill afford.

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Fuck Ellison, he’s just another War Mongering interventionist that was all in favor of regime change by Islamic terrorist in Libya and Syria.

Im gonna be the positive one here, remember no of these candidates will be as bad as Debbie and Donna. Like that is reassurence


This, but big time. I hate all the ignorant ill-informed stuff I keep reading. Perez is an awesome candidate, truly. He’s done amazing stuff, in labor, in civil rights, and as a county commissioner. He’s run large organizations with nothing but success to show for it. And he is progressive, way more so than the party’s last few chairs. I swear, if he wasn’t a Clinton supporter, we’d all be singing his praises as the next savior.

Keith is great too though. My concern is his duty splitting and lack of experience running large organizations. Really though, what is going to matter is the candidates in your district and whether or not you choose to vote for them.

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If ELLISON does NOT win, this will END the Democratic Party for good. I will never support anything to do with Democrats again, if ELLISON is not at the helm now, after so much cheating an lying has come out of THIS PARTY. Millions of us feel the same way. I believe that we will all walk away and try to support a NEW PEOPLE’s PARTY that will be solely about securing the rights of the People over that of big corporate money. It is the only way now. Either Ellison LEADS or WE WALK!

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Keith has already made it clear that if he will be the DNC Chair, that he will not seek re-election, and in this way he can focus solely upon helping our nation-The People!.

Yes, I read that he would give up his Congressional seat. Personally, I like him in Congress, but that’s just me. Frankly, what I see in your comments is what I see too much of–a way too big over investment in the Chair position. The fact is, this is foolish times a thousand. The Republicans are “the peoples” party right now. They control the levers of power in the majority of States and the federal government. The rest of us are in the minority opposition party. There’s no promise that dumping on allies over process oriented issues won’t result in the same outcome it did for labor in the 1920s–zero power, complete conservative dominance. Unions were outlawed in states and minimum wage laws dismantled by a hard right Supreme Court while progressives argued over things that their dwindling movement only cared about at that time.

I for one am attending my County democratic meeting on the 15th. Don’t know what it will be like, but it’s time for me to put walk to my talk and get some knowledge. I live in a red district. Sitting on my high horse, demanding perfection, yelling revolution, has only allowed my tea party Congressman to safely retain his seat. I don’t care about the Chair, except to the extent my Congressman’s opponent gets funded.

I agree. The democratic party is like I have posted before, nothing but the fake opposition, with very few exceptions, they are just another wing of the corrupt, war party.

They have helped to approve, probably the worst cabinet in the history of the U.S. government! They threw Bernie under the bus and supported the most corrupt HRC, that enabled Trump to be elected, because I would argue, Bernie would have buried Trump!

What more proof do you need? Ellison will not change the corruption.

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" Ellison has Bernie’s endorsement."

If Bernie could not change the corruption of the democratic party, Ellison will have little chance of it too.


The above pretty much sums it up. Neither party… Or the MSM … are working toward our best interests. The DEMS and MSM have done an excellent job keeping us stupid. Just as MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ Co-Host Mika Brezinski said…It’s the Media’s job to Control what we think.