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In First-of-Its-Kind Survey, Greenlanders Report Fear and Anxiety Over Effects of Climate Crisis

Duly noted G.

So, Trump is literally starving an entire country, Venezuela, with severe sanctions, not caring if innocent men, women, and children are dying from the lack of the necessities of life, but it’s not OK if I don’t care if he breathes another breath.

He’s not going to be the only one to have those feelings.

No sir


It seems that I have picked up a Fatal Attraction in the form of another commenter here which I see you’ve met.

My apologies to you, and all of my other fellow Common Dreamers, except the Glen Close character who just joined CD within the last two months, and has decided to make it it’s life purpose to create lies and act in Trumpian fashion.

It seems to enjoy creating conflict. A Trump troll, perhaps.

Evidently some clowns around here are super-concerned with Greenland, I’ll tell ya…
(Take a breath, dudes. Don’t hyperventilate.)

In case any honest inquirers would like further info, this chart from NSDIC’s Greenland Today puts 2019’s melt event in context. At this point, it’s essentially tied with 2012 for worst yet, as is the Arctic icecap, completely detached from Greenland: The icecap is now a bunch of rubble floating free.

It’s not just greenland: