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In First, TEPCO Dumps Fukushima Groundwater Into Pacific Ocean


In First, TEPCO Dumps Fukushima Groundwater Into Pacific Ocean

Common Dreams staff

Despite the objections of environmentalists and after overcoming local opposition from fishermen, the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) pumped more than 850 tons of groundwater from below the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean on Monday.


I've been following Fukushima Daiichi since 3/11/11 fairly closely. Things are really bad and the censorship in the media is great. There has been much groundwater flowing into the sea after passing the corium, which is a term for the blob of the meltdown, which went through the containment vessel. The Pacific ocean is in deep distress--totally out of its ecological balance. TEPCO = LIARS.


Yeah, but nucular energy is even cleaner than clean coal and the clean natural gas. They said so on my tv...


My Dear Friends...goto...www.enenews.com...there you will find almost 5 (4 1/2) years of reporting on what has been happening in news stories, video's and the disinformation programs going on...the latest typhoon that hit a week ago has created a huge mess for the whole planet, from alaska to baja...massive die-offs washing ashore from alaska to baja and the like...the pacific ocean is well pretty well cooked but unsuitable to eat...don't take my word for it, go there and be informed, learn something...it's all on file, ready to be accessed...maybe it's better you just turn on the t.v. and pretend nothings wrong.


Are we being managed yet?
I think we need to go back to the terminology recommended by the Atomic Energy Commission back in 1957 when they suggested that "Radiation" was too loaded and scary sounding of a term so radiation should be called "Sunshine Units" instead.

Who could object to all of the "Sunshine Units" being dumped into the ocean at Fukushima?
What is the problem?


Nuclear Energy: The gift that keeps on giving. Now in an ocean near you!


Once again the competence of the nuclear power industry is on display. Don't worry though as one nuclear power shill has pointed out on here (gosh I forgot the user's name, all I know is that he is hostile to California craft beer) that the fish will still be safe to eat for everyone else.


And they cook themselves.


I'm surprised at this headline, since radionuclide-contaminated water has been flowing into the Pacific from the Fukushima NPP since March 11, 2011. First, rads flowed into the sea with tsunami-backwash and post-explosion, airborn fuel/reactor bits coming down. Since then, 4,000 tonnes of subterrainain currents have flown through the three China Syndrome, corium-core "lava tubes" every day, right into the sea. In addition, 300-400 tonnes of contaminated surface water (admitted to by TEPCO for some time), leak from the site daily.

The only "First" in this recent announcement from TEPCO, is that they actually admitted, for the first time, that some contaminated water has been "intentionally" dumped.

To run this story, without mentioning that a typhoon recently inundated the site with over 2 feet of rainwater, and storm-surge washed dozens of huge bags of nuclear-cleanup waste into the (now cleared for fishing?!) harbor, seems odd. Common Dreams is soft-pedaling this news, for some reason.


CD does not follow this as in keeping track. Since 3/11/11 TEPCO gave their own low ball report that 300-400 tons a day were washing over the corium and out to sea. 4.5 years of 300-400 tons a day. On this day 850 tons dumped plus daily average 350 and the 300 they suck up from drainage wells. Emmm that is 1500 tons on that day being produced.

What no mention of the bags of radioactive soil and other trash being stored along the coast that came from "clean up" of the Japanese nation. http://enenews.com/tv-floods-threaten-fukushima-plant-structures-expert-lot-nuclear-fuel-actually-gone-ground-will-surface-groundwater-levels-rise-radiation-levels-flowing-sea-higher-usual-video

Sort of half assed reporting.


