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In Haiti, Washington Meddling Missed by Press

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/30/haiti-washington-meddling-missed-press


Wow, props to Ambassador Ronald Sanders from Antigua for daring to speak out about US corruption of the OAS, and craven corporate media complicity. And props as always to FAIR for their analysis and reporting.


Haiti has to be continuously crushed by USA and France, because Haiti is the proud site of a great slave rebellion which frightens them to this day. I used to think the UN sometimes functioned to promote some kind of internationally-oriented decency. Their intervention in Haiti, the first time blue helmets ever showed up to keep peace where there was no war, convinced me otherwise. The UN has markedly been reduced to just another tentacle. Thanks so much for the cholera, guys.


This is what those Coups in Haiti were really about. Forget those smiling faces and the glowing message of ending poverty in Haiti via the mining sector. It all about the Mining Companies plundering that nation of its mineral wealth so as to fatten the pockets of the already rich.

Now, according to [recent reports], a round of exploratory drilling by Canadian and U.S. companies has unearthed valuable metals. These include gold, silver and copper, which may be worth close $20 billion, and is viewed by many as a potential economic boon for this nation.

Is it any coincidence that the Governments of both Canada and the USA were behind those Coups?

This tidbit from the report as well.

Extracting minerals in Haiti has been prohibitive in the past due to many issues, including political instability and resistance to mining companies. But the price of gold has held steady above $1,500 an ounce for the past year and Haiti hosts a U.N. peacekeeping force of 10,000 that will assure some security for the companies – both of which make exploration in Haiti appealing once again.

The “resistance” to mining Companies in the past was Aristide issuing a White Paper which mapped all of Haiti’s Mineral wealth. In that paper it was proposed the Government of Haiti Nationalize these resources for the benefit of the people rather then sell the rights to them to foreign Multinationals.

Haiti is all about what the Capitalists do best , and that is not “create wealth” but steal it from the many for the benefit of the few. Capitalism BY DESIGN concentrates wealth in the hands of a small few otherwise the system could not function.


Closing paragraph in an article published by NACLA in March: Haiti at the Crossroads

“(…) What is clear, however, is that the recent wave of protests is unprecedented, reminiscent in size and scale of the popular movement in the 1980s that ushered in democracy and rejected decades of dictatorship. That popular movement began as a project by the Left to gain control of the state and to transform it through democratic institutions. Yet, in the ensuing decades, a repressive rightwing coalition has managed to game the system and to use extra-constitutional means and international support to masquerade as the legitimate state and to hide behind a veneer of quasi-democracy. Now, current protesters are fed up, and connecting their frustration not only with Moïse’s government, but with the entire model of the neoliberal democratic state, which has turned the Haitian state into little more than a hollow shell, a broker that pushes IMF-backed economic policies and channels massive amounts of development assistance and humanitarian aid into private pockets. Democracy was once heralded as the solution to the problem of dictatorship; now, an increasing number see democracy, neoliberalism, and humanitarian intervention as the primary obstacles towards ending the crisis. The conjuncture has led some to wonder: after democracy, what comes next in Haiti?”


Haiti has never had a fair chance - the entirety of white civilization has been continuously aligned against it since the moment it became clear that Dessalines was going to run Napoleon’s forces out.


Excellent article. Thanks very much

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