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In 'First of Its Kind' Ruling, Federal Judge Orders Trump to Halt Travel Ban


In 'First of Its Kind' Ruling, Federal Judge Orders Trump to Halt Travel Ban

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal judge on Friday issued a "first of its kind" ruling showing that President Donald Trump's travel ban does not apply to legal permanent residents, in a partial victory against the controversial executive order.


These rulings mean little as they are being ignored and there is nothing to be done (except by lengthy court battles that will take months) other than sending in the Marshall Service (and that has been put on hold as no one wants to go down that road). DT has no fear of lawsuits (neither does Bannon). DT is facing almost 50 on the outside right now, and more are coming as more and more get on board legally to force him to rescind this--something he will not do.

He loves all this attention. That's his needle and drug of choice.


While the hot-button immigration issue generates enough protest and legal action to beat back it's most obnoxious provisions, The Administration and Congress are preparing a thousand other assaults that no one even hears about. As a statistician, I am very concerned about the attacks they are making on the integrity of Federal data. Consider recent legislation introduced by Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) in the House and Senate that includes this clause:
"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no Federal funds may be used to design, build, maintain, utilize, or provide access to a Federal database of geospatial information on community racial disparities or disparities in access to affordable housing."

In other words don't collect data that might show housing discrimination.

The Trump administration is also working on modifying the census in order to add a series of immigration related questions that are geared to suppressing the census form return-rate amongst Hispanic residents ("immigration status of people in your household" kinds of questions). This in turn will have an effect on how federal funds are distributed.


Thanks for posting this. Trump and the GOP get more disgusting by the hour. Sure hope we hit critical mass soon - when so many of us are enraged enough to tear this apart.


Could you identify the bill you referenced, so I can track it on congress.gov?


In the House, it is R482. In the Senate, it is S104. The overall bill is called the "Local Zoning Decisions Protection Act of 2017". Of course, with Carson as the head of HUD and Sessions at the Justice Department, we won't expect anything in the way of fair housing enforcement regardless for the next four years. But data uncollected is lost forever (and hence unavailable to the public for potential judicial actions or even just to understand basic demography).


"and Yemen"

DT doesn't want refugees coming here, because some of them might not be legitimate refugees, but might actually be terrorist agents.

So they all have to remain in their own countries, where even the vast majority of them who are legitimate refugees will be subject to US bombing raids.


Thanks! Here's the link to the Senate bill, where you can click "Get Alerts" and receive an e-mail any time there's action on it.

And yes, I got to the Senate version through the "Related Bills" tab on the other.