The Fukushima Fisheries association in fact approved these waters to be released on August 25, The levels permitted for release are 10 times tighter than those of the World Health Organization for radioactivity in drinking water.
Here is the information:
•Fukushima Fisheries officially approve decontaminated water releases. On Tuesday, the National Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations approved the plan on conditions that their release rulings are followed and compensation is paid for damages due to harmful rumors. Federation chairman Tetsu Nozaki said the approval was unanimous, adding, "I don't know if it's acceptable for all fishery operators, but stable work of decommissioning (of the Fukushima plant) is necessary for the revival of Fukushima's fishery industry." Further, he wants Tepco to make sure no waters are released to the sea that exceed the legally-allowed limits. However, Tepco’s self-imposed limits are far more exacting than Tokyo’s; e.g. Tokyo’s release standard for Cesium-137 is 90 Becquerels per liter, but Tepco has restricted their releases to below 1 Bq/l for Cs-137. To exemplify the ridiculously low level Tepco is committing to; the WHO limit for Cs-137 in drinking water is 10 Bq/l. Nonetheless, groundwater will be pumped out of 41 wells that surround the damaged turbine building basements, before the groundwater can seep into the buildings and become contaminated. These waters will be run through the station’s highly effective purification system before release. Tepco says this will cut the inflow of groundwater into the plant by about 50%. Fukushima fisheries headquarters Chief Yoshiyuki Ishizaki said the plan could lead to rebuilding of Fukushima's fishing industry. The date the releases will begin is speculative, but it could happen soon. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/nuclear.html --


Your truth telling makes me cry...it is an ELE and there are few that realize it, let alone speak of it


Well was not man giving Dominion over this earth? What other purpose does an ocean have other than as a dumping ground for waste and toxins?

yes this sarcasm.


I think they have been "asked" or a visitor showed up...I have been sending them news alerts for quite some time now, as I have to most "news" out-lets...but it's so BIG that there can be no more shielding of the facts...it's a big reason the Laws of War manual was rewritten...big picture stuff if you include GW/CC


Thank you for sharing the Sanders position on nuclear policy. Sounds like more of the same.


I have never swam in that river, I understand it stinks and that you can smell it from miles away.


Even too many "Sunshine units" can tip the ecological balance-
as in, stimulating algae growth, which rapidly deoxygenates the water, resulting in a fish die-off.

Oh, wait...


The "Godzilla in the room" here is that spent nuclear power plant fuel (dozens, not only two: Cesium 137 & Strontium 90 ) constitutes radionuclides that cannot be filtered successfully down to zero becquerals/liter. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Becquerel]

There is NO SAFE MINIMUM dose from spent fuel dust or its dissolved compounds/or nano-particulate suspensions in seawater or any body of surface water . "Godzilla" in this framework would be reminiscent of "Pandora's box" in Greek mythology. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandora%27s_box]


So The IAEA is now pushing the idea that a low dose of radiation is good for you. Hormesis. A large dose will surely kill you and a much smaller dose over time will also kill you but a little bit of cesium 137/134, strontium-90 as well as all the others from Fuku is good for you. Forget about accumulation think vaccine. Your getting a little disease that might save your life as your body struggles to save itself from the exposure. Sane people, leaving California out of it, have the right to refuse injection or exposure to death and disease.

There are some here who comment that would support trips to Japan so everyone could take a dip off the coast of Fukushima and call it a spa.


The bottom line is that Tepco is intercepting water which is headed for the Pacific (where the average outflow contamination is running around 20,000 becqueresls per liter) running it through a filtration system which takes the radiation down to less than anyone's drinking water standards, and then letting an independent panel test it (per the terms of an agreement between Tepco, Fukushima prefectural authorities, and the Fukushima Prefectural Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations) and only after they approve it is the water dumped into the Pacific. If Tepco had not intercepted this water and filtered it, it would simply have proceeded on into the Pacific carrying its full load of contamination.

This process cannot do anything but reduce the amount of contamination flowing into the Pacific. Moreover, Tepco is going to try to make use of the reduced outflow rate to try to seal up the leaking seaward retaining wall, which could reduce the groundwater outflow even further. There is nothing but good news here--at least, to people living in the real world who want to see some progress on curtailing the ongoing contamination leakage.