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In 'Game Changing' Move, SeaWorld Finally Ends its Orca Breeding Program



Discontinue Orca and Donald Trump program at the same time.


I hope people will consider that an 'amusement park' is not a group of people who are lifelong residents of a natural habitat having had a lifetime of natural interaction with naturally resident orcas, porpoises and/or other creatures.

Just as someone goes to an amusement park on "vacation" - think about what is being 'vacated' for your 'amusement'.

What is the advertising budget required to entrain people, to make people dismiss, vacate, not question why imprisonment 'for your entertainment' is considered (not) a healthy choice?


What a hogwash "balanced" article. No advocacy group wants the brilliant, emotionally complex marine mammals released "to the wild."

Stop perpetuating Sleazeworld lies.

Then, PETA's point that we should focus on habitat conservation (which is true, but unattached to any other words in this article) seems tacked on.

The conversation is about how these animals do not belong in zoos or performances.

Is Nika Knight your sophomore intern?