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In 'Game-Changing' March for Climate, California Rises Up Against Fracking


In 'Game-Changing' March for Climate, California Rises Up Against Fracking

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Thousands of people on Saturday kicked off a California-wide march through Oakland to demand that Governor Jerry Brown show "real climate leadership" by halting all fracking and shifting to 100 percent renewable energy in the state.


Thank you, CA protesters! Governor Brown obviously needs his ego trimmed a little, so the state can improve, rather than continuing to destroy, its chances of pulling out of the mondo-drought.


All the power to you California, from New York …


Fracking has gone on in CA for a long time, but now with the drought the massive use of water is a serious problem plus the chemicals. Some in CA still use wells for water that are now polluted from the spread of fracking water put back in the ground. This is a good protest. Gov. Brown should have been more aggressive as this is not a new issue. He is not corrupt.


The fracking boom is a recent development in CA and Jerry Brown has absolutely been corrupted by the influence and power of Big Frack. He has had AMPLE opportunities to do the right thing on this issue.


Here is a PDF showing how farmers in Butte County have had their orchards killed due to fracking chemicals contaminating their water tables: