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In Gutting California Climate Bill, Big Oil Won Skirmish — But Not War


In Gutting California Climate Bill, Big Oil Won Skirmish — But Not War

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Big Oil has succeeded in dismantling a key component of California's sweeping climate change bill, with legislative leaders announcing Wednesday afternoon that in the wake of an intense lobbying campaign, they would drop a measure calling for a 50 percent cut in petroleum use by 2030.


When the air is toxic, when the water (if any there is) is toxic (which in the Central Valley is often used to irrigate crops), then the Western States Petroleum Association will have no choice but to eat money. That should make them even happier.


P.S. A ban on SUV's (and "mini"vans) makes so much ecological sense. If it's really a crisis, a given government would actually tell a corporation that if it wants to retain its corporate charter, it MUST stop engaging in a certain activity.


Godzilloil won't go down without taking US down with it.


My family has spent many hours in conversation working over the question of what we really need and what we don't. This has also helped to cut expenses. Cutting back on our consumption is one part of the plan. A slow down on driving is another part, and it helps that we live in a small town and can walk everywhere we need to go. The move to the small town was part of the plan to cut down on consuming. We support movements that lobby to plug tax loopholes and subsidies to big oil. The state can do a lot with this. It takes hours of lobbying, sometimes forever it seems just to sway one representative or one state senator or one bureaucrat but it can be done, the state of California is responding. However it took a drought, and massive public pressure to move them. There are over 300,000,000 of us and that is a force of nature.


Don't be coy. There is no reason not to say shit, or crap. They are both alternative expressions for human excrement, which is one of the biggest problems on the planet, but also one of our greatest resources. if only the world - America in particular - would get over their scataphobia, we might just be able to figure out a way to turn shit into fertile soil.


Those lame excuses and blaming the corporate oil criminals is a smoke screen to cover the Democratic Party's elected officials who are the real criminals!


Actually there are excellent reasons not to.

To have a healthy relationship with Earth, physical being, our bodies and the rest of nature, we need to stop projecting our unacceptable psychological contents onto our and others' excretions, our sexual organs, animals, and other harmless things.

No More Bullshit!

Use these terms instead:
coal sludge!……….substitutes for organic material imprecations,
proprietary fracking fluid!………..coal sludge that is at the same time a deceptive manipulation
GMO! coal sludge equivalent, a weapon disguised as something harmless, or an evil and manipulative plan or diabolical program
broken coal sludge impoundment dam! ………..foul up, cock up, disaster
frack! ………….an extremely versatile imprecation
What an Oil-Soaked Pelican! …………...a shame or disaster
What a mine disaster!
What a pipeline gush that is!
What a bomb train of a...
Koch brother! also kochroach, kochbot, etc.
Oil Exec! Instead of FU, just write "T" for the Tillerson
Coal CEO! You despicable Blankenship!
Pelican Soaker! / Pelican Oiler! Pelican soaking Koch brother...
meltdown: an oil-soaked pelican, with radiation sprinkles
corium lava
Elephant’s foot
the echo-chamber of commerce


Interesting point of view. Would you care to elaborate?