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In Gaza, Israel Aims To Massacre Hope

In Gaza, Israel Aims To Massacre Hope

Yousef Munayyer

In late May of 2010, Israeli naval commandos descended onto a flotilla of six small civilian boats that aim to break the blockade of the Gaza Strip and bring humanitarian supplies to the besieged enclave. Nine civilians, eight Turks and one American citizen, were massacred. It sparked a diplomatic crisis as well as a public relations disaster for Israel.

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Has Israel ever really done anything but?

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could someone explain to me why Netanyahu is treated with respect, and why Israel for the most part gets a free pass in the press whatever its damnable conduct?

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Behold the bigotry and contempt borne of the Zionist narrative, just 70 years removed from the horrors of the Holocaust, without a hint of irony or shame.


Past actions clearly demonstrate that Israelis have never been interested in a meaningful two-state solution, with right-wing Zionists openly denigrating it, and their more “liberal” counterparts thinking that scraps thrown from the table (Bantustans) should be good enough for the Palestinians.

For while one can speak of “peace” as simply the cessation of hostilities, true peace requires that the Palestinians get a VIABLE state and that their legitimate grievances be addressed.

Otherwise, we are simply speaking of the “peace” a thief desires after having taken what is not his, without having to make meaningful redress.

The irony in all of this is that the one-state solution Israelis have brought upon themselves already (in light of current demographic trends, decades of intransigence, and illegal settlements) won’t be a Jewish one.

Like it was with apartheid South Africa, the answer is clearly BDS.


There was never a hope of a two state solution. Never.

I spent an uncomfortable week in Israel last January. I also grew up in Apartheid South Africa. The similarities are legion. But at least South Africa changed. Israel could learn a lot from their Truth and Reconciliation Commission. There will only be peace is all the disputed territories become one nation, with Jerusalem as its capital. Call it The Holy Land. Call it Canaan. Whatever, but it cannot remain divided.


If that’s snark, it’s in pretty poor taste

If it’s genuine, it shows that the Third Reich is not yet dead


To honor Martin Luther King today, I pose the question, What was the “promised land” as he saw it, expressed in his sermons and speeches. Biblically, the promised land, Israel, came with a catch - a massacre of all its inhabitants. After receiving the 10 Commandments, arguably the most important being “Thou shalt not kill,” how could the wandering tribe choose to break the Commandment? Did God perhaps hope that the tribe would refuse the offer? Did perhaps God not give up on Israel because during the bloodbath they couldn’t bring themselves to kill everyone? It’s a tough theological question. Is what’s happening in Israel today a repeat of an original failure to know the difference between right and wrong? What did Dr King mean by the Promised Land?


Good question.

It isn’t snark, the guy is real Nazi scum.


Blasphemer of the worst kind you are.
Do you know YOUR God of hate so well ? Is it God’s work to kill muslims ?
Who is your God ? Killary, Trump, MIC, deep state, Wall Street, money, power ?
Pity you, poor sucker.
One of my God’s 10 commandments is: “You shall not kill.”

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Hate ideology is/was never restricted to the 3rd Reich, it’s still very much alive.

The lap is fertile still from which it crept…<

Berthold Brecht

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Two suggestions:

  1. The UN should take over the two state negotiations. If Israel will not negotiate a fair settlement, the UN should take over and implement a two state solution that takes Israel out of the equation.
  2. The US should stop all arms deals with Israel until they can reach a fair two state solution. Israel is well armed so a cessation of selling arms to Israel will not put Israel in immediate risk.

The Israelites that shot these demonstrators (mostly in the back) should be identified and severely punished. The people who ordered the attack should also be punished.

What would the Israelites do if the situation were turned arround and Israeli civilians were murdered?