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In For the Long Haul, Sanders and Clinton Agree to Four More Debates



Do you suppose Clinton and the DNC would be approving more debates if Clinton had won Iowa by 10 points and was up in NH by 20?

Clinton's arrogance and insincerity and sense of entitlement are going to alienate so many voters by the time the primaries are over that, even if she wins the nomination, she could easily lose the general.


If Cenk Ungur moderated one, that would be impressive. MSM moderators all favor Clinton.


Meanwhile here in Vermont the fight for single-payer is starting up again.




Rip her apart Bernie!


More debates will certainly help the Democratic Party get its message out to help defeat the Republicans in November. Finally common sense has prevailed.


But did they Dump Debbie?


Kudos for scheduling a debate in Flint! I want to hear these candidates talk about the tyranny of emergency management in a city with no democratic voice, being poisoned by their own government. I certainly hope the plight of the poor black, brown, and increasingly white communities at the hands of corporate rule is spotlighted. Considering it was the policies of the Clintons that set the wheels of these chocolate cities' destruction in motion, it's the perfect environment for Bernie to earn the support of black and brown voters.


I guess Hillary has decided what role to play in the campaign. She's decided to play a progressive and assumes those listening to her have never paid attention to politics before. It does seem to be working on some corporate TV advocates. People stupid enough to hire Hillary when they want a progressive will get what they deserve.