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In Gift to Trump, House GOP Members Draft Rosenstein Impeachment Articles


In Gift to Trump, House GOP Members Draft Rosenstein Impeachment Articles

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While President Donald Trump continues to stoke fears that he may try to fire federal officials involved with the Russia investigation, Trump-aligned House Republicans


I DO continue to support Trump wanting to keep Guantanamo open…so that he and the best Congress money can buy can be housed there after they are brought to justice.


The elites compete for power as America falls into oblivion. Neither side gives a damn about your or me. Neither side is going to help us in any way. Neither side is ethically or morally superior to the other. These are fucking psychopaths determined to rob and pillage it all no matter what the consequences. Yet most follow it like it is a freaking baseball game or something, brainwashed still believing the poison they have taught to swallow, completely devoid of reality.


I’d have to disagree. Thats a terrible thing to wish on the Cubans. We DO however still have Alcatraz and it would be a lot easier on a smaller island, don’t you think?


The collapse of the economy - as the elites/effetes know it - is becoming fully transparent and the thieves aren’t quite yet knifing each other in attempts to control the spoils. I’d imagine it won’t be long though. Become familiar with community and help develop Co-ops especially food co-ops.

Knowing how to duck is becoming as important as recognizing that if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc … DUCK!!!


In a nutshell, outlawing political parties and organized religion would resolve most of the serious problems facing the world post haste. Both serve mostly to perpetuate group think and consolidate money and power.


Very true! But we have to admit that the dems. are very good at pretending they give a damn.


corporate Democrats are so out to lunch its unbelievable. If they think Russia gate and impeachment is their path back to power good luck with that. They’re just going to fire up Drumps base in the midterms.

So sick of this party of wet suits


It’s all theater. We have to keep up, the Mueller-Trump-Impeach-Russia act is almost over, replaced by the Dem’s.-Russia-hacked-lawsuit act. Soon to be replaced by the US-Israel-Iran-war act. Anyone who thought anything would come from these acts (besides war), sorry for you’re disappointment. It also shows how corrupt the system is, and them proving to us they are untouchable.


Agreed: and as more arise and the rest see their benefit we will be well on our way to building a new society.