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In 'Genocidal Screed' Against Iran, Trump Threatens: 'If You F**k Around With Us...We Are Going to Do Things to You That Have Never Been Done Before'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/09/genocidal-screed-against-iran-trump-threatens-if-you-fk-around-uswe-are-going-do


Genocidist-in-chief on steroids, with his itchy fat finger on the nuclear button.
25th Amendment long past due.
People of Iran, we apologize to you.


Immediate removal from office - into an institution for his own protection.

Clear as a bell - why is it not happening ?

Rush Limbaugh - my God !


Maximum chaos: I plan to be out in the streets and we all need to help with the removal of this menace who is also planning to hold more rallies even as he is infected.


Just out of curiosity, did you apologize to the people of the countries bombed by Obama or Bill Clinton?


Nothing like a con man–hypocrite using bone spurs so as not to serve so someone else went in his place now agitating for war to send others to die in an unnecessary conflict of his and Bibi’s doing. Monstrous, I have already voted against him but will work with our youth with what comes next.


This guy has gone totally off the rails and I’m thinking that it may be due to the treatment he has had and is still receiving for Covid - all experimental as of yet and side-effects unknown for certain.
I hope to hell that Israel doesn’t pull some stunt to make it seem as though Iran has “asked for it” and lead us into something dreadful. Even more, I hope the prezident is stopped from doing so if he chooses to respond militarily in any way toward Iran.


This unhinged lunatic has proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that he is unfit to serve. Any member of either house of congress who doesn’t immediately move to remove him from office under the 25th amendment is derelict in their duty.


The sanctimonious, self-congratulatory phrase ‘God Bless America’ needs to be replaced with:

God Help Us,

God Forgive Us,

God Have Mercy on Us.


Daniel 8 describes a pathological lying narcissist who during the end times uses its air force to annihilate Persia/Iran.


Yes. I have done so.


He forgets that a great many people turned out in Tehran in sympathy for the US and against the terrorists after September 11, 2001. There was a lot of rejection of terror and extremism, not Iranians rejoicing.


The Battleground.
" How much war will be waged, and how many lives will be ruined and lost? How much land will be destroyed? How many cities will be devastated? How much tragedy will have to occur before enough people come to their senses and realize their problem is not with one another? Their problem is with the world—their stability in the world itself, their stability within a Greater Community of life in which humanity has always lived and with which it must now learn to contend.

Who will guide humanity? What can God offer to humanity under such a grave and critical situation: the waste to the world of things that cannot be wasted, of land and infrastructure, of people and talents and abilities?

Nothing can be wasted in this new world, this world of greater demands, this world that will require human unity and cooperation at a level never seen before, not because everyone agrees ideologically, but because of sheer necessity itself, and because humanity is facing adversity and Intervention from the universe around it…"a Passage from “The Battleground, New Message”. Google it, you will find it…because so much depends on it…so much more.


And …God will let Humanity learn from its own mistakes and choices, God will not step in, God gave humanity free will and choice…and to learn from its choices and consequences…

The new message messiah.

Are you Marshall? An Acolyte?

is this the website you want people to search for?

the world? which world? let’s get serious.

their stability in the world itself

stability? the world itself? c’mon get serious, stop being so vague.
Only charlatans are vague. Are you a charlatan?


I thought humanity was always living with this but now it must contend with it!?
Sorry, you lost me a while ago!

Um…nope I don’t get it.

Yep, totally agree.

Also beware of Pompouseo orchestrating aggression against Venezuela before Nov. 3.
China is a less likely target, I think, because enough realists in the Pentagon
(not the White House, obviously) understand the huge risks that would entail.


Elcil- thank you for looking at this more deeply and skeptically. One must do that. I am not Marshall. I am not an acolyte, for that seems to have a strong religious reference, but I am a student and advocate for this Message. Yes, that is the website,correct. …The world, why, this world, Earth, the world in which you live. Charlatan, you will have to decide; the website and you tube have many recordings of Marshall Vian Summers. And the website has posted many of the New Message teachings; there are many, many of which have been published in books, some not, and many listed on the website, available to all who wish to read them. I would encourage you to listen and to read, then to think and decide. . Greater Community:… humanity is but one of many intelligent races in the universe; GC is a term that refers to this reality…humanity is a community that lives amongst many other communities or intelligent races of other worlds. Similar to the way things are here on Earth…“must now contend with it”…This refers to an increased level of contact and threat increasing now from other intelligent races coming here; humanity must contend with it now because the threat to humanity is increasing now; in the past the threat or risk was much lower, but now we must contend with it because humanity is at great risk…(think about the Native Americans back in the time when the Europeans were beginning to come to the Americas…they had to contend with that threat; they did not contend effectively, as our current reality demonstrates)… Appreciate you taking a closer look at this; only U can decide if this resonates with you. I am not here to persuade you or debate you, I am helping to bring this Message to humanity.

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Kinda like Biden’s asthma (despite playing high school and college football). The elites never play by the same rules - that’s why they are so elite!

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One would have to ask: How could the Native Americans have ‘contended’ better with the Europeans? Negotiation? didn’t work, Cooperation? didn’t work, Retreat? didn’t work, Assimilation? didn’t work. The only way I can see they might have been successful is immediate violent resistance to every incursion.


Agreed. Humanity must learn the lessons of what did not work in the past. You are so on target. This is now happening again, but now all of humanity are the indigenous peoples of this planet. If humanity does not contend with what is happening, humanity will suffer the fate of what happened to the indigenous peoples. We must honor them and learn from what they endured, otherwise humanity will suffer their same fate…
I would encourage you to explore the book by Marshall Summers, “Life in the Universe”. Google it to the newmessage org site.