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In Historic Move, Obama Grants Clemency to 214 Prisoners


In Historic Move, Obama Grants Clemency to 214 Prisoners

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama on Wednesday issued a record-breaking 214 commutations for people serving drug-related sentences in federal prison—the largest single-day granting of clemency in U.S. history.

The commutations bring the total of people granted early release under Obama's administration to 562, more than the past nine presidents combined, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). It is Obama's third use of his clemency powers this year.


One individual sentence to life for intending to distribute thousands of kilograms of Marijuana in 2009. The sentence was lowered to 30 years. Intending like in entrapment! Obama is fine with the distribution of hard alcohol, tobacco, and other known deadly substances; however, Marijuana grown out of the ground naturally for centuries will give a person a life sentence in a hell prison, and all Obama can do is lower the individuals sentence to 30 Years! America stop voting for Democrats, and Republicans. This case is a perfect example of the injustices they have been laying on us American people since they crawled out from underneath slimy rocks. End this nightmare, GO GREEN IN 2016!


Dicky Joe Jackson transported meth to pay for his son's medical bills. When Cole was born with Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome in 1990, the health insurance corporation cancelled his coverage. Ahhh, the good ol' '90s.

Sentenced to three consecutive life terms in 1996, when Bill Clinton was president. Bill was big on the so-called drug war...and he liked the private prison industry.

Who prosecuted Dicky Joe Jackson? A democrat (who now regrets his actions).

Where is Dicky Joe Jackson? Forrest City Correctional Institution in eastern Arkansas, home state of Bill Clinton.

Out of over thousands of people locked up for non-violent drug offenses during the fabulous Clinton war-on-drugs years, Jackson was one of the extremely lucky few who received mercy.

I wonder why.


Jackson's release shines a light on Obama's ACA that assures that Jackson and many others will never have universal health care and will resort to sociopathic (albeit non-violent) crimes to cover the government sanctioned extortion that Obama's corporate paymasters continue to expand.

Meth is the most widely used illegal drug by those who Raygun, Bush 41, Clinton, Dubya and Obama have pushed into poverty.




But keep a sharp eye on the surrounding rooftops and open upper floor windows.


Exactly minitrue. Also, book depositories, and grassy knolls.




While these pardons are a step (small) in the right direction Mr Obama has not decriminalized cannabis or changed it's federal designation from Schedule One, or ended harassment (to my knowledge) of medicinal outlets. The S1 designation is defined as substances, or chemicals - "drugs" with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. A lie to protect Big-Pharma's truly deadly drugs, and other corporate interests like Monsatan that plans to create a monopoly with government collusion!! Unless the people can grow for their own use there is no end to the prohibition!
http://www.leap.cc/ Law Enforcement Against Prohibition


For Obama to even approach justice there must be many more pardons for victims of the War On Drugs, and whistle blowers in prison, or twisting in the wind under threat of such, and political prisoners to mean much except an easy, but shallow gesture - Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and Leonard Peltier especially come to mind and there are many others!



"The most transparent president in history" (Obama's words, not mine) is NOT pardoning whistle blowers ?


Why is it historic? Is it because of the size of the number? Considering that the US locks up more of its citizens than any other western nation, the size of the number is only proportional to the size of the failure.

edit: oops - though I was in the general reply dialogue box. This was mistakenly posted as a reply to you. My bad.



Freeing most people in prison for pot, as well as Mumia, is the job of the governor of the state that convicted them, not the US president.

I'd sure like Mumia to go free from that hellhole in Frackville (the actual town name), but unfortunately, the great majority those in my right-wing "Commonwealth" are really angry that Mumia's death sentence was commuted as it is. So I doubt our current governor is going to give Mumia clemency while he is in office.


Oh Gee! 215 guys among the millions of nonviolent "offenders"inmate in our lucrative prison industry! And even they will still have to wait another 6 months or or more to be released.


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Dear Obama, clemency for all non- violent drug offenders in state prisons nation wide by executive order pronto! Give the American people something before you go on your multi-million dollar speaking tour. After all, you pissed all over us for 8 years.


What about Leonard Peltier?


Free Leonard Peltier now!