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In Georgia It Will Be Voter Turnout vs. GOP Voter Suppression

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/georgia-it-will-be-voter-turnout-vs-gop-voter-suppression


Turnout has multiple influence, Jesse, and you should know that from first hand experience. I helped on your campaign back in the day, dude. And I still regret it. You were Sanders before Bernie.

That said, after a cascade of crap, reactionary appointments, how many of those groups you cite are going to have any enthusiasm for plopping two more neoliberals into the Senate with no prospect of gain out of the deal?

Don’t blame the GOP alone for suppression. The Democrats are more than capable of reducing turnout on their own, too. And there’s no excuse for you of all people to understand this. This party slammed you with it in the 80s.


In order to support his true clam to have won this elections fairly, Biden’s been carping on about how fair the election was (not just on his part) thereby whitewashing GOP’s massive malfeasance in this election in, among other things, systemic and massive voter suppression. It was not a fair election, nor was it in 2016, and the 2000 “let’s not count the votes” was a theft, all bad stuff, habitual abusers in action.


Too bad voters don’t have something to vote for other than 4 GOP candidates (2 running as democrat). If the voters actually had a choice to vote for Senators that represent them rather than the oligarchs, there would probably be a landslide for a people’s Senator.


IMHO, voter suppression IS fraud. Trump continually tried to flip that reality. Tons of suppression and very little voter malfeasance.

The post here by drone 1066 is fairly crazy. The first idea is that “turnout has multiple influence.” Who disputes that? Jesse Jackson? I don’t think so.

The second thought is that drone regrets once working on a Jackson campaign. But no reason is given unless it is that Jackson was Sanders before Sanders.

So drone thinks Sanders is a bad guy? I certainly don’t.

Then comes an assertion that an Ossof and Warnock win won’t be a gain for anybody. Or am I miss-reading an overly complex sentence too impenetrable for anybody but Sherlock Holmes to figure out?

“Don’t blame the GOP alone for suppression,” you say. Why not if we’re for Democratic control of the senate and all the evidence is that the GOP is doing the suppression?

As Joe Madison aka The Black Eagle (talk radio host) always asks his listeners, “now what are you going to do about this?”

Progressives need to do double duty with regards to registering voters. The initial work and the effort to overcome suppressed voters. These groups help with this: spreadthevote,wegotthevote and fourdirectionsvotes. Goggle them.