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In First Remarks to HUD Staff, Ben Carson Compares Slaves to Aspiring Immigrants


In First Remarks to HUD Staff, Ben Carson Compares Slaves to Aspiring Immigrants

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Secretary Ben Carson raised more than a few eyebrows on Monday when, during his first remarks to staff at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), he described slaves as aspiring immigrants who also "had a dream."


This doormouse has only just begun his idiotic gaffes…not unlike his emperor. Between the two of them, there is not even a half-wit.


That bone-head needs to look up the difference between equality and equity. What a stupid sod.


This is unbelievable. I thought you had to have something upstairs to become a surgeon.
The US has become without a doubt the laughing stock of the world.


Is Ben Carson just really dumb? I cant tell if he is evil like bannon or just stupid


Little known fact. In order to reap a bigger monetary reward for the crossing from Africa, slave ships had a luxury hold below the slave decks that offered premium passage to those of noble birth who could afford it. Thank you Uncle Ben for pointing that out to the ignorant masses among us. (this is a paid public service announcement from those who brought us The Bowling Green Massacre and Alternative Facts)


Not even my AP History high-school studies sugar-coated or euphemistically described the plight of Africans who were chained and brutally whipped as they were forced to row the ships which transported them to destination territories, wherein they were sold to the highest of bidders. Countless millions died on the voyage to such destinations; and, ultimately, they were treated as animals.

Framers of the Constitution regarded them as mere chattel; although, they were regarded as a fraction of a human being for the purposes of proportioning state representatives within the United States. Reconstruction era, Jim Crow era, post World-War-II era and into modern day, they have suffered and endured the various badges of slavery. Not even the token forty-acres-and-a-mule promise was honored. Then, they had to live under de jure segregation.

Perhaps a reasonable person could argue that it certainly takes more than perfunctory and dismissive governmental interventions to assist them in “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.” That would necessitate a range of both short-term and long-term policies, programs and expenditures dedicated to further such goals. Otherwise, they may risk becoming firmly entrenched in a vicious circle of increasingly difficult built-in inertia to progress as a race.

During the 70’s. there were various governmental and private initiatives to assist in such endeavors. Arguably, affirmative-action programs within housing, employment and education constituted major drivers of progress. Then, even those policies and programs predictably came under attacks; for, some scholars of the Constitution believe that it is actually a “living and breathing” document, whose interpretation can be done by considering the intent of the its framers, but in light of contemporary issues, priorities and concerns.

To some extent, efforts were made to pay some official reparations to the Native American Indians, as well as the Jewish Holocaust survivors. One could argue that such compensatory acts fell short of being sufficient; or, one could speciously argue that such forms of recompense constituted some form of favoritism.


Both, but I think all the stupid will bring down this admin before the evil has a chance to rise to the top and inundate us all.


Here’s what Langston Hughes had to say about what the American Dream means for many blacks:

What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore—
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over—
Like a syrupy sweet?

Maybe it just sags
Like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?


You’ve already made it quite clear that literally nothing this cabal of cannabilistic corporatists could possibly say or do would worry you at all.


I’m afraid this administration has been infiltrated by aliens. How else to explain the incomprehensible disconnect from the reality of the majority of Americans. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny.


Psychologically unfit, just like Herr Drumpf.


Just asking: was Mr. Carson really, really, really a brain surgeon?


He must have violated the cardinal rule of surgery and treated himself. I think the surgery was less than successful…


But he left out the fact that natives of this land achieved their dream as well: becoming the victims of mass genocide.


it’s a fine line between sociopath, and psychopath. Since Dr. Carson has a picture of himself next to Jesus in his home, it’s anyone’s guess where, exactly he falls. lofl. Seriously, occupy vote counting rooms, and systems. These criminals weren’t elected, and the lie of voting that they use to justify their illegal rule must be shattered first, before the life term jail sentences. Do not trust corporate Democrats as well, because they also serve the same masters


And, as immigrants they would surely have had equal access to adequate, affordable housing…right, Dr. Carson?


Fairness for everyone sounds good to me; protection of the commons, natural resources belonging and benefiting everyone, adequate healthy food and health care for all, students able to go to the college of their choice without having to worry about a big debt. The slavery comment was truly stupid but I think he’s on to something with this fairness thing- lets hope it catches hold in the Republican imagination, if there is such a thing.


I can’t imagine how anyone could doubt Dr. Ben. Clearly when the pyramids ran out of grain supplies the Africans dependent on those grain silos decided they could immigrate to the new world for employment opportunities which included free meals and only a few whippings once in a while. Clearly (again) those free meals were the start of welfare abusers who also stayed for all that free housing right next to the really big house.
I’m being sarcastic but halfway through that I began wondering whether Carson would really go for some story of that sort. I can’t imagine how this guy was a brain surgeon, or any kind of doctor. There seems to be no end to his capacity for stupid.


And we should not be reading too much into the chains and shackles on those “immigrant” ships that were probably just sadomasochistic themed cruise ships of their era catering to some of the “immigrants” kinks.

Dizzy Ben didn’t start out stupid, he just inhaled too much ether during his surgical career. What other excuse could he have for confusing “housing subsidies playing favorites” while the grand daddy of “playing favorites”…corporate welfare is losing no momentum as it makes the 1% wealthier by the day at the expense of the 99%.