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In 'Full-on War on Drugs Scare-Fest', Trump Proposes Death Penalty and 'Very, Very Bad' Commercials


In 'Full-on War on Drugs Scare-Fest', Trump Proposes Death Penalty and 'Very, Very Bad' Commercials

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a speech officially unveiling his administration's plan to combat the nation's ongoing opioid epidemic, President Donald Trump on Monday saod he would fight the crisis with "toughness", the creation of "very...very...bad commercials" aimed at children; and—as expected—proposed that the death penalty be applied to drug dealers.


He, djt, is sick with envy. Is he going to go after the 3 doctor’s that got me addicted because I need something for my pain? Is he going to go after big pharma? We need more people in prison and we need to kill more people is not the answer. Too bad for us that he only listens to his gut instincts, which is churning from too many cheese-burgers.


djt seems to be forever stuck in the 1980’s…if he gets his way, things will get worse, not better!

BTW, this is not caused by immigration, as he and his knucklehead base seem determined to believe!

The US Military is largely responsible for the record production of opium/heroin.


Thanks for the truth, few understand why we are in afghanistan growing flowers.


It’s all about the $$$$$$$$!


Poppies for Poppy & His Peeps!


jdt=brainfart puppet poop



I notice Twump has said nothing about cannabis since taking office, not one word. The majority of Americans favor cannabis legalization, Twump obviously backs and hides behind Sessions psycho lying ramblings about cannabis. Both big pharma shills. More war on the people.


I can’t lie: Heather Locklear in her prime could make me inject heroin into my eyeballs.


An acute addiction to demagoguery


Does anyone else remember this

The vessel’s is named Ping May – one of sixteen ships operated by the Foremost Maritime Corporation (FMC). The boat recently detained before leaving from Colombia.

During the search, the Colombian Coast Guard discovered 90 pounds of cocaine, in forty neat packets.

FMC is owned by Mitch McConnell’s in-laws, the Chao family.

Never tracked this thru to verification


“(Trump) proposed that the death penalty be applied to drug dealers.”
Guess he’ll have to start with the doctors, who have been the biggest pushers of opioids in this nation. As a Chemical Dependency Professional, my job is to attend to addicts and the story I keep hearing over and over from heroin users is that they became addicted to opioids through legitimate prescriptions given out by doctors, some of whom prescribe the stuff like the proverbial candy. The there are the pharmaceutical companies that have encouraged doctors to do their bidding. What a racket…to have a product that induces severe dependency on it. Talk about a guaranteed money-maker!


The criticisms of drumpf all assume that he cares about drug addiction in general and opioid overdoses in particular. Let me tell you a secret. He couldn’t care less. His whole pitch is to make him look like a big man the way the other dictators are.

If he were serious about executing people responsible for the deaths of so many, there would be a lot of Big Pharm executives on death row along with more than a few doctors. Those are the people responsible for getting so many people hooked on opioids and overdosing. And speaking about his famous wall, how does that keep Oxycontin and all the other synthetic opioids that are made here in the US or imported legally out of the country? Drumpf knows full well that his “solutions” aren’t going to stop anything, but as long as he can play someone important and be the center of attention, well, that’s the whole reason for the show in the first place. Once that is accomplished, then we turn to another shiny thing.


Lest his sycophants take the idiot seriously, what is the penalty for treason?


Sounds like the tobacco companies m.o. doesn’t it?


Death penalty for drug dealers? Right on. Lets start with all the CIA.


Will the death penalty for drug pushers include Big Pharma, Big Booze and Big Tobacco?


Do those executions include Big Pharma execs and Dr. Drug Pushers?


Besides the farmers and the European drug dealers, who do you think is profiting from the Afghan Opium trade? …and how? … if you’d like to speculate