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In 'Historic Moment' for Climate Action, Wales Pledges to Leave Its Remaining Coal in the Ground


In 'Historic Moment' for Climate Action, Wales Pledges to Leave Its Remaining Coal in the Ground

Julia Conley, staff writer

Climate action groups on Monday applauded the government of Wales for demonstrating that it is taking seriously the existential and planetary threat posed by fossil fuels by announcing that the country would end its extraction of coal.


Thank you people of Wales for being the start for this absolutely necessary step to save our planet


Puts a new spring in my curly hair (thanks to Roberts genes; they were coal miners, too, in SE Ohio).


Wish the US was that smart


When are we going to get honest with ourselves? Wales? They get all the ff from gas prom anyway.
They didnt say they were stopping using FF.
Even that would be a drop in the ocean.

No one read the watered down UPCC report last week?
12 years to drastically remake society. Or its too late.


You need to look the definition of “transition.”
Wales is headed in the right direction. Your irrational scepticism is heading the wrong way.


Where did you park your car? And how are you heating this winter?

We each do what we can.


It would be interesting to see how much natural gas Wales starts to import…


Rational realism. Ignoring reality to save it? Not sane.
The truth will set you free.


Get back to me when you become sane enough to figure out the real truth, and not the made up truth in your alternate universe.


Believing in false and scientifically dismissed hope is sanity?


Real reality


Didn’t know the US Secretary-General was a climate scientist.
By falsely claiming it is too late, you leave the door open for the fossil fuel monopoly to continue spewing CO2 pollution instead of transitioning to alternatives.


Your “real reality” agrees with mine.