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In Gaza, We Get Four Hours of Electricity a Day — If We’re Lucky


In Gaza, We Get Four Hours of Electricity a Day — If We’re Lucky

Abeer Ismail Almasri

Some friends threw me a surprise birthday party last month. They placed a chocolate cake lit with candles before me and told me to make a wish for the year ahead. I immediately blurted out, “24-hour electricity and air-conditioning.” They laughed and suggested I wish for something more realistic.


Gaza and Palestine: endless U.S./Western backed atrocities…


“they put us in the dark”

Take responsibility!

The people of Gaza could have used their money for electricity, but decided to spend their money on rockets & tunnels to murder Jews.



"control of oil’

Palestine has no oil.


The day after the UN Partition Resolution in November 1947, some racist, xenophobic Palestinians started a genocidal war to exterminate the Jews. Haj Amin el-Husseini – “I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”


That’s psychopathic talk. How do you wash your hands, and your conscience of the direct implications of the new nation of Israel on the historical people of Palestine?
It is very hard to see that such fanatical ideology could possibly share any relation to Jesus, Christians, or Muslims . . . never mind Zoroastrians of which so many of the basic and corroborated principles of the major religions, and of morality truly originate.



What were the direct implications of the new nation of Israel on the historical people of Palestine?


Did you ever see the report by a major news organization that was admitted into a home where a direly poor household was the site for making those crude rockets. They had no shame to let in the reporters to see what their hell is like. It was like a backyard hobby rocket.
They made them at the kitchen sink out of crude, recycled aluminum and garbage packed with junk and whatever might work to create an engine to get it in the air, never mind guiding it . . . like watching a child make a cake.
They were simple and pathetic, a desperate and reduced people living in an area encroached upon by imprisonment walls and constant terror, and the people and land around them were being evicted and turned to rubble so Israel could consume more and more while hiding under the dependency-skirt of American’s taxes garnered through constant propaganda and bribes/donations to our congressional representatives. It was pathetic in all senses possible to understand how the Palestinians ‘fight back’ alone and with what simple junk (!) while the Israelis exploit and lie to conflate and rationalize a story at world’s consumption level, their mass murdering, displacement, theft and occupation, not failing to mention a total lack of humanity. Who would argue the lies constantly pumped into Americans home regarding justifications for wars and murder? How many millions have been displaced by Israel?
I’m sorry that you are so fanatical about your angry-god faith, but how do you prove your right to move there and not get along and treat people in a dignified way? Why do you think Americans should give you so much money and not focus on our own country, when you wage frequent wars and mass murder others, and the innocent women and children and civilians grossly outnumber combatants? Why are you important to Americans when you threaten, occupy, terrorize and imprison indigenous and historical people in their own historical land? Do you deny that they are indigenous and that land was historically recorded and corroborated by other cultures in their name? Isn’t that more credible/factual than myths and self-proclamations of unknown date? Why did they endure there and you did not? Are you a victim, please share, of what?
You know, many people believe whatever they want but it does not justify them to do terribly barbaric things. Please, prove you have the right first, then can move in and get along fairly, and then prove you are responsible and humanely civilized. I would hope people might not disagree as gravely with what Israel is doing there and to the pre-world war II reputation of objective and industrious, but generally fair, Americans that has been so badly sullied by its blind and immoral support for Israel and the other tyrannical regimes of shared ethnic and/or faith-based family in the Near East.


Those “crude rockets” have killed or wounded 2,000 Israelis.

How do you justify the murder of 8 Jews at Tel Hai in March 1920?
How do you justify the murder & injury of more Jews in April 1920?
How do you justify the murder & injury of more Jews in 1921?
How do you justify the murder & injury of more Jews in 1929?
Jews had lived for centuries in Hebron & Gaza.
How do you justify the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Hebron &Gaza in 1929?
Jews had not stolen any land! Jews had not killed any Arabs!


I don’t justify killing, but it seems you are. Sadly, your dates and rationale clearly show abstraction in thought and a lack of balanced assessment with any context for an appearance that what you are saying is sane or rational. Surely, anyone can see that you were not alive then and likely know not very much about such extremely distant dates to be making everyone else relive (or die) as a cause of whatever it is you are ranting about. Everything you have said sounds like you are taking the victim stance, dishonestly.
That’s enough for me. I appreciate the exchange though.