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In Frontier Battle Over Sage Grouse, Fossil Fuel Industry is Clear Winner


In Frontier Battle Over Sage Grouse, Fossil Fuel Industry is Clear Winner

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The greater sage grouse saga is but just one salvo in the U.S. frontier war—pitting fossil fuel extraction against environmental conservation—but the Obama administration's announcement on Tuesday that it would not issue Endangered Species protections for the iconic bird made clear who won this battle: the oil and gas industry.


The BLM is a despicable organization that cares little for the beings that occupy the lands that they "manage."

Their loyalties lie with the "livestock ranchers and the oil and gas drilling industry" mentioned above.

Along with this magnificent and unique bird and the animals that occupy it's habitat and the habitat itself, consider the wild mustangs of which the BLM has some 50,000 languishing, dying and suffering in their gulag like accommodations. Even as the lands granted to them are being take away and/or destroyed by the encroaching of their big buddies the ranchers and gas, oil and mineral folks.

A more apt name for these sellouts would be the Bureau of Land Mismanagement.


The bastards just keep pushing that same old line that everything is expendable because we need oil rather than instituting a plan to get us off oil. The government goes along with the fossil fuel industry and sings this same old tired tune rather than shift us to solar and wind. They'll poison ground water and cause earthquakes with fracking, they'll drill in national parks and up in the arctic )how insane that will be (guaranteed spills and guaranteed an inability to deal with the spills (except for two months in the summer ) rather than build solar energy plants and wind farms.

The Obama administration and congress are moribund and corrupt that they would willingly sacrifice endangered species claiming that we need more oil when in fact they know we do not. In this last year of Obama he hurries to serve his masters' wishes and sacrifices everything and everybody to those greedy interests.


The deal for a "collaborative effort" to save the sage grouse and its fragile habitat is so much BS double-speak rubbish and expected from Obama, the "golf-courses are wilderness" Prez who pushes the TPP/TTIP scams that would eliminate all local environmental laws and protections!

The BLM has served "welfare ranchers" running livestock on western lands decimating all wildlife in the process, especially wild mustangs and all large predators for decades - same for highly destructive, road-constructing oil/gas and mining operations. Government has been corrupted by big-money and power to serve "development" and exploitation rather than conservation and wildlife - profits over people and the environment! A prime example is the Dept of Agriculture's secretive "Wildlife Services" agency that exists solely to exterminate wildlife by the millions - it is Wildlife Services that must be exterminated itself and disbanded! At the same time government corporate shills coddle/empower the chemical poison industry that is exterminating numerous species and the ability for many others to live! http://www.earthisland.org/journal/index.php/eij/article/the_spraying_of_america/

Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining when you refuse to list the sage grouse and its habitat on the ESA (and other at-risk species) pushing some damn lie about "collaborative efforts" to save it and countless other at-risk species while they and their habitat are exterminated/destroyed to serve vulture capitalism exploitation!




I watched a Nature program a while back on PBS on just this bird and the importance of the Lek cannot be understated and if looked at as a way people learn things it just may be the source material of how native americans started doing Pow Wows. This isn't just an insult to the bird but it is an insult to intelligence as well...and for what? I really hate to say this but, geez this hurts, Sarah Palin and her ilk won. Drill baby drill. I have lived in Wyoming twice, years at a time and once again pair-a-dice is lost.


These some organisms allowed over-grazing in much of AZ turning it into a factory for tumble weeds, instead of native grasses and flowers. I remember when AZ was a wonderland, a truly amazing place. Now dust storms swallow whole cities, they didn't when I was a kid in the 50's and 60's. There are places in AZ now that if you use the term "welfare ranchers" in the wrong setting, it will get you shot.


Thanks for the reply onedman. Most people don't know about "welfare ranchers" grazing private livestock on public lands for pennies (when they pay at all) and those millions of head destroy the range and deplete/destroy water resources. Studies on which animals destroy western rangelands, plants, animals and stream bank erosion points to private livestock that number (at least until recently) about 5 million, not wildlife. Wild horses/mustangs are rounded-up and maltreated or sold to slaughter and numbers kept at about 23 thousand by the BLM, but mustangs along with other wild native species do not have habits that destroy the range ecosystems. Its time to make public lands serve the needs of the environment and wild animals rather than allow livestock to destroy so much of the wonders you have seen and write about.

The time to demand a change from Congress to BLM fostering destructive practices and the killing of wildlife catering to private profits from public lands, and return rangelands and scarce water to wildlife.

Beside the destructions caused by private livestock, the killers at "Wildlife Services" exist only to exterminate wildlife - 4 million animals killed in 2013 alone! - to "protect" welfare ranchers profits - wildlife services is very secretive about their purpose and budget. http://www.predatordefense.org/exposed/







A little thing but with big results...buffalo, with their slit hooves stirred the dirt, plants and seed to keep the grasslands healthy...cows with their solid hooves pack the dirt down so as to make it unhealthy...I believe in dirt, truly, it is my gawd, if one has to have such a thing. Without healthy dirt, we have nothing.


Its amazing how wild animals create far more than they use (unlike domestic livestock for burgers), by interacting in mostly symbiotic systems and creating/preserving habitat other species depend on. Wild horses like the buffalo are part of the ecosystem, not its destroyer.

About dirt, I'm on the same page brother. I grew-up in the dirt and have a strictly organic deep-bed garden - "feed your soil, and your soil will feed you". Using composting/manures, companion planting, planting for bees, butterflies, hummingbrids and others makes a garden something special - and great eats.


and the connection made with your hands in the dirt is like no-other, it truly does feed your soul...in Peace