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In First-of-Its-Kind Survey, Greenlanders Report Fear and Anxiety Over Effects of Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/12/first-its-kind-survey-greenlanders-report-fear-and-anxiety-over-effects-climate

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It is also intolerable that heads of state, like Trump, care nothing about the climate and it’s affects on the world population, and more about whether or not it will rain while he’s on the golf course.


In 2019, the pace of Greenland’s icecap melting is stepping up, under stuck high-pressure warmth, to more than 300 million tonnes per year. Solely from Greenland this year, that’s about 1 mm of sea-level rise.

Here’s where life gets complicated indeed. I can’t claim to have morally intuited that honesty is the best policy – I’ve had a go at lying for effect sometimes (long ago, I hope). I have a problem today if there’s a lie I’m accidentally endorsing, because if the lie I spread is harmful, it’s a moral burden I bear. If I stick to nothing but high-confidence truths, then I shouldn’t bear that moral burden. I do, either way, so I might as well stick with the truth, as best I can.

I’ve made the mistake, possibly, of educating myself about Earth systems. Now I don’t know whether to recommend such a course to others. Truth is a terrible burden in these times. “Friends don’t let friends move to south Florida” might make a catchy slogan, but when the rubber hits the road and you’ve got an actual lifelong friend doing exactly that – what do you do? I’ve got family in Alameda, where the news from Greenland should be a source of anxiety. I can’t be the one to comfort anyone, to say “I’m sure everything will work out fine.”

Hoo boy. A lot of anxiety to go around. Still some beautiful Earth remaining, to spend some quality time with, gathering strength for the next struggle.


Their snow looks all sooty. That’s going to cause more melting.

In other news I noticed that Greenland had a forest fire this year. This runs counter to the perception that Greenland is ice-covered. It might also explain some of the soot.

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This map shows NASA’s Albedo Anomaly data for Greenland. Up to 12% darker, mainly because of smoke from all over the Arctic.

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Too bad the Dick-in-Chief will be dead before the real shit hits the fan.

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Perhaps we can keep him alive to see the consequences of his actions.


I don’t wish I’ll on Floridians, but I hope Crumpus at least lives long enough to see Mar a Lago flood.

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The end of nature started long before Trump, my friends. Meanwhile, if you have any interest, a collective of artists and thinkers on the topic of loss and coming to terms with a dystopic future:



And here goes the local provocateur with cute little threats against the president’s life, again. How charming. This is why I think PonyBoy is an FBI infiltrator, by the way. At any rate, people who make remarks like this may turn out to be entrapment operatives, because this is exactly how they operate. (Learn your radical history, people, for your own protection!)

I thank PonyBoy for providing the forum another teachable moment.

Thank you for the link. I don’t know how this doomer missed this website. Thank you!

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Their 10-year anniversary just happened. I highly recommend you read their manifesto.

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Rule of thumb for meetings of lefty/enviro/peacenik movements:

The first one who mentions Molotov cocktails is the agent provocateur.


True that. OMG please remember this, folks! Boldface, taped up on the wall. Choppy waters ahead.

Pony, an ounce of caution around these anti physical action folks is in order.
They know it’s out of extreme frustration that nothing is being done to stop this POS from continually screwing up our republic.
I guess we really don’t know who to trust.

Careful. Not caring whether trump lives or dies can be charged as being violent. Keep up the public angst. We can’t back down from this fascist pig.

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Just finished reading the manifesto. I agree with almost all of it except for the “Eighth Principle of Uncivilisation”. I fear the end of the world IS the end of the world…full stop. I don’t hold out any hope for us. I hope I am wrong. I will continue exploring the website.

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Interesting. I don’t recall having said anything at all against “physical action” – Experienced activists, in order to persist in good works, have to know the difference between work and puffery, how to recognize dangerous phonies, and (most of all) the rewards of discretion. Keep acting like spooks (or making jokes about wiping out brown people, in PonyBoy’s case), and I’ll be here to point out the difference between genuine activism and self-immolating braggadocio.

My favorite hero Frederick Douglass had something to say about discretion (from My Bondage and My Freedom,1855):

I have never approved of the very public manner, in which some of our western friends have conducted what they call the “Underground Railroad,” but which, I think, by their open declarations, has been made, most emphatically, the “Upper-ground Railroad.” Its stations are far better known to the slaveholders than to the slaves.

I guess gandolf must have skipped the military-training seminar on discretion,

Sorry Aleph_, That post was in error and intended for someone else. Interesting post of yours to read though.

Thankyou. I particularily enjoyed “the horse latitudes”.

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