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In Flint, Obama Sips the Water That Austerity Poisoned



At one point, Snyder told the crowd, "You didn't create this problem—government failed you," to which students reportedly shouted back: "You did!"

Government is only as good as the people in it! Snyder OUT!!! Repubs out!!!

And Obama has the people of Flint's back...you just have to shake you head.


Now if he were to take a shower in Flint water, bottle some of it with promises to have each member of his family drink their fill, then maybe the purpose of the trip would be believable. Where is the emergency funding to address all the problems and issues surrounding the water problems? Guess it is easier to order more drone warfare than it is to provide funding for and solutions to our nation's widespread infrastructure and poverty problems....


"I will not rest—and I will make sure that the leaders at every level of
government—will not rest until every drop of water that flows to your
home is safe to drink and safe to bathe in," he promised, adding that
it's one of the "basic responsibilities of a government of the United
States of America." - Barry the Liar

Just like he did Fukushima fallout on Hawaii, Alaska and the West Coast, Double-Agent Obomber will make the poisonous water readings miraculously disappear faster than bad economic numbers!

When Fukushima blew, and the live, on-line EPA nuclear compliance, radioisotope monitors soared all over the USA, the gov pulled the plug on the on-line numbers (after hiding them so deep in the website, few could find them.)

Did Barry Obama "have our backs" then?

What about the WIPP Federal plutonium dump that exploded in New Mexico and is still leaking all over the US?

Did Barry Obama "have our backs" then?

What about when the banksters raided Mainstreet America and local governments no longer had property tax nor Federal funds available to run public services? (causing the Flint government to cut corners and take water out of that dirty river.)

Did Barry Obama "have our backs" then?

What about cancerous GMO bt corn in our food supply?

When Barry let them put this chit in our food without labeling Did Barry Obama "have our backs" then?

This man has been a plague upon all our houses! And when we get rid of him, the RottenChilds Family will just install another puppet like him for us to hate, and the cycle of extinction will play out until our children slowly die from Dynasty Family betrayal (whether willfill or unintentional).

Guess where else deadly Lead-206 comes from? It decays from Uranium 238. That's right. There's a connection between dangerous nuclear radioisotopes and this poison water the Flint Michigan residents drink. You can't filter it with a micron filter and think everything is just fine. This pollution is at the atomic level and a porous micron filter won't protect you.

Sorry Mr. Moron President, that's not going to work, and you know it. The unvarnished truth is that Barry the Embalmer just put all of Flint Michigan on the Kill List.

... - "Let them eat Lead-Flavored Cake!"

A real President would have trucked in fresh drinking water and sic-ed the Justice Department on these crooked local officials for willful poisoning of the general population. But we don't have a functional government anymore at any level. All we have are racketeering Don's all trying hard to make money the old fashioned way - stealing it from the unsuspecting public (in this case by sucking dirty river water instead of expensive Great Lake water.)


It was never supposed to turn out this way--the election of a "me too" Republican black man. Once upon a time there was a different vision among prominent African American political activists. It was "nation time" and it took place in Gary Indiana in the spring of '72--a very different Jesse Jackson took the stage and roused the crowd . For those of you who have forgotten (or never knew in the first place), you can catch that very different vision here. (Fast forward to the 42 minute mark):

The irony of today is that there are plenty of those activists still around (including especially JJ himself) who have lived to see one of their own turn into a glad- handing bowing and scraping minstrel clown whose cry for the past two years of his photo-op presidency has been "it's legacy time". Berniephiles take note--such hypocrisy is not confined to visionary African American activists. It just goes to show you that when the child once conceived is born, it can turn out very different than what its parents expected.


I've got your back. Fire some crony at the EPA.


Obama has never gone far enuf in any of his policies - Bernie he is not! That's why Hillary clings to Obama - she loves that he hardly changed anything of substance! Guantanamo is still open after 7 long and miserable ugly years for the folks being held there many unjustly. This country is shameful and we need to make massive changes in so many areas but first, we need full and fair elections - NO MORE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, SAME DAY VOTING FOR ALL CITIZENS EVERYWHERE IN THIS NATION AND NO MORE MONEY IN POLITICS. SO THE LIKES OF A BERNIE SANDERS CAN BE GIVEN A FAIR CHANCE TO REACH ALL THE VOTERS AND THEY A FAIR CHANCE TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS AT THE POLLS NO MATTER WHICH PARTY OR NOT THEY IDENTIFY WITH.


Absofabulously brilliant headline. Thanks.

(when it has the word 'corrosive' in it--without, not so much)


He has your backs alright, against the wall. If anyone is delusional enough to be tempted to listen to his sweet talk, just remember the NDAA...


Flint water switch has nothing to do with "austerity". The switch from Detroit water was deliberately meant to starve the Detroit water utility of a paying municipal customer. Once the Detroit water system was deprived of revenue, and on the ropes, the plan was to PRIVATIZE DETROIT'S WATER UTILITY. The people of Flint were just collateral damage for the corporate theft of the commons.


Not only that, but the prick should be forced to drink it for years, not just one glass...


Michigan governor should have been hauled to the slammer long ago, he has no shame. In Japan they fall on the Samurai sword, the least this scum bag son of a bitch could do is resign. There's another copy of Snyder in Wisconsin, they behave similar like all criminal ass holes.


HRC is indeed"programmed", honorable people are creative and compassionate. She on the other hand is a dim wit, she is dumb, cruel and ruthless . She thinks for possessing those attributes she will be crowned queen by her wealthy Zionist handlers


As W did after hurricane Katrina


Obama's says "I've got your back"....is as good when he told Haitian people after the 2010 earthquake,
"Haiti, we will not abandon you"....and then.....he abandoned them.


Drink Flint water every day for a year
Bath with Flint water every day for a year
Feed you daughters and wife Flint water for a year................

Politicians are FAKE....


baruch: unfortunatly, Obama thinks he's kidding us successfully.. After all we are the damn fools who fell for his BS hook, line and sinker....in 2008 and thereafter.


Obama appeared WITH SNYDER?!?

"Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, who many blame for the water crisis, made an appearance with Obama ahead of the president's address. Appearing before roughly 1,000 community members at Flint High School..."

And Obama's supporters still believe he stands for something other than corporate sellout?


That is the most deceptive and sinister bullshit photo-op propaganda move I have ever seen, even by any politician. Nobody has ever suffered any serious or even noticeable harm from drinking one glass of water containing lead. It is the steady consumption of it and the accumulation in the body over time, which will cause irreversible damage, including learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and mental retardation. At very high levels, lead can cause convulsions, coma and death.

For the damage, which may be caused by Obama's attempt to cover up the insidious danger of exposure to water containing lead, he should be punishable by long term jail, since it is akin to accessory to manslaughter or at least to causing bodily harm to a whole community.


It was a great achievement for this nation to hand the presidency to a black man. The tragedy is however, that it turned out to be Obama