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In 'Final Warning Shot to Trump,' Michael Cohen Suggests He Could Cooperate With Mueller Probe


In 'Final Warning Shot to Trump,' Michael Cohen Suggests He Could Cooperate With Mueller Probe

Julia Conley, staff writer

Speculation over the possibility that President Donald Trump's former attorney could cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the president intensified on Monday, as details of ABC's in-depth interview with Michael Cohen came to light.


I’m not sure who is a worse negotiator, Trump or Cohen. They have literally slid a note over to the dealer telling him “I’m going to bluff now.”


As well he should, to save his own ass with reduced prison time… unless he mysteriously vanishes once Trump gets scared enuf.


There is no honor among thieves.


Am I the only one who feels queasy at having to rely on the FBI, Bob Mueller and the likes of Cohen to save the republic?


Cohen may still end up taking a bullet.

Get his statement quick Mr. Mueller.


The FBI has it’s Good and its Bad, some of our Best and some of our Worst, like anyone. And a lot of the Agents do Indeed Sacrifice All for their Country. It was and is always political (J Edgar Hoover). Today they are doing their best to rid this country of a very foul stench.

What is interesting is the Stench from the DNC hit their radar with equal Veracity. The Russian’s Black Ops or the Clinton’s Treachery from Within, wow what a choice.

Mueller has had his background, some over the top, some, hardline as the day is long. As a person swimming with Sharks, he is doing what he is able, no one has control here. As it is, I’m glad we have a Very Experienced hard ball player and the team he has assembled are the Big Boys from previous Presidential Takedowns.
Trump is peeing in his pants, and his ability to fight this type of attack is far below what is needed. This pig is going to slowly roast all the way into the midterms.

As for Cohen, he is yet another Criminal in Lawyer’s Clothing. Once the Image Cracked, then he saw the important things in his life, Family, his Children, like any criminal when he is caught.

Sorry at being caught, now aware of the Heart portion of his life, and Very Clear on Who and What has led him down the Path to Destruction. He is a Junky Addict for Power, His Dealer is being taken Down, and unless he wants to share a Cell, he needs to come Clean.

Just Another Day in the Life…
Slow Down, Pay Attention, Fortify Your Defenses, Take Care of those Less Fortunate, Always Speak the Truth, Always Act for the Benefit of Those You Meet along the Path…

It is an Equal Sum Process, What You Make is What You Take, Some Day it Will be Returned to You.


The FBI’s record (COINTELPRO, collusion with the Ku Klux Klan, entrapment of disturbed individuals to bolster “anti-terrorist” convictions, for example) shows it to be the domestic enforcement arm of the racist/misogynist/capitalist oligarchy. That some individual agents may act selflessly in defense of the public will never erase its institutional malfeasance.


No you’re not alone, I’ve been saying it for months. They are all intertwined, and lest we forget, Mueller was complicit in the 9/11 cover-up, as head of the FBI at the time. To expect this man to bring forth the truth, is wishful thinking at best.


I agree, it isn’t necessarily the interests of the American people they are going after.


A dirty rat flees a sinking ship.


Yes, a sleazy feeling to be rooting for Mueller to win out over Trump in this case – especially when we also know that US/CIA has done nothing but interfere in other nations’ elections – and too often by violent coups.

Would please me no end if they have documents which confirm that Trump reimbursed Cohen for the payment to “Stormy Daniels” – and/or especially if the threats/warnings she got came from Cohen.


That is the Nature of Power Groups, Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
And Certainly Law Enforcement Everywhere is subject to that Corruption.

Lived through the COINTEL Days, I hear you. There are Still Good Cops on the beat and when you get one, it REALLY Means Something. Cause there are a LOT of asses filling the seats.

Watched an interesting history program this week which showed a young J Edgar Hoover (22yrs) whose first Gov’t Job was arresting Americans of German Heritage during the Start of WW1 to put them into Camps where they could be monitored as Hostiles. No Criminal Incident Required, Just Heritage.

We been doing this for years, and Hoover’s FBI was formed by this nutcase.
And it still Bears Hoover’s Imprimatur.

So yes, Corruption is Rampant, You find Who you can Work with, This Time, and make the Best of it.
Politics makes for Strange Bedfellows is as true as it has ever been.
Would that is was Black and White, but it has never been that way.

We move the Truth Forward, We Nudge the Needle One more Notch, that’s all we get


My own codicil to Lord Acton’s famous dictum:

Any locus of power will attract the already-corruptible.

That in turn leads back to Jefferson’s “That government is best which governs least,” as succinct an affirmation of anarchism as you’ll ever find.


That is good, gotta remember that…already-corruptible.

TJ is by far my favorite.

Once sat in a room where there were only 2 of us arguing why we still needed a search warrant
for perusing personal digital data.
Needless to say, we two are no longer sitting in that room.

Cheney’s Purges under Bush 2 have left us quite compromised.
Obama’s War on Whistle Blowers was sadly Misguided in the EXTREME.

Dinosaures was the term used most frequently…


That reminds me of Jimmy Cagney’s famous line: “…You Dirty Rat…”


Wouldn’t be surprised if CodeHen ends up wearing a cement overcoat while swimming in the Atlantic, or suddenly receives a windfall of mystery money from covert friends of Don the Con.