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In His Great and Unmatched Wisdom: WTF GOP?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/10/07/his-great-and-unmatched-wisdom-wtf-gop

The thing that is most scary about all this is that we don’t really know if the rump is actually that delusional or if he has simply been trolling us all these past three years. (granted, it could be both)


(an old joke for those who haven’t heard it before)

Q: What’s the difference between Donald Twump and the Hindenburg?
A: One is a flaming Nazi gasbag, and the other is just a dirigible.


Three years of soap opera - to lough and cry and lough again.

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OMG, and Trump doesn’t even know how an umbrella works either!
I guess that’s his foreign policy----if it’s too hard to hold on to—just let it go!
Sadly we just saw the umbrella go down ---- and dropping the nation to the ground must be next! : (


@ “… universally excoriated … “decision” to abandon the Kurds in Syria …”

Actually not excoriated by anyone but dedicated War Party members. The Kurds always were going to get abandoned by the U.S. and should have known it. Their only course is to kiss and make up with the Syrian government.

Remember, our troops are in Syria illegally and the Syrian government has every reason to want us to get out. The Kurds were gambling that the U.S. would be willing to continue its Syrian war crimes indefinitely. Hopefully, they’ve lost that gamble and the Syrian government can move on to stabilizing the country and reconstruction.

As a U.S. combat vet, I can testify that if war is the answer, you’re asked the wrong question.


Very good, very true, and to the post above your’s, yes, trump is the moron that he looks like, and, acts like. Tar and feathers anyone!

I am pretty sure Shelley didn’t know he was writing the epitaph for the human race. While Mary was describing our hubris cum technology that would take us there. That couple was humanity high-water mark.


Delusion may be the best charge against Trump –

Agree. I have been thinking of that poem by Shelley for a long time now. Epitaph seems right.