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In Further War Crime, Israelis Cut Electricity to Gaza, Idling 50,000 Factory Workers

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/19/further-war-crime-israelis-cut-electricity-gaza-idling-50000-factory-workers


The Apartheid State of Israel is just a few gas chambers away from becoming the Nazi state they claim should never happen again.

And, as with the USA, I’d love to cut the progressives in The Apartheid State of Israel some slack. But the Netanyahu versus Gantz choice is the equivalent of a Trump versus Biden choice – which is no choice at all. So whatever we progressives are hoping to accomplish needs a lot more work. Work that voting for the status quo is only making harder.


Gaza - a “kinder, gentler” version of the Warsaw Ghetto.


Prof. Cole,
Where is your sense of human, not to mention unconditional, sense of
You are going to hold equality of condemnation: Israeli genocidal torment and torture of a people thrown from their land for some seventy years and equate the condemnation of Israeli jet fighter bombers with Hamas balloons? You are too good an intellect to be so morally confused.
Remember the good doctor before his assassination? “Riots [violent
protest] is the language of the unheard.”


Israel is run by Jews, expressly for the benefit of Jews, and therefore to circularize if is necessarily anitisemitic and therefore wrong and reprehensible.

Thanks for the reminder Kaylie

You call them mere “brush fires.” Israeli news reports that countless incendiary and explosive balloons from the Gaza Strip have ignited over 100 fires in southern Israel’s fields and forests over the past week, causing damage to the area and to housing.

Perhaps if Hamas stopped sending missiles and those balloons into Israel, Israel would stop retaliating.

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The tragedy of Israel is that the persecuted have become the persecutors.


It is high time both people gave serious consideration to a one state solution for both people meaning equal rights.

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The fires are a drop in a very large ocean when compared to the racist, violent systematic genocide of the palestinian people and culture done by Israel and the US.


Arson balloons launched from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip have caused 12 fires in southern Israel so far Wednesday.


At least two fires were ignited in southern Israel by suspected airborne incendiary devices launched from Gaza Tuesday…There were no reports of injuries from the fires


I fear you are over-exaggerating the impact.

But Cole’s essay is focused upon, do you punish those not culpable.


I picked up the opposite from this article.

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An attack on infrastructure is nothing like a “collective punishment”, of course. The author GAVE an example of such. Cutting off power is merely attacking an enemy’s war-making capacity; every combatant in every war does that.

Gaza would seem to have two basic choices here:

  1. Build infrastructure that doesn’t depend on Israeli kindness to operate, and/or
  2. Stop making war on people who have the capacity to turn off your infrastructure.

The only “war crime” that might be occurring here is the author’s brutal twisting of the truth for his own purposes. This isn’t even worth trying to find where I put my tiny violin.

“Genocide”, yeah, sure right. Israel is so determined to eradicate the “Palestinian people” that they have…proposed the creation of an independent Palestinian state. You know, just like Hitler and Pol Pot did!

It’s amazing how consistently Zionists propagate false tropes.
After all these decades, do they still believe their lies?

